Hsslive School and Service Forms
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Relieving Order/Service Certificate/Duty Certificate Format
Identification Certificate/Duty Certificate etc:- for External Examiners Meeting -HSS Practical exam
Identification Certificate/Relieving Order/Service Certificate-All in One PDF for Conducting Lab Exam
Relieving Order(Sample Format)
Service Certificate for Exam/Valuation duty
Identification Certificate for Exam/Valuation duty
Attendance/Duty Certificate(Sample Format)
Higher Secondary Examination Forms(DHSE Exam Manual)
Application form for the Registration to the Higher Secondary Examinations(All in One)
Application form for Higher secondary certificate correction
Registers to be Maintained at the Higher Secondary Exam Centre
Proforma for entering exam related duties(to be attached in Service Book)
Proforma for entering exam related duties(to be attached in Service Book-Circular)
Application for Revaluation
Application for Scrutiny
Application for Photocopy
Application for Migration/Duplicate Migration
Shortage of Attendance(Condonation)
Application for Higher Secondary Duplicate Certificate
Application for Plus Two Certificate Correction(Name, Parent Name & Date of Birth)
Concession for Differently abled(IED-PWD) Students
Application for Grace Mark
Grace Marks to NCC Cadets
Application to write Exam on Saturday
Application for Cancellation of the Course/Examination
Application for Plus two Combined Certificate
Application for Other Certificate
Application for confidential reporting of Higher secondary exam result
TA/DA Form(CV 6)
Application for appointment as Deputy chief in Gulf
Application for appointment as Deputy chief in Lakshadweep
Application for appointment as External examiner(Practical) in Lakshadweep
Application for Higher Secondary Question Paper Setter
Form & Register Formats for Higher Secondary CV Camps
Exam Related forms and Proceedures-Circular dtd 05-02-2022
HSE Practical Exam: Mark Sheet Blank format
HSE Practical Exam: Appendix 19
HSE Practical Exam: Marklist Cover Slip
HSE Malpractice Reporting-Proforma 37,38 and 39
Pay Revision/Fixation
11th Pay Revision- Annexure V(Form of Undertaking)
11th Pay Revision Calculation Software & Supporting documents
10th Pay Revision Forms
ICT Stock register & Other registers-Sample Format
ICT Stock register-Hi Tech Project
Education Loan Repayment Support Scheme
Education Loan Repayment Support Scheme-Application and Annexure
Plus One Admission Forms
Single Window Application Form
Treasury Forms
Bond to release DCRG-Format
Pension Revision Proposal Proforma as per Circular No.27/2021/Fin dated 19.03.2021
Descriptive roll and identification particulars for Pensioners
Identity Card for Pensioners
E-Treasury Integration Proforma
Form TR.47( TA Bill of Gazetted Officers)
Form TR.42 (for Miscellaneous payments)
PD Cheque
Form TR.65
Form TR.61(Fully vouched Contingent bill)
Form TR.60 (Abstract Contingent Bill)
Form TR.56 (TA Bill of Non-Gazetted )
Form TR.47 (TA Bill of Gazetted Officers)
Form 108 (Bill for Grand in Aid)
Form 68 (Order of Payment)
Form 62 (Order of Payment)
Form 49 (Refund Payment order)
Form TR 56 [TA bill of Non-Gazetted]
Form TR 42
Chalan Form
Anticipatory Income Software & Statement
Statement of Reconciliation of PD Account(New)
Statement of Reconciliation of PD Account(ACBC Statement)-Fillable PDF
Online Submission of Letter of Undertaking
Certificate showing utilisation of Grants-in-aid(KFC Form 44)
Treasury Savings Bank(TSB/STSB) Forms
TSB Form No 1: Application to open an account(TSB/STSB)
TSB Form No 1(A): Know Your Customer form(KYC) for Individual
TSB Form No 1(B): Know Your Customer form(KYC) for Institution
TSB Form No 1(C): Application for Internet Banking-Application for Internet Banking
TSB Form No 1(D): Application for Cancellation/variation of nomination in TSB/TFD account
Provident Fund [GPF] Forms
GPF Nomination Form
GPF Closure Declaration Annexure III
GPF Closure Identification Particulars
GPF Closure Declaration Under R-117A
GPF Closure Option under 30(C)
GPF Closure Statement Form
GPF Closure Form K
GPF Closure Declaration [for Pensioner]
GPF Closure Forms [All together]
KAHSS(+2) PF Forms & Guidelines(Revised dtd 05.09.2014)
KAHSS(+2) PF Admission Form
KAHSS(+2) Aided PF TA/NRA/Closure-Withdrawal Certificate Form
PF Loan/NRA/TA Maker Software
GAIN PF: Institution Transfer Form
GAIN PF: Application for Office Initialisation
Application to Merge Kerala Aided School EPF to GPF
SLI, GPAIS and GIS Insurance Forms
SLI Admission Form (New Version)
SLI Nomination Form
GPAIS(Group Personal Accident):Nomination,Schedule & Claim Form
GIS Admission
GIS Revival
GIS Form C
GIS Nomination Form 6,7 and GIS Form 8
Probation Forms
Probation  Declaration (HSE)
Form for Recommendation
Statement of Declaration
Probation Declaration Proforma : Fillable PDF
Application for Declaration of Probation (Gazetted/Non Gazetted)
Grade Forms
Form of Fixation
Option Form
Proceedings of the Principal
Proceedings of the Principal(Govt HSS)
Form of undertaking
Grade Software for Govt & Aided Teachers, Govt Employees
Principal in Charge Allowance
Proforma for Claiming Charge allowance for Principal in Charge
New Employee Registration(Form 1)
Nomination/Change of Nomination of DMU(Form 2)
Nomination/Change of Nomination of DDO(Form 3)
Setting Controlling Officer in SPARK(Form 5)
HRA Change Request(Form 6)
Change DDO Code/Dept Code/Treasury Code/Office Name in SPARK(Form 7)
New Office Installation in SPARK(Format 01)
Spark Locking Certificate
Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) Forms
Application for New/Damaged DSC
Application for Renewal of DSC
Periodical Increment Forms
Periodical Increment Certificate Form TR 53
Increment Details(As per Service Book) submitted for increment sanction by RDD
Increment Register
Service Forms
Voluntery Retirement Scheme(VRS)-Application Form
Aided School Service Certificate as per govt decision 6 Rule 14 E Part III KSR. G.O.(P) No.13/2021/Fin dtd 23.01.2021
Property Statement Proforma for entering Service book
Higher Secondary Teachers Service Guide-Manual,Forms etc:-
Fixation due to Promotion As per 28A
Report of Transfer of Charge [RTC-PDF]
Report of Transfer of Charge [RTC-Fillable PDF]
Medical Certificate (Form 117)
Fitness Certificate(Rejoin)
Fitness Certificate (New Employment)
Passport to Govt Employees-Guidelines and Annexures
Confidential Report -Performance Appraisal Form (II A)
Confidential Report -Performance Appraisal Form (II B)
Proforma for Police Verification
Proforma for PSC Verification
Conduct Certificate(Model 1) | Conduct Certificate(Model 2)
Last Pay Certificate
Salary Certificate Form, Liability Form, Non Liability Form, Recovery Register, Confirmation
Salary Certificate Issue Register
Relinquishment Statement Format
Pension Book-Annexure in Malayalam/English
Pension Book(Malayalam)
Service Book(Malayalam)
Application for employment under the scheme for compassionate, employment of the dependents of government servants dying in harness in(G.O.(P) No.7/95/P&ARD. Dated 30.3.1995)
Service card and declaration form for senior clerck promotion
Application for Conveyance Allowance to Physically Handicapped Employees
Application for Deputation
Loan Recovery Register
Liability Certificate
Non-liability Certificate
Kerala Dowery Prohibition Act-Declaration to be given by the male govt employee
National Pension Scheme(NPS)
Partial Withdrawal form for Tier I account under NPS(FORM: 601 PW)
Permanent Retirement Account Number [PRAN] Form for National/ Contributory Pension Scheme
National Pension System -Retirement/death/resignation Claim-Guidelines and Forms
FATCA Self Declaration Form
Gazetted Bill Forms
Bill Form TR 46 [Gazetted.New Updated]
PF Schedule [Gazetted]
SLI Schedule [Gazetted]
GIS Schedule [Gazetted]
LIC Schedule [Gazetted]
Leave Forms
Casual Leave Form
Leave Form [Form 13]
Leave Without Allowance [LWA] Application
Earned Leave Surrender Forms
Earned Leave Surrender Calculation for SDOs. All in One Forms
Application for Leave Surrender
Proceedings of the Principal
Forwarding Letter to AGs
Higher Secondary Academic Forms
Log Book for Daily Wage Employee(Guest Teacher)
Daily Plan Format
Text Book Indent Form
Higher Secondary Course Cancellation Form(New)
Field Level Training (Teachers Training) Forms
Study Tour
Reimbursement of Study tour expenses of SC Students-Application form
CE Monitoring Forms
CE Monitoring Forms & Guidelines
Medical Reimbursement Form
Medical Reimbursement-Handbook, Guidelines, Application Form, Circular & Govt Orders
Income Tax Forms
Income Tax Softwares
School Kalolsavam & Sasthrolsavam
Kalolsavam Forms
Sasthrolsavam Forms
Scholarship Forms
BPL Scholarship for Higher Secondary Students -Notification & Application Forms
Post Metric Forms  & Documents
Income Certificate & EWS
Income Certificate from Village/Taluk Office
Annexure 1, 2, 3 & 4 for Economically Weaker Sections(EWS) Reservation(Revised on 04-10-2022)
State Teacher Award Proforma
Proforma for State Teacher Award
Fitness Certificate of School Building
Application form for the Fitness of School Building
Forms of Staff Selection Interview & Staff Fixation
Forms of Staff Selection Interview
Proforma for Staff Fixation
Aided HSS Appointment Propsal Forms
Forms Compiled by Dr.Manesh Kumar
Essential Service Forms
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