PRISM-Pensioner Information System

The Finance department has started a new move to have a centrally or unified control administered mechanism through prism with a view to help the pensioners.

PRISM, Pensioners information System is for the Welfare of pensioners.Through this software, faculties from various departments like Education, Health and Police can submit pension related documents even before the date of their retirement to get their pension related benefits. 

The Pension applications sent thus will be verified and approved to be forwarded to the Pension Sanctioning Authority for obtaining pension benefits. The sanction order will be forwarded to the Accountant General for authorization and issue of Pension Payment Order. Dept of Treasuries would disburse pension and other related benefits, based on the Pension Payment Order issued by the Accountant General.

Those who are to retire can submit their online application quite early through, PRISM, an online Pensioners’ portal. The new users should register in the portal. The Help file defining how to register and enter details is given here.

How to Register in Prism Pension Portal?

A detailed video on registration of Prism, uploading details in the pension book, forwarding pension details to authorities etc is given here. It has been prepared by Sri. Binoy K Abraham, SITC, St.John's VHSS, Ummannoor, Kollam.
Prism Portal
Prism Portal for Pensioners
Hand Book
Hand Book for Pensioners(Prism Registration, SPARK updations, Guidelines) prepared by Dr.Augustine A.J
Prism Portal-Govt Order
Aided School leave vacancy Service for counting pensionary benefits-additional guidelines. Circular dtd 21-06-2023
Maintainig Stock Register-Guidelines dtd 16-09-2023
Online Submission of Letter of Undertaking
Aided School/College Service for counting pensionary benefits-additional guidelines. Circular dtd 17-06-2023
Government Orders on Disbursal of Pensionary Benefits Without Delay to Employees Retired from Service. G.O.(P)No.46/2023/FIN Dated, Thiruvananthapuram 08-05-2023
Reckoning of Commutation Factor of Pensioners whose Date of Birth Falls on 1st day of a Month - Modification. GO(P) No.45/2023/Fin dtd 08.05.2023
Ex-gratia pension. Guidelines on LWA. Govt Order GO(P) No.111/2022/fin dtd 21-09-2022
Prism Receiving and Sanctioning Authority for Higher Secondary Education. Govt Order GO(P) No.5854/2022/fin dtd 17-08-2022
Higher Secondary Teachers on Deputation-Forwading Pension details-Cirular
Pension Revision Proforma
Effective measures for disbursing pensionary benefits – Revised Guidelines-G.O.(P)No.89/2021/Fin. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 28/06/2021
Submission of personal copy of Gratuity Payment Order to concerned Treasury – Revised Guidelines-Orders Issued.-G.O.(P)No.90/2021/Fin. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 28/06/2021
Submitting Pension Proposal-Descriptive roll and identification particulars-Circular & Form dtd 27-04-2021
Pension calculation-revised-rules-Govt order GO(P) No.145/2020 fin dtd 30-10-2020
Pension calculation-revised-rules-Govt order GO(P) No.130/2020 fin dtd 01-10-2020
Timely submission of pension application and service book to the Accountant General. Circular No.55/2020/Fin dtd 25-09-2020
Disbursal of Pensionary Benefits without delay to Employees Retired from Service.GO(P) No.67/2020/Fin dtd 27-05-2020
Availing Advance Increment-Online Pension Application via PRISM portal. GO(P) No.14/2020/Fin dtd 07-02-2020
Prism-Pensioners Information System-submitting application-additional instructions-GO(P)No120/2019 Fin Dated 30-08-2019
e-Pension Payment Order(e-PPO) system for pensioners. GO(p) No.61/2019/Fin. dtd 27.05.2019
Distribution of Pension benefits-Guidelines GO(P) No.55/2019/Fin dtd 04.05.2019
PRISM portal-Updating Email ID and Mobile Number. Circular dtd 22.03.2019
PRISM portal-Higher Secondary Assistant Nodal Officers
Implementation of PRISM portal. circular dtd 13.02.2019
Implementation of PRISM portal. G.O.(P) No.119/2018/Fin.dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 20.12.2018
e-submission of pension papers -Education Department. G.O.(P) No.98/2018/Fin.dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 26.06.2018
e-submission of pension papers-Detailed Guidelines and procedures.G.O.(P) No.49/2017/Fin.dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 21.04.2017
Prism Portal-Help File
Prism Portal -Help file for user account creation prepared by ISM IT Division
Prism Portal -Help file for registration

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