Passport to Government Employees-Guidelines Revised

The Government has reviewed the procedure, for issuing passport to government employees. It has been done with a view to avoid the difficulties and complications that may follow. 

The introduction of ‘Prior Intimation’ letter has made this process very simple. The Government employees applying for passport can give ‘Prior Intimation’ letter to the Controlling/Administrative Authority under which he or she is working. It should be submitted in the format of ‘Annexure H (Earlier Annexure N)’. A copy of the same counter signed by the employer showing his approval should also be sent to the Passport Office along with their application. If any objections are there in issuing passport to the employee, the Controlling/Administrative Authority may intimate it to the Passport Office. But the Passport Issuing Authority has the right to take the final decision. It should also be noted that, as per this procedure, passport will be issued only on pre-police verification basis.
Annexure H(Earlier Annexure N) for Prior Intimation
Apart from this revised procedure, the earlier method of issuance of Passport also exists. According to previous norms, the employer should get either NOC (No Objection Certificate) or Identity Certificate from the Controlling /Administrative Authority. NOC is issued in the format of ‘Annexure G(Earlier Annexure M)’ .While it is submitted to Passport Office by the employer, passport will be issued on post-police verification basis. 
Annexure G(Earlier Annexure M) for NOC
In the case of employers submitting Identity Certificate in the format of ‘Annexure A(Earlier Annexure B)’ accompanied by ‘Annexure-I’, there is no police verification for issue of passport.
Annexure A(Earlier Annexure B)
Annexure I
Above said revision in the procedure is for issuance of passport only. Obtaining prior permission for travelling abroad as per Conduct Rules remains unchanged.
Prior Intimation Letter - Gazatte Notification
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Online Portal for Passport Application-Passport Seva
Employees leaving the country for private purpose-Guidelines . Govt Order GO(P) No.233/08/Fin dtd 03.06.2008

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  1. We have to submit intimation letter to both employer and passport office????

    1. Yes.A copy of the intimation letter counter signed by the employer showing his approval should also be sent to the Passport Office along with your application for passport.


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