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DateGovt Order & Circular Archive
17-10-21[Circular] First year Higher Secondary Examination Postponed. Circular dtd 17.10.2021
13-10-21[Govt Order] Covid 19-Work from home-Clarification GO(Rt) No.683/2021/DMD dtd 13.10.2021
12-10-21[Circular] Duties of Camp officials & Examiners in Higher secondary Valuation Camps-Circular dtd 12-10-2021
11-10-21[Circular] KOOL Course-Duplicate certificate, Certificate correction-Notification & Guidelines
08-10-21[Circular] Covid Pandemic Guidelines on School Reopening
07-10-21[Govt Order] Govt Services and Certificates-Revised Guidelines(Nativity Certificate,Residence Certificate, Minority Certificate,Life Certificate, One and the same certificate, Relationship Certificate, Family Membership Certificate, Identification Certificate, Caste Certificate, Inter caste Certificate, Location Map/Certificate, Attestation) GO(P) No. 1/2021/PIE&MD dtd 07.10.2021
06-10-21[Govt Order] Formation of PTA in the academic year 2021-22. Guidelines, GO & Circular dtd 06.10.2021
05-10-21[Govt Order] List of Govt Nominees(Addnl) for Aided HSS Appointmnnet 2021-22-G.O.(Ms)No.4435/2021/Gen.Edn Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 05/10/2021
04-10-21[Govt Order] Special Casual leave-Daily wages appointment-G.O.(Ms)No.215/2021/Gen.Edn Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 04/10/2021
02-10-21[Govt Order]Disaster Management Department-Restrictions imposed in the state as part of COVID 19 - Additional guidelines for restrictions-School reopening etc:-G.O.(Rt)No.669/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 02/10/2021
30-09-21[Circular] Submitting App1ication to Higher secondary Exam section for various certificates. Guidelines and Application form(Duplicate certificate, Migration Certificate, Transcript, Genuineness and Verification of Certificates, Provisional Certificate, Pass Certificate, Eligibility Certificate, Medium of Instruction Certificate, Board Topper Certificate,Detailed Score sheet, Combined Certificate, Certificate Correction, Course/Exam Cancellation)
30-09-21[Circular] Scholarship-School/Institution Registration-Guidelines
28-09-21[Govt Order] Aided School Appointment- Age Relaxation in the academic year 2020-21. G.O.(Ms)No.203/2021/Gen.Edn Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 28/09/2021
25-09-21[Govt Order]Disaster Management Department- restrictions imposed in the state as a part of COVID-19 containment activities - modified guidelines for restrictions-25-09-2021. G.O.(Rt)No.659/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 25/09/2021
20-09-21[Govt Order]No new batches-Sanctioning additional batches/schools in 2021-22 academic year. GO(RT) No. 4160/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 20-09-2021
18-09-21[Govt Order]Chemmar/Chemman Caste-Excluding from OEC list. GO(MS) No. 9/2021 dtd 18-09-2021
17-09-21[Govt Order]Covid 19-Re-opening Professional Institutions & Colleges. Instructions published. GO(Rt) No. 1228/2021 dtd 17-09-202
15-09-21[Govt Order]Covid 19-Sanctioning Special Casual Leave-Guidelines GO(Rt) No. 634/2021/DMD dtd 15-09-202
14-09-21[Govt Order]Relaxations to the restrictions imposed in the State due to COVID-19 pandemic - Saturdays as working days - orders issued.G.O.(Rt)No.619/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 14/09/2021
14-09-21[Govt Order]Covid 19-Punching in Govt offices-Revised order. GO(Rt) No. 3426/2021/GAD dtd 14-09-2021
13-09-21[Circular] SPARK - Employees continuing in old pay revision scales -Instructions for timely switching over to new revisions - Time limit fixed - reg Circular dtd 13-09-2021
12-09-21[Govt Order]Conveyance Allownace for Super numerory employees(PH). GO(P) No. 126/2021/fin dtd 12-09-2021
09-09-21[Circular] Updating Vaccination details of School Teachers. DGE Circular dtd 09-09-2021
05-09-21[Circular] First year Higher Secondary Examination Scheduled on 6th September 2021 postponed. Circular dtd 05-09-2021
02-09-21[Govt Order] Higher secondary plus one single window admission-Marginal Increase of Seats-20% in increase in seven districts-G.O.(MS)No.191/2021/GEDN dtd 02-09-2021
01-09-21[Govt Order] Tuition Fee, Special Fee Collection-Second year higher secondary students-instructions-G.O.(Rt)No.3861/2021/GEDN dtd 01-09-2021
22-08-21[Circular] PM Cares for Children fund-support children who have lost both the Parents or legal Guardian or Adoptive Parents or Surviving Parent to COVID-19 pandemic during the period starting from 11th March 2020
13-08-21[Govt Order] Holders of Scout/Guide, Rovers/Rangers certificate to get 15 bonus point for degree admission
13-08-21[Circular] Cash Award for students with disabilities-circular, Application Form
13-08-21[Govt Order] Onam Advance-2021. GO(P) No.116/2021/fin dtd 13-08-2021
13-08-21[Govt Order] Onam Bonus/Allowance-2021. GO(P) No.115/2021/fin dtd 13-08-2021
04-08-21[Govt Order] Disaster Management Department - COVID-19 containment activities - relaxation and restrictions from 5th August-2021 - Orders issued.G.O.(Rt)No.564/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 04/08/2021
10-08-21[Govt Order] Vidhyakiranam Project-Guidelines-GO(Rt) No. 3609/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 10/08/2021
04-08-21[Govt Order] Disaster Management Department - COVID-19 containment activities - relaxation and restrictions from 5th August-2021 - Orders issued.G.O.(Rt)No.564/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 04/08/2021
04-08-21[Notification] Govt School Principal Transfer 2021-Norms, Guidelines, Application Form
03-08-21[Schedule] Uyare Online Class for +2 SAY Exam Preparation
02-08-21[Notification] Select list for the post of HSSTs (By transfer appointment) on different subjects. Circular No. Ad C3/180537/2020/DGE dtd 02-08-2021
02-08-21[Career Guidance] Autonomous Colleges in Kerala-All in One Admission Links[PDF] Prepared by ACT, Malappuram
31-07-21[Career Guidance] Careerthon 2021-Mega Career Counselling-Program Schedule
29-07-21[Circular] First year examination Septemebr 2021-Supplementary, Lateral Enry , Re-Admission Students Registration. Circular dtd 29-07-2021
28-07-21[Circular] G-Suit for Online Education-List of schools selected for Piolet Programme
26-07-21[Circular] SSLC SAY Exam Time Table 2021
26-07-21[Govt Order] Appointment of HSST/Lab Assistants-Age Relaxation-G.O.(Ms)No.168/2021/GEDN dtd 26-07-2021
26-07-21[Indent] Plus One Text Book Price 2021-22
26-07-21[Indent] Plus Two Text Book Price 2021-22
26-07-21[Notification] SSLC SAY Exam 2021-Notification & Application form
26-07-21[Govt Order] Periodical Surrender of earned leave deferred with effect from 01/06/2021. G.O.(P)No.104/2021/Fin Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 26/07/2021
24-07-21[Govt Order] Restrictions imposed in the State as a part of COVID-19 containment activities from 26th July 2021. G.O.(Rt)No.545/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 24/07/2021
24-07-21[Circular] Teachers Award 2021-Higher Secondary-Circular & Proforma
24-07-21[Circular] Teachers Award 2021-Primary/Secondary-Circular & Proforma
20-07-21[Govt Order] Restrictions imposed in the State as a part of COVID-19 containment activities from 22nd July 2021. G.O.(Rt)No.534/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 20/07/2021
19-07-21[Govt Order] Daily wages and Contarct employees-Salry as per attendance. G.O.(P)No.100/2021/Fin Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 19/07/2021
20-07-21[Notification] Deputation in SSK Kerala. Circular dtd 20-07-2021
19-07-21[Circular] Pension Revision-Uploading Affidavit- New guidelines. Circular dtd 19-07-2021
19-07-21[Govt Order] Holiday for Bakrid postponed from 20.07.2021 to 21.07.2021. GO(Rt) No.2646/2021/GAD dtd 19-07-2021
16-07-21[Circular] Kerala Dowery Prohibition Act-Declaration to be given by the male govt employee. Circular dtd 16-07-2021
16-07-21[Circular] Career Counseling for class 10 students by General Education Department
15-07-21[Govt Order] Exemption of all BIMS generated physical bills of all aided institutions under Directorate of General Education including Higher Secondary Education, Vocational Higher Secondary Education, Directorate of Technical Education and Directorate of Collegiate Education from getting countersigned - Approved - Orders issued.-GO(P) No.99/2021/fin dtd 15-07-2021
14-07-21[Govt Order] Paperless bill for Education Department and Aided Institutions.GO(P) No.98/2021/fin dtd 14-07-2021
13-07-21[Govt Order] Higher Secondary Examination 2021-SAY & Improvement Exam for second year students. G.O.(Rt)No.3356/2021/GEDN dtd 13/07/2021
12-07-21[User Guide] Uploading details of non-ST students-Digital Study-Sampoorna User Guide
12-07-21[Circular] Sasthrarangam 2021-22. Schedule, Guidelines.DGE Circular dtd 12-07-2021
09-07-21[Govt Order] General Education-Digital Learning-School level Campaign GO(Rt) No. 3337/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 09-07-2021
08-07-21[Circular] General Education-Digital Education-circular dtd 08-07-2021
08-07-21[Judgement] Appointment in Aided Institutions- Persons with Disabilities-Judgement
07-07-21[Govt Order] Admission of students (Std II to X) studying in unrecognized schools to Recognized schools-2021-22
07-07-21[Circular] G-suit and Google meet for schools- Kite Circular
07-07-21[Govt Order] Appointment of Govt/Aided Teachers in the academic year 2021-22.Govt Order Modified. GO No. 3296/2021/Gen.Edn Dtd 07/07/2021
06-07-21[Govt Order] Re-categorization of Local Self Government Institutions, on the basis of Average weekly Test Positivity Rates - additional guidelines from 8th July 2021-G.O.(Rt)No.500/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 06/07/2021
06-07-21[Govt Order] Appointment of Govt/Aided Teachers in the academic year 2021-22. GO No. 3287/2021/Gen.Edn Dtd 06/07/2021
05-07-21[Govt Order] Saiva Vellala- Reservation list modified. GO(Ms) No.129/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 05/07/2021
05-07-21[Govt Order] Appointment of Govt/Aided Teachers in the accademic year 2021-22. GO No. 3265/2021/Gen.Edn Dtd 05/07/2021-Order Cancelled
02-07-21[Govt Order] Issuing plus two certificate damaged/lost in the floods-Time limit-GO(MS) No.154/2021/GenEdn dtd 02/07/2021
02-07-21[Notification] Departmental Test July 2021
02-07-21[Circular] Special Care Allowance for Pensioners. Circular dtd 02-07-2021
02-07-21[Circular] Sanctioning Salary Bill-Hard Copy Required-Guidelines for Treasury dtd 02-07-2021
01-07-21[User Guide] Uploading detils of ST students-Digital Study-Sampoorna User Guide
01-07-21[Notification] Appointment to the post of SCERT Assistant Professors/Research Officers on deputation basis. Notification Published
30-06-21[Guidelines] Neighbourhood Learning Centre-Guidelines 2021-22
29-06-21[Proceedings] Transfer and postings of Heads of Departmental High Schools/Asst. Educational Officers/Teachers Training Institutes and equated categories. No.D5/266/2021/DGE, Dated 29/06/2021
29-06-21[Govt Order] Vocational higher Secondary-General transfer Norms-GO(MS) No. 152/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 29-06-2021
29-06-21[Govt Order] Grace Mark for 2020-21 Admissions-govt decisions-G/1055/2021 Gen.Edn dtd 29-06-2021
28-06-21[Govt Order] Effective measures for disbursing pensionary benefits – Revised Guidelines-G.O.(P)No.89/2021/Fin. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 28/06/2021
28-06-21[Govt Order] Submission of personal copy of Gratuity Payment Order to concerned Treasury – Revised Guidelines-Orders Issued.-G.O.(P)No.90/2021/Fin. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 28/06/2021
25-06-21[Govt Order] Kite Laptops for ST Students. GO No. 3134/2021/Gen Edn dtd 25-06-2021
25-06-21[Circular] Focus Area for Special Schools Published
25-06-21[Circular] Kerala PSC Exam-Remuneration revised. Circular dtd 25-06-2021
23-06-21[Circular] Interest free loan for mobile purchase. Circular dtd 23-06-2021
16-06-21[Govt Order] GPAI Scheme -last date for remitting preimium-date extended. GO(P) No.84/2021/Fin dtd 16.06.2021
15-06-21[Govt Order] Lock down-excemption-G.O.(RT)No.467/2021/Fin Dated 15/06/2021
14-06-21[Govt Order] Daily wages employees- lock down period-eligible for salary-G.O.(P)No.82/2021/Fin Dated 14/06/2021
11-06-21[Circular] Digital Class Margarekha 2021-22
10-06-21[Circular] School Transfer & Readmission for Higher Secondary Second Year Students-Circular dtd 10.06.2021
07-06-21[Govt Order] Disaster Management Department - Containment Activities - Lockdown in the State from 10th June to 16th June 2021.G.O.(Rt)No.459/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 07/06/2021
03-06-21[Govt Order] Disaster Management Department - Containment Activities - work arrangement-G.O.(Rt)No.452/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 03/06/2021
02-06-21[Govt Order] Aided Higher secondary school Principal Promotion-2:1 -Same subject vacancy not needed. G.O.No.2913/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 02/06/2021
01-06-21[Govt Order] Kerala servie rules 90-A, 93 and 103 of Part I, and appendix VII of the Kerala Service Rules-Monetary limits revised. G.O(P) No. 79/2021/Fin dtd 01-06-2021
31-05-21[Circular] Disbursing of salary-May 2021. Cirular dtd 31-05-2021
27-05-21[Govt Order] List of officers selected as Government representatives/nominees in selection committees for the academic year 2021-22(Aided HSS).GO(Rt) No.2849/2021/Gen Edn dtd 27.05.2021
27-05-21[Circular] School re-open-Praveshanolsavam 2021.Guidelines Cirular dtd 27-05-2021
21-05-21[Govt Order] Lock down extended to 30-05-2021. G.O.(Rt)No.432/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 21/05/2021
19-05-21[Help File] School Admission/Promotion-Class 1 to 10. User Guide for Parents
18-05-21[Circular] School Admission/Promotion-Class 1 to 10. Guidelines published. Circular dtd 18.05.2021
18-05-21[Circular] School Name Boards in Malayalam. Circular dtd 18.05.2021
17-05-21[Circular] Promotion-Non Teachimng staff in Aided school-guidelines. Circular dtd 17.05.2021
14-05-21[Govt Order] Covid-19 – containment activities- second phase lock down in the State from 16 th May 2021 to 23rd May-2021. G.O.(Rt)No.416/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 14/05/2021
12-05-21[Govt Order] Covid duty for govt employees & teachers-Revised G.O.(Rt)No.412/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 12-05-2021
11-05-21[Govt Order] Covid duty for govt employees & teachers-G.O.(Rt)No.410/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 11-05-2021
06-05-21[Govt Order] Disaster Management Department - Covid-19 – containment activities-lock down in the State from 8th May 2021-G.O.(Rt)No.404/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 06-05-2021
03-05-21[Govt Order] Covid 19 - Exemption from duty to blind and other disabled employees-exemption granted-orders issued. G.O.(Rt) No.394/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 03-05-2021
03-05-21[Govt Order] Covid 19-Additional restrictions on staff who shall attend office(25% Staff strength). GO(Rt) No.297/2021/DMD dtd 03-05-2021
03-05-21[Circular] Earned Leave Terminal Surrender of Govt Employees-Revised Guidelines. Circular dtd 03-05-2021
28-04-21[Circular] SPARK User ID/Password/Digital Signature-Unauthorised use-guidelines. Circular dtd 28-04-2021 & Circular dtd 26-08-2020
27-04-21[Circular] Submitting Pension Proposal-Descriptive roll and identification particulars-Circular & Form dtd 27-04-2021
26-04-21[Circular] Higher Secondary/VHSE Pracical Exam Postpoed. Circular dtd 26-04-2021
22-04-21[Circular] Restrictions for the effective containmnet of covid 19-Attendance in General Education Offices & Schools. DGE Circular dtd 22-04-2021
21-04-21[Govt Order] Restrictions for the effective containmnet of covid 19-50% attendance in Govt offices. GO(Rt)378/2021/DMD dtd 21-04-2021
19-04-21[Press Release] Conducting SSLC/+2 Exams-Guidelines. Press Relaesae by DGE 19.04.2021
31-03-21[Govt Order] Vacaation salary to teachers-clarifications and instructions. GO(Ms) No. 136/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 31-03-2021
20-03-21[Circular] Processing DA Arrears -Pensioners circular dtd 20.03.2021
19-03-21[Circular] Pension Revision-Guidelines dtd 19.03.2021
12-03-21[Circular] HSS/SSLC/VHSE Classes upto 31.03.2021.QIP decisions dtd 12.03.2021
09-03-21Eligibility test for Laboratary Attenders-Notification dtd 09.03.2021
26-02-21Disbursement of Deferred Salary. GO(P) No 43/2021/fin dtd 26-02-2021
26-02-21Higher Secondary School Principals Workload reduced.GO(Ms) No.127/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 26.02.2021
26-02-21[Govt Order] Guest/Daily wages teachers remuneration in covid pandemic.GO(Ms) No.1957/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 26.02.2021
23-02-21[Govt Order] Relinquishing HSST post-granding time bound grade-clarification .GO(Ms) No.118/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 23.02.2021
19-02-21Special Rules for the Kerala General Education(District Institute of Education and Training-DIET).GO(P) No.9/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 19-02-2021
19-02-21Post creation in 35 Aided HSS in the academic year 2015-16. GO(Ms) No.105/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 19.02.2021
17-02-21Transfer and Promotin of Principals of Govt Higher Secondary School.GO(Rt)No.1710/2021/GenEdn Dated 17.02.2021
11-02-21Government revised the remuneration of daily wage personnel(Guest). GO(P)No.29/2021/Fin Dated 11.02.2021
10-02-21Daily Wage Employees-Quarantine days- remuneration details. Circular No. 16/2021/Fin dtd 10-02-2021
10-02-21Kerala: 11th Pay Revision Order-GO(P) No. 27/2021/Fin dtd 10-02-2021
09-02-21Govt declares dies non on 10th feb 2021. GO(Ms) No. 46/2021 GAD dtd 09.02.2021
08-02-21Revised DA Order(from 01-07-2019 to 01-07-2020). GO(P) No. 25/2021 fin dtd 08.02.2021
06-02-21Nadar Christian-OBC List revisedGO(MS) No. 02/2021 dtd 06.02.2021
05-02-21Profident Fund(PF) Interest. 1st January 2021 to 31st March 2021. GO(P) No.22/2021/Fin dtd 05-2-2021
03-02-21General transfer of Higher Secondary School Teachers-Erratum GO(Ms) No.2/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 03.02.2021
02-02-21Covid Pandemic-Work from home-Clarificcaation Circular dtd 02.02.2021
30-01-21By transfer appointment -HSST Junior-Quota. GO(p) No. 2/2021 Gen.Edn dtd 30.01.2021
25-01-2111th Pay Revision Order & Guidelines
25-01-21Post craetion in 27 Aided HSS in the academic year 2014-15. GO(Ms) No.41/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 25.01.2021
23-01-21GPAI Scheme -last date for remitting preimium-date extended. GO(rt) No.620/2021/Fin dtd 23.01.2021
22-01-21[Govt Order] Staff fixation 2020-21. G.O(P)No.28/2021-Gen edn dtd 22-01-2021
22-01-21School working from 25th January 2021.Guidelines
22-01-21DA Arrear merging(01-01-2005 to 01-01-2017)-Time limit extended. G.O(P)No.12/2021-Fin dtd 22-01-2021
23-01-21Aided School Service Certificate as per govt decision 6 Rule 14 E Part III KSR. G.O.(P) No.13/2021/Fin dtd 23.01.2021
13-01-21Guideline to be followed by D.D.O when issuing the salary and liability certificate - reg G.O(P)No.9/2021/Fin dtd 13.01.2021
13-01-21Saturday Working day for Govt offices-GO(Ms) No.16/2021/GAD dtd 13.01.2021
11-01-21Time bound Higher Grade (22/27) years-Counting Higher Secondary Service of HM. GO(Ms) No.11/2021/GenEdn dtd 11.01.2021
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