Higher Secondary Exam Fund Settlement in BIMS

The govt has published a circular regarding exam fund distribution that it should be done through either bank or treasury account only. The remuneration to teachers and other staff for invigilation duty, practical duty etc has to be given from the allotment, sanctioned in BIMS. But the entry of account details of the staff (beneficiary) in BIMS portal is a time consuming job. Besides, the job should be meticulously carried out.
Now the facility to export the account details in CSV file mode is available in the HSE Manager software new version. It is possible for us to upload the account details entered thus, to BIMS portal. It makes the job easier as the arduous task of making the direct entry of beneficiary details can be avoided further. 

The help file prepared by Sri.Bibin C Jacob ,HSST Physics ,Brothers HSS Mavandiyur  can be downloaded from the link given below.

1. CSV file with remuneration details and account details of teachers available from HSE Manager
(Click the Image to enlarge)

2. First login as DDO(Clerk level) in BIMS site. 
Now do bill entry according to the plan of your settelement(ie settlement of Practical exam alone or Complete HSE exam at the end of HSE exam March 2018).

3. Check for Allotement in BIMS for HSE Exam March 2018
(Click the Image to enlarge)
Important Note:-
Exam duty remunerations to bank account of teachers and all other expenses of exams to STSB of Principal
(Click the Image to enlarge)

In Bill Entry Amount of Claim (Practical exam expenses OR All HSE exam expense as your plan of settlement)
(Click the Image to enlarge)

4. File upload(Useful for transfer allotment amount to many beneficiaries like in scholarships and
remunerations to teachers for exam duty)

(Click the Image to enlarge)

Choose CSV file generated from HSE manager in HSE manager folder and click on Submit
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Choose file from HSE manager Folder
(Click the Image to enlarge)

CSV file generated from HSE Manager
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Click Save Data Button
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Then Save Claim Bill
(Click the Image to enlarge)

Send for Approval by clicking the button 'Send for Approval'

(Click the Image to enlarge)

Now login as DDO(Admin) in BIMS site and approve and esubmit the bill to treasury
Help File
Higher Secondary Exam Fund Settlement in BIMS[PDF]
Help file for Settlement of exam bills(When Advance already taken from BIMS)
BIMS help file for Surrender of Balance amount in Allotment after settlement

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3 comments to ''Higher Secondary Exam Fund Settlement in BIMS "

  1. sir,
    our school's exam bill passed on 31.03.2018. most of the beneficiaries' received their amount; but the credit status of some of the beneficiaries were seen as :R03:ACCOUNT DOES NOT EXIST & R03:ACCOUNT INVALID and they didn't get their amount. can we correct the mistake?

  2. How to settle the Exam bill of March-2018 in BIMS. Advance already taken


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