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Uploading DateSchool Manual Archive
25-01-21A complete Book on Spark & BIMS(Malayalam-2021 Edition)
23-12-20Higher Secondary Plus Two Examination March 2021-Notification
08-09-20Application for Higher Secondary Certificate Correction
06-11-19Higher Secondary Examination March 2020 Notification
01-07-19SPARK data correction- Guidelines dtd 01.07.2019
17-06-19PF-Revision pf upper Monetary Limit for various categories of sanctioning officers.Order No. Fin C3/151910/2019/GPF /HSE Dated: 17.06.2019
12-06-19Higher Secondary Subjects-Equivalency Certificate
07-05-19Assigning DDO charge to an officer in the absence of Orginal DDO.Circular No.42/2019/fin dtd 07-05-2019
07-05-19Instructions to mention PEN in all sanction orders, rubber seals etc.Circular No.43/2019/fin dtd 07-05-2019
15-04-19GPF Module in SPARK-User Manual
22-03-19Usage and maintenance of ICT equipment on vacation
16-03-19Loss of Service Book due to flood Circular No.24-19
15-03-19Child-Parent-Teachers Committee(CPT)-Guidelines
15-03-19School Protection Group(SPG) Guidelines
14-03-19Spark data locking.Guidelines dtd 14-03-2019
27-02-19Cyber Safety Protocol for the School Children
24-01-19General instructions for preparation of Bill in SPARK for the period prior to 2/2011 in the case of employees not having PEN. Circular No. 08/2019/Fin dtd Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,24-01-2019
20-01-19PRISM portal for pensioners-guidelines
15-12-18Class PTA- Guidelines
15-12-18School Uniform-Birth day
09-12-18Guidelines to be followed by users for SPARK data correction
24-11-18PTA Fund Collection-Format of Receipt Book. Circular dtd 24-11-2018
20-11-18How to apply for Higher Secondary duplicate certificate
30-10-18Send-off functions in Higher secondary school-guidelines
17-10-18Fourth(4th) installment of Pay revision arrear bill preparation
06-10-18School Kalolsavam Manual Revised.GO(Ms. No. 144/2018 dtd 06.10.2018
25-09-18Salary Challenge Option in SPARK-User Manual
31-08-18NSS Hand Book
13-08-18KITE-Guidelines for Complaint Registration in Hi-Tech school Project Management System
09-08-18How to Identify Non Programmable Calculators
24-07-18Digital Signature FAQ
12-07-18Ban on Installation of CCTV Cameras in Higher Secondary Class Rooms. Circular dtd 12.07.2018
12-07-18How to Register in MEDISEP(Medical Insurance for State Employees and Pensioners) Portal
18-06-18Guidelines for issuing plus two certificate
11-06-18Plus One Improvement Examination July 2018 Notification
28-05-18School Transfer & Readmission for Higher Secondary Second Year Students-Circular dtd 28.05.2018
28-04-18A Hand Book on Right To Information Act(RTI)-(Malayalam PDF)
24-04-18How to Process 3rd Installment of Pay Revision Arrears in Spark
07-03-18Exam Bill Settlement in BIMS
26-02-18Issuance of LPC in respect of Gazetted Officers on transfer/promotion to Accountant General- Instruction-Issued Circlr No14-18Fin dtd 26-2-18
26-02-18Manual Bill Preparation in SPARK-Guidelines
03-02-18Spark Leave Management Module Manual
03-02-18KEAM 2018 Notification
25-12-17Mobile Phone Ban in Higher Secondary Schools. Circular No. ACDC 4/101721/18/HSE dtd 25.01.2018
31-12-17List of Registers and Records required for Inspection/Audit of Higher Secondary Section.
20-12-17Attendance Register of employees-Guidelines
20-12-17Vacancy reporting -through e-vacancy software-Guidelines reg dtd 20.12.2017
07-12-17Higher Secondary Examination March 2018- Notification and Time Table
17-11-17Flag Code of India: Circular | Manual
02-11-17Kerala State School Kalolsavam Manual Erratum
01-11-17Attestation of document/certificate copies by a Gazette Officer or notarised by a Notary-Guidelines
19-10-17Higher Secondary Examination - How to Refund revaluation fee . Circular No. Ex.V(1) 13473/ HSE/ RV/ 2017 dtd 19.10.2017
07-10-17 Hand Book on service and salary matters for newly joined HSSTs
05-10-17Revised School Kalolsavam Manual 2017
20-07-17Leaves and Leave Norms for Government Employees
20-07-17How to create login in website (Gazatted officers Pay slip/GPF Credit Card portal)-User Manual
23-06-17Free Software for Higher Secondary Commerce Stream
17-06-17The Documents to be submitted by the Manager for approval of the Appointment in Aided HSS
01-06-17School Transfer for Higher Secondary Second Year Students-Government Order and Guidelines
25-05-17Provident Fund-PF-Upper Limit and Sanction Authority-Circular
15-05-17Higher Secondary Plus Two SAY Improvement Notification June 2017
15-05-17Higher Secondary Plus Two March 2017 Result Revaluation
15-05-17Higher Secondary Plus Two March 2017 Result
13-05-17Passport to Government Employees-Guidelines Revised
11-05-17How to Link Aadhaar to PAN Card
09-03-17Prevention of Sexual Harassment-committee
03-03-17Tutorial for Pay Revision Arrear Processing in SPARK
16-02-17Registers to be Maintained at the Higher Secondary Exam Centre
16-02-17Logarithm Table for Higher Secondary Examinations
17-12-16Non-Creamy Layer Certificate-Guidelines
17-12-16Scouts and Guides-Chief Ministers Shield Competition-Guidelines
07-12-16Quarterly E-TDS return using RPU-Training Material for DDO. Prepared by Treasury Department
07-12-16Hand book on various Financial assistance and Projects offered by the state government
04-12-16Green Protocol/Plastic Free Campus in schools. Guidelines
16-11-16Kerala Higher Secondary Examination March 2017-Notification and Time Table
18-11-16Sharp reproof/scolding by teachers-Enhancing the tendency for suicide in student
16-11-16Period of PTA President-limited upto 3 years-orders issued G.O(Ms)No.190-2016-G.Edn dtd 16.11.2016
10-11-16Norms for Higher Secondary General Transfer(Draft) dtd 10-11-2016
08-11-16Condonation for Higher Secondary Examination. Guidelines
30-10-16School Kalolsavam/Sports Fund Distribution. Circular dtd 30.10.2016
29-10-16Public Holidays in 2017
24-10-16BPL Scholarship 2016-17 for Higher Secondary Students.Notification & Application forms
22-10-16Girl students in schools should not be compelled to part their hair and plait it.Circular from DHSE dtd 21.10.2016
21-10-16Higher Secondary Teachers General Transfer Norms (Draft) by DHSE
23-09-16Maintenance of Acquittance roll and cash book in offices - Detailed instructions. GO(P) No 138/2016/Fin dtd 23.09.2016
01-09-16Higher School Library - Guidelines by DHSE
01-09-16Onam Celebrations in School-Guidelines by DHSE | Order Cancelled
20-08-16Pay and Allowances for Temporary/Guest Employee(PAT)-SPARK Module Help
20-08-16Digital Signature certificate and its use
09-08-16First Year (Plus One) Improvement Exam September 2016
06-08-16Safety Measures of School Buses.Circular No. H/976/2016/DPI dtd 06.08.2016
01-08-16e-grantz help file
22-07-16School Parliament Elections 2016-17. Guidelines and Circular
11-07-16NOTIFICATION - Higher Secondary Equivalency Exam, August 2016
26-06-16GAIN PF User manual
10-06-16Bill Information and Management System (BiMS) User Manual
09-06-16Holidays declared by the District Collector-Attendance of Teachers-Clarification Order
24-04-16 Second Year School Transfer- Guidelines
24-04-16 Tutorial for SPARK Help desk Token Sysytem
31-03-16 Group Insurance(GIS) Portal VISWAS- User Manual
11-02-16Complaint boxes(Drop Box) for school students.Govt Order GO(P) No.39/2016/GEdn dtd 11.02.2016 
29-01-16 Bringing of vehicles/bikes to schools by students without license and without wearing helmet
10-09-15Two Year BEd Programe-Teaching Practice-Guidelines circular dtd 10.09.2015
10-09-15Construction works in schools - Guidelines dtd 10.09.2015
10-04-15Final Settlement of Exam Advance -Guidelines dtd 07-04-15
26-03-15Press release about the new marking method in the answer script of HSE March 2015
18-04-15Prevention of sexual harassment in schools-directions
17-03-15Charge Allowance for Principal in Charge-Guidelines from DHSE. Circular ADB1/49239/HSE/2014 dtd 17.03.2015
11-03-15HSE - Payment of remuneration to the Higher Secondary Teachers appointed on daily wages(Guest) in the higher secondary batches sanctioned in 2011-12 academic year onwards - Sanctioned Orders issued - G.O.(Rt)No.956/2015/G.Edn Dt. 11/03/2015.
07-02-15NPS(National Pension System) Arear Processing-User Manual
26-01-15Standard operating procedure to deal with terrorist attack on schools.Guidelines
24-01-15Data Upload & Initialization of NSS website-User Guide
24-01-15Use of Scientific Calculator. Directions issued dtd 29-01-2015.
24-01-15Safety and Security of Children. Circular No. ACD .C1./2057/HSE/2015 dtd 24-01-2015.
23-01-15Government have empowered Village Officers to issue Non-Creamy Layer Certificate. G.O(P) No. 3/2015/BCDD dated 23.01.2015
20-01-15Special Casual Leave to Disabled and Physically handicapped employees-Clarification circular No. 13/2015 fin dtd 20.01.2015 
19-01-15Strike on 22/01/2015- Dies-non ordered. GO(P) No.22/2015 GAD dtd 19.01.2015
18-01-15National Award for Higher Secondary Teachers/Principals 2014-15
14-01-15Higher Secondary Model Examination(XI and XII) Notification 2015
09-01-15Kerala Entrance Examination KEAM 2015- Prospectus & Online Manual for Application Entry
08-01-15Supplementary Notification to HSE examination March 2015. 
26-12-14Income Tax Deductions from salaries during the Financial Year 2014-15. Circular no 17/2014 dtd 10/12/2014
19-12-14Joint Entrance Examination JEE Main 2015. Notification & Updates
19-12-14CE Monitoring Guidelines & Schedule 2014-15
15-12-14Declaration of Probation of Lab Assistants in Higher Secondary Schools-Sanction Accorded. GO(RT) No.5567/2014 Gen.Edn dtd 15.12.14 | Clarification Circular from DHSE dtd 26.01.2014
15-12-14PEECS-Entarance Crash Course Registration. Guidelines
10-12-14General Approach on Higher Secondary Curriculum Revision-Teaching Plan
03-12-14Zoology Practical Evaluation Scheme(Revised), Model Questions And Guidelines dtd 03.12.14
18-11-14Second Terminal Examination(Christmas) Notification & Time Table for XI/XII
16-10-14Application Form for Higher Secondary Examinations Modified. Circular dtd 16.10.2014
14-10-14IT Mela Circular & Manual dtd 14.10.14
01-10-14Higher Secondary Examination Notification February - March 2015
29-09-14Disciplinary actions against students - Directions to Principals.Circular dtd 29-09-14 | Directions dtd 16.07.2015
26-09-14Higher Secondary Special Fees Collection.Remittance,Utilization and opening of PD account.Circular dtd 26-09-14 and Govt Orders.
22-09-14Modified General Transfer Norms for Higher Secondary Teachers. Govt Order GO(P) No.193/2014/Gen.Edn dtd 22.09.2014
20-09-14Functions of Local Self Government Authorities under Right to Education (RTE)
16-09-14Revised Time schedule for Higher Secondary Schools(9AM to 4.45PM).Govt Order GO(Ms) No. 189/2014.Gen.Edn dtd 16.07.2014
10-09-14Service Regularization of Panchayath School Staff.Circular No. AdB/Gen/34427/HSE/2014 dtd 10.09.2014
21-08-14List of Higher Secondary Schools recommended by the Director of DHSE published.Circular dtd 20.08.2014 & 21.08.2014
19-08-14First Term Exam for STD XII.Time Table & Notification
19-08-14DHSE temporarily stayed the admission to New Schools & Additional Batches. Circular dtd 19.08.14
13-08-14Govt Higher Secondary School Teachers General Transfer 2014. Notification & Circular dtd 13.08.14
18-07-14Plus One Single Window School/Combination Transfer Fee: Instruction to Principals
18-07-14HSE-Illegal collection of money at the time of HSE admission. Circular No ACDC4/21081/2014 dtd 18.07.2014.
14-07-14Grama Sabha meetings shall be held only on holidays. Circular No.M4/38947/14/DPI Gen.Education dtd 14.07.2014
04-07-14Duties & Responsibilities of the Government Nominee in the Selection of Aided Higher Secondary School Teacher. GO(MS) No.123/2014 Gen.Education dtd 04.07.2014
03-07-14Additional batches sanctioned in the academic year 2011-12. Anomalies in the post creation order. G.O(Ms) No.121/2014/G.Edn dtd 03.07.2014 and Annexure
24-06-14Five-day Working week (Saturday holiday)for Higher Secondary Schools.GO(MS) No.117/2014 Gen Edn dtd 24.06.2014
24-06-14School Bus Guidelines dtd 24.06.14
19-06-14Higher Secondary First Year Improvement Examination of August 2014.Notification & Time Table
30-05-14HSST Joining/Relieving via HSCAP portal. Guidelines
30-05-14Kerala Education Calender 2014-15
30-05-14NPS - Revised procedure for submitting PRAN.Circular No 51/2014/Fin Dated 29/05 /2014
25-05-14Kerala Higher Secondary Plus One Admission .Prospectus 2014-15
17-05-14Notification for Revaluation / Scrutiny / Photocopy of answer scripts of their Higher Secondary Examination March 2014
13-05-14HSE SAY/Improvement Examination June 2014. Notification dtd 13.05.14
13-05-14HSE Result March 2014.Result Notification dtd 13.05.2014
03-05-14Guidelines for Higher Secondary School Transfer/Readmission(+1/+2).GO No.1826/09/Gen.Edn dtd 11.05.2009 and GO(rt) No.5947/12/Gen.Edn dtd 12/12/12
24-04-14Guidelines for Govt Personnel regarding conduct of General Election
24-03-14General Election 2014. Help Files & Videos
24-03-14E-Submission of SPARK Salary Bills
17-03-14School Time Change.Guidelines dtd 17.03.2014
13-03-14Guidelines to deduct NPS contributions in SPARK.
06-03-14Use of Scientific Calculator – Directions Issued. Circular dtd 06/03/2014
07-02-14RDD Services.Time limit specified in the RTI act. Circular dtd 07.02.14
04-02-14National Pension Scheme-Guidelines dtd 04.02.14
29-01-14Tobacco Free Higher Secondary Schools. Guidelines dtd 29.01.14
29-01-14Souhrida Club : Guidelines to the Principals. Circular dtd 29.01.14 | Guidelines for Implementation of Souhrida Club
15-01-14Submitting Application for Higher Secondary Duplicate Certificate. Guidelines dtd 15.01.14
24-12-13Availing Maternity Leave in Different Spells. Circular ADC2/61002/13/HSE dtd 24.12.13
05-12-13Collecting Students' Address.Misuse of RTI circular dtd 05.12.13
02-12-13Transport Commissioners letter to HMs/Principals on under-aged students' driving - Lr. Dt.02/12/2013
20-11-13Higher Secondary Examination Notification March 2014
20-11-13Youth Festival and Sports.Special Fee Breakup
11-11-13Discontinuing the use of rare and endangered plants and animals in school laboratories and class rooms.Circular
04-11-13State Eligibility Test : SET 2013.Prospectus
25-10-13Public Holidays 2014
15-10-13Income Tax Circular about Tax Deduction at Source for the Financial Year 2013-2014
30-08-13Public Entrance Examination System [PEECS]. Help File for School Registration
17-08-13Education Calendar 2013-14
13-08-13First Term Exam for HSE Plus two 2013.Notification
27-07-13Cyber Crimes : Guidelines
26-07-13Scholarship to Higher Secondary Students. [Directory]
25-07-13Plus one (First Year) Improvement Examination September 2013.Notification & Time Table
01-07-13Sanctioning Higher Grade of HSSTs. Guidelines
18-07-13Appointment ,Selection of Teachers in Aided Higher Secondary Schools : Guidelines
01-07-13Sanctioning Higher Grade of HSSTs. Guidelines
26-06-13Guidelines for the appointment of Guest Teachers in HSS
18-06-13HSS Scale of Pay
01-06-13Jalasree Club: Guidelines | Application Form
28-05-13HSE Fee Rates Modified & Revised.GO(Ms) No.173/2013/Gl.Edn dtd 20/05/2013
26-05-13Method of Appointment of Aided HSS Principals.: (Mathrubhumi Thozhil Vaartha News) | Legislative Assembly Q&A
25-05-13Plus Two Result Notification 2013
09-05-13SAY/Improvement/Revaluation May 2013 Notification & Circular
01-05-13Higher Secondary Plus one Single Window Admission Prospectus 2013-14
25-04-13Prof. P.O.J Labba Committee Report
10-02-13Management Training.Fund Utilization
10-02-13HSE March 2013.Revised Time Table
30-01-13Special Improvement Exam for students who have applied for JEE Main exam 2013(for students who wish to improve the performance in 2011 and 2012 exams).Notification
11-01-13Kerala Entrance Examinations 2013.Notification
17-01-13Implementation of National Pension System GO(P)No.20/2013/Fin Dated 07/01/ 2013.
11-01-13Kerala Entrance Examinations 2013.Notification
24-12-12Right To Service Act :Services by DHSE | Misuse of RTI Act Circular
21-12-12State IT Fest-2013:Circular & Schedule
12-12-12Quality Improvement Programme- Guidelines
06-12-12CE Monitoring Guidelines 2013
19-11-12Higher Secondary Examination Notification 2013
17-11-12Student Concession Fare:GO
02-11-12Duties of a Lab Assistant
02-11-12Guidelines for Forwarding applications for PF withdrawals
30-10-12School Kalolsavam Manual(Revised) dtd 30/10/2012
18-10-12PD Account Utilization Guidelines dtd 17/10/2012
08-08-12A Guide to Prepare Double Entry Cash Book(cash Book with Bank Column)
07-08-12Student Police Cadet(SPC) Club.Guidelines
05-08-12Career Guidance & Suuhrida Club Activities 2012-13 | SOUHRIDA CLUB: GUIDELINES
20-07-12Plus One Improvement Exam September 2012.Notifications
20-07-12Kerala General provident Fund Rules 2011 Notification dtd 07/02/2012(Revised Forms,Rules Etc:-)
11-07-12OBC Stipend Enhanced.Circular
11-07-12Balasasthra Congress.Grace Mark Sanctioned.Circular
01-07-12School Management Committee (SMC).Guidelines
27-06-12Education Calendar 2012-13
18-06-12Daily Plan Format
29-05-12Bhoomithra Club:Guidelines
22-05-12Instruction & Proforma for cancellation of Previous Plus One Registration
17-05-12Departmental Test:Syllabus
15-05-12Second Year SAY/Improvement Time Table and Notification
04-05-12Guidelines for Purchase of Library Books
02-05-12District Coordinators Contact Number
21-04-12Right to Education: Structural Change(Draft)| Restructure of HS and HSS(Draft)
14-04-12Telephone Directory: Higher Secondary Schools,Kerala
03-04-12Guidelines for Selection of HITC.Dated 10th Nov 2008
24-02-12PSC Exam Invigilation Duty:Guidelines| PSC Exam Centre:Guidelines to HSS Schools
15-02-12Guidelines for procurement of ICT equipments for schools using various schemes
10-12-11Mobile Phone Ban in Schools:Circular dtd 29/04/10
05-11-11Guidelines to Prepare Confidential Report(DPC).DPI Circular dtd 02/11/11
02-11-11DPI Circular about the conduct of Maths Fair dtd 18/10/11
10-10-11Kerala Store Purchase Rules
04-10-11School Science,Maths,Work Experience ,IT Fair Directions & Manual[School Sasthrolsavam]
28-09-11School Vehicle: Security Directions
28-09-11School Sports (Athletics & Games) Manual | Revision Manual
18-08-11School Study Tour-Guidelines:Guidelines from DHSE
18-08-11ICT Hand Book
18-08-11HSS Special Rules(Method of Appointment And Qualification of Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff)
18-08-11Broadband Internet Usage-Guidelines
15-07-11A Hand Book For HSS Principals Published by SIEMAT
16-06-11 PTA Guidelines &  Fund Utilization Manuals & Guidelines
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