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Hsslive.in, an online venture commenced in January 2011 at a training camp for School Teachers aimed at sharing of learning–teaching materials, is a lively participated blog for Higher secondary & High school region, Kerala. The support and aid given by this online blog for Teachers, Students, Parents and Government Employees also provide a platform for the up-to-date information exchange and discussion of issues related to Kerala Education & Service sector. The quality of study notes published in this blog is evaluated and expertised by those in the High School & Higher secondary section.

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Hsslive.in shelves a wide range of free software products for the day to day activities of schools, govt offices and learning materials for class 10 to 12. The comments of visitors for the learning materials, prepared by Teachers, making use of Information Technology and available resources, prove the thumping reception and appreciation of this blog by the learning community. Fellow travelers and contributors of Hsslive.in belong to various arena. This is a success story,a milestone, of joint, collective & comprehensive effort of our well wishers.

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Hsslive.in provides an opportunity to raise doubts both by teachers and students and also serves a window to obtain Government orders and application forms. The blog also maintains a strong rapport of teachers and learning community through internet and thereby creating an opportunity for the discussion of various teaching–learning issues. This blog made it possible - the circulation of Education updates and alerts in the flash of a second in all Schools of the state. 

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Hsslive.in entered the social network through Facebook in 2013. Moreover, a facebook group in the name Team Hsslive is also live.

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