Service Matters Help for Govt employees and Teachers

Kerala Govt Employees and Teachers Service Help
There are a lot of formalities to be done for the Government employees & Teachers while they enter into the service and at the time of retirement too. A collection of help files that may be useful at different stages for the Government employees and teachers are given here. 
Service matters from entry into service to retirement from service and the service benefits are discussed here. It is very important to do certain things at the time of retirement whereas a few things after the retirement date. All closures and pension registration in PRISM should be done online. Most of them have to be done or forwarded by the DDO. 
To avoid confusion and difficulties, the service matters and benefits that should be done are presented in the chronological order itself in the book on ‘retirement'. The unique website, PRISM for data submission of the employees to retire is, user-friendly for data entry and updation and it should be submitted to the Head of office for approval. 
As the PRISM and the SPARK are linked, the employees should ensure the entry of their details. Hence the knowledge of these portals is necessary for a smooth procedure to get the retirement benefits. 
Apart from this, various help files like things to remember at the time of entry into the service, tax and TDS, Certificate and certification,filling in property statements extra are readily available at one click. 
The service of the Government employees and teachers, salary tax, various insurances and service benefits are given in detail. 
Also, the several forms required during the service period are available here. This would enable the govt employees during their service tenure and pension procedure without any complications and delay.
Joining the Service
Higher Secondary Service Guide for Newly Joined Higher Secondary Teachers(Ramesan Kaarkot)
HSST Junior to Senior Promotion-Service Guide 2021(Ramesan Kaarkot)
Service Guide for Newly Joined Medical Officers(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
A Complete book on Retirement(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
A Hand book on PRISM(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Hand Book for Pensioners-Prism Registration, SPARK updations, Guidelines(Dr.Augustine A.J)
Prism Portal Registration, Related Circulars and Govt orders
Terminal Surrender in SPARK(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
How to Update Retirement in SPARK(Jimmy Augustine)
How to edit Service History of Retired Employees in SPARK(Jimmy Augustine)
How to process Pay Revision Arrear Bill of Retired Employees in SPARK
SPARK Software Discussion Forum-Help files, Frequently Asked Questions, Ask your doubt etc:-
Grade & Promotion
Grade Calculating Software-Proceedure, Forms etc:-
How to update Grade/Promotion in SPARK(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Leave Surrender
Leave Surrender Processing in SPARK(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Leave Surrender Calculation Softwares, Related Circular, GOs
Medical Reimbursement
Medical Reimbursement for Govt Employees: Guidelines, Application, Orders & Circulars(Robin Samuel)
Medical Reimbursement in SPARK(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
A Handbook on BIMS(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Special TSB(STSB) Online Proceedings-(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Bank Account Correction in BIMS(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
GIS Closure(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
SLI,GIS and Viswas portal
GPAIS Scheme
Pay Revision & Pay Fixation
11th Pay Revision Calculator, report, Circular, proceedures, Salary Scales etc:-
11th Pay Revision -Pension Ready Reckoner
Income Tax & TDS
E-Filing of Income Tax Return-Help Files, Video Tutorial etc:-
E-Filing of Income Tax Return 2020-21(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
Income Tax Calculation 2021-22(Dr.Manesh Kumar E)
A Complete book on E-TDS: TDS Filing, TDS Correction(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
How to Prepare Anticipatory Income Statement ?
Income Tax Calculator Software Tools
TDS Correction(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
How to Download Form 16(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
How to file NIL Statement(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
Online Payment of Income Tax and TDS(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
Username, Password Recovery and Profile Editing in Traces(Dr.Manesh Kumar)
Higher Secondary Appointment & Approval
Higher Secondary Special Rules & Amendments
Creation of Post in Govt & Aided HSS-Post Creation Govt Orders, Manual, Guidelines
Gain PF
Gain PF Help & Support
Leave & Leave Rules: Circular, Govt Order, Guidelines
Leave Travel Concession(LTC) for Govt Employees and Teachers-How to Apply?
Guest Teachers Appointment & Wages
Service & Academic Forms
Govt Orders & Circulars
Govt Orders Archive
Software Tools
Software Tools

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