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Ban on Installation of Cameras in Higher Secondary Class Rooms

Saturday, July 14, 2018 / 2 Comments
It has been observed that installing CCTV cameras for class room surveillance restrict the students’ privacy, freedom/rights as well as their mental state. Under these circumstances, the State Human Rights Commission has enforced a ban on this aspect. Hence, from now, no cameras for class room surveillance be installed in Higher Secondary school class rooms in our state. 

Also it has been directed that the cameras already installed with this purpose be uninstalled immediately. A report regarding this also should be sent to the Office of the Regional Deputy Director concerned. 

Strict disciplinary measures will be taken against the principals of the Higher Secondary Schools who fail to conform to this order. Click the below link for circular.
Ban on Installation of Cameras in Higher Secondary Class Rooms. Circular dtd 12.07.2018

Higher Secondary Plus One Chemistry Exam Tips

Thursday, July 12, 2018 / 6 Comments
‘Prepare well to perform the best’ – with this aim, some exam tips in Chemistry for the Higher Secondary first year have been prepared by Sri.Jayadevan P, HSST Chemistry, Govt HSS, Bharathannoor, Trivandrum. The students are advised to watch this video lesson before their improvement exam as the visual messsage with special focus on exam preparation and tips would provide subject perspective to enable to approach the Chemistry exam positively to improve their score.

This supporting material deals with all the 14 chapters in the Higher Secondary first year Chemistry text book. It gives how to go through each unit for an excellent performance in the examination. It is prepared with object that the visual transaction meets the demands of all levels of learners who would like to get through the exam and obtain optimum score as well. 

Plus One Chemistry Exam Tips(Video)

Click the link below to download the ‘chemistry – special focus’ video class.

Plus One Chemistry Quick Notes

Quick revision notes for higher secondary first year chemistry can be downloaded from the following link
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Higher Secondary First year(Plus One) Chemistry Quick Notes

Plus One Political Science Exam Tips

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 / No Comments
To boost the confidence level of the students to perform well in the Political Science subject in the improvement examination to be held in July this year for the first year Higher Secondary students, some exam tips are shared here.

This is a video message by Sri.Baby.T, HSST Political Science, GHSS, Kadamanitta, Pathanamthitta. The expected questions for the exam, areas to be given special attention are given here.

There are 2 parts in Political Science 1st year text book. The first part is – Indian Constitution at Work and the second part is – Political Theory. The first part consists of 10 chapters. The students can expect questions for 30 - 40 marks from this section. Questions for 30 - 35 marks can be expected from the Second part of the text book.

Plus One Poltical Science Exam Tips(Video)

Sri.Baby.T’s tips and notes are the fruitful product of his teaching experience and with this treasure of knowledge in the subject he talks about the sections to be focused and possible questions for the first year Political Science improvement exam. It is also to be remembered that, the students anxious of getting the maximum score should read between the lines of the text book. Watch the video to face the exam without any fear. 

Plus One Politics Study Notes

The link to download study materials and model questions is also available.
Plus One Political Science Exam Tips(Video)
Plus One Political Science Study Notes

Plus Two SAY/Improvement Result

Monday, July 9, 2018 / 128 Comments

Plus Two SAY/Improvement Result June 2018

Higher Secondary Second year Plus Two SAY/Improvement June 2018 results will be published on 10th July 2018 at 2 PM. After the official announcement of the results, the result links will be made available here. To download SAY/Improvement July 2018 results, register number should be entered.

The students can apply for Revaluation & Scrutiny for all subjects except Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. They can apply for Photocopy of their answer scripts in respect of all subjects. The fee for Revaluation, Scrutiny and Photocopy are Rs. 500/-, Rs.100/- and Rs.300/- per subject respectively. On completion of the revaluation process, changes if any will be intimated to the students through the portal and fresh certificates will be issued to them. Last date for submitting application for Revaluation/Photocopy and Scrutiny is 13-07-2018.

Students who have appeared for the Second Year Higher Secondary SAY Examination June 2018 but failed to attain D+ grade or above, should register for the First Year Improvement Examination July 2018 of those subjects for which they failed to attain D+ grade or above, in this examination for getting eligibility to attend the second year Higher secondary examination, March 2019.

One Time Registration fee for First Year Improvement exam July 2018 and Second Year March 2019 Exam is 225/Paper and Rs.80 for Certificate fee. Last date for submission of application form is 13-07-2018.

Higher Secondary Second year Plus Two SAY / Improvement June 2018 Examination results can be downloaded from the link below after the official declaration.
Plus Two SAY/Improvement June 2018 Result(Individual)
Plus Two SAY/Improvement June 2018 School wise Result 
Plus Two SAY/Improvement June 2018 Revaluation Notification 
Revaluation/Scrutiny Results
Plus Two March 2018 Revaluation/Scrutiny Result 
Plus One Improvement Examination July 2018-Time Table and Notification

First Year Plus One Improvement Examination and Revaluation

Sunday, July 8, 2018 / 37 Comments

Higher Secondary First Year Improvement Exam June/July 2018

Update: Higher Secondary first year plus one improvement exam will begin on 24th of July 2018 and end on 31st July 2018. Download Time Table.

The improvement exam for the first year(Plus One) students will be held in July 2018. Regular Students who have appeared for all the six subjects at the First Year Higher Secondary Examination, March 2018 can register in this examination for upto three subjects for improving scores in those subjects. A Student who was absent for all six subjects at the plus one examination march 2018 can register for all six subjects. The Examination Notification includes guidelines for Regular, Lateral Entry, Re-admitted and compartmental candidates.

Compartmental candidates can register for the First year Improvement examination July 2018 in a particular subject and for the Second year March 2019 examination in the same subject at a stretch. Fee should be paid for the subjects they wish to appear in First year exam July 2018 and second year exam March 2019.

Fee for Regular,Lateral Entry and Re-admitted Candidates

Fee for Improvement Examination: 175/Paper
Fee for Certificate Rs.40.
Last date for submission of application form: 13-07-2018

Fee for Compartmental Candidates

(One Time Registration fee for First Year Improvement exam June/July 2018 and Second Year March 2019 Exam)
Fee for Examination: 225/Paper 
Fee for Certificate Rs.80.
Last date for submission of application form: 13-07-2018

Revaluation/Photocopy/Scrutiny of answer scripts of Plus One Exam March 2018

Candidates who desire to apply for Revaluation/Photocopy/Scrutiny of answer scripts of Plus One March 2018 examination can apply on or before 14th June 2018. 

Fee for Revaluation : Rs.500/- per Subject.
Fee for Photocopy: Rs. 300/- per subject
Fee for Scrutiny Rs 100/- per subject

Guidelines for Revaluation/Photocopy/Scrutiny.(Click the image to enlarge)

The fee for the Revaluation/Photocopy/Scrutiny of answer scripts should be remitted in the Government Treasury under the Head of Account ‘0202-01-102-97 (03)’ Other Receipts.

Click the below link for Higher Secondary First Year (Plus One) Improvement Exam June/July 2018 Notification, Revaluation Circular, Time Table, Scheme, Previous Question Papers etc:-
First Year(Plus One) Improvement Exam June/July 2018
First Year Plus One Improvement Examination July 2018-Time Table
First Year Plus One Improvement Examination June/July 2018-Notifications
First Year Plus One Improvement Exam-last date for application submission extended
First Year(Plus One) March 2018-Revaluation
First Year(Plus One) March 2018 Exam-Revaluation Notification
First Year(Plus One) March 2018 Revaluation-Last date extended.Circular dtd 05.06.2018
Application Forms
Improvement Exam Application Form
Revaluation Application Form
Photocopy Application Form
Scrutiny Application Form
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Previous Question Papers and Study Notes for First Year Plus One Improvement Examination
First Year Plus One March 2018 Result

How to e-file Income Tax Return Online?

Saturday, July 7, 2018 / 7 Comments
The last date to submit returns after IT calculations for the financial year 2018-2019 is July 31st. If one's income before deductions is Rs 2.5 lakh, he should submit returns. The limitation for the same to the senior citizen is Rs 3,00,000 and it is Rs 5,00,000 for the super senior citizen. Those who demand refund for being paid excess tax, also should submit returns even if their income does not come under the purview of tax. Housing loan payers also need submit returns although their income is lesser than that of taxable.
Despite the existence of traditional paper filing facility for submission of IT returns this e-filing is more convenient and easier. Also it is mandatory for the people with taxable income more than Rs 5 lakh to submit returns. e-filing is not possible for people who don't have PAN card.

Is Aadhar mandatory for Income Tax returns?

The present Aadhar holders should link PAN number with Aadhar for submission of IT returns. Others (people not having Aaadhar ) need not do this and their PAN card will not become invalid. In the case of difference in name in Aadhar and PAN card , linking is possible only after correction. A detailed post on how to link Aadhar was published early. Link is available in the close of this section. It should be assured before e-filing whether the form 16 downloaded from TRACES is available from the disbursing officer and confirm the entire tax amount deducted from salary has been credited to IT department is mentioned in Part A of Form 16 as well.

Requisites for Income Tax e-filing

An e-mail account
Mobile number
Form 16 issued by disbursing officer
Bank account number and IFSC code

With these, we can register in the e-filing website of IT department. Those who have already submitted returns can log in by entering their username and password and proceed to next step.

Things to Remember

Income tax returns e-filing facility for the financial year 2017- 2018 or the assessment year 2018 – 2019 is operative in income tax site. Unlike previous year, certain things are changed in the e-filing process.
The things to remember while submitting income tax returns of the financial year 2017 -2018 online are given below.

Returns verification code (EVC) is usually generated towards the end. But there is a difference this year that it has to be generated when you start doing e-filing. The options for generating EVC also are not similar to that of previous years. Open the PDF file below for details.

10E relief has been claimed by many of those who have got their pay revision arrear. They have to submit 10 E form online at first to file ITR. Watch the below video for submitting 10E relief online.

The interest for bank deposits (mainly fixed deposits ) must be included in the income. If not, they would get notice because the bank might report the interest amount sanctioned, to the income tax department not considering whether the bank has collected the tax amount or not. To know the interest amount reported by the bank, log into the income tax portal to download 26 AS and check it. The PDF help file "How to verify 26 AS" is given here.

When income like fixed deposit interest is left out by us in tax calculation and the same is added later, the amount paid towards tax may become insufficient. Under such conditions, we will have to remit tax directly. Lack of knowledge on this may cause many difficulties. If we have any of the internet facilities like internet banking, debit card (ATM card) etc, such kind of taxes can be paid easily by us and there is no need to visit banks. Go through the PDF file given below to know how to pay taxes online by using the above facilities.

Those whose have contributed for Okhi relief fund, should enter details in 80 G tab.
Name of Donee: Chief Minister Distress Relief Fund
Address: Government of Kerala
District: Thiruvananthapuram
State: Kerala
Pin Code: 695001
PAN of Donee: AAAGD0584M
Amount of Donation:(Type the amount donated)

Remember to ask for form 16 downloaded from TRACES from your disbursing officer before e-filing returns. Only after filing TDS of 4th quarter, e-filing can be done. May 30th is the last date to file 4th quarter of TDS. Hence you may have to wait till then for updation of your tax details. For more details, download the given below PDF file and try filing returns after reading it.

The Income Tax e-filing tutorial in PDF form portraying how to calculate IT and submit returns for the financial year 2017-2018 can be downloaded from here. All the steps of e-filing process from the beginning of entering into e-filing website of IT department to submission of returns are illustrated with screen shots by the connoisseur in this domain, Sri.Alrahiman. Doubts can be forwarded as comments.
Income Tax E-filing
E-filing of Income Tax Returns 2018-19 by Alrahiman: PDF Tutorial | Video Tutorial
Income Tax E filing Portal
How to Link Aadhar to PAN Card
Pay Income Tax online-Tutorial
How to download Form 26AS(PDF Help File)
How to Download Form 16 from Traces(PDF Help File)

How to Register in MEDISEP(Medical Insurance for State Employees and Pensioners) Portal ?

Thursday, July 5, 2018 / 1 Comment
The finance department has opened a portal , MEDISEP for the govt employees and pensioners to become member of the Health Insurance scheme. All govt employees, aided school and college teachers and pensioners of the state can register through the portal. Last date for registration is 16th August 2018.

Firstly, all employees should register in the MEDISEP portal. For this, click ‘employee’ button in registration menu. 

After entering PEN number and date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format, click ‘continue’ button. 
Now the mobile number can be seen here. If any change in mobile number Click the link, ‘edit mobile number’ and give the new number. Then click ‘continue’.

Now an OTP would be sent to the mobile number. Enter the OTP here and click log in. 

All details can be seen here now. To see the details in SPARK, click spark / treasury info. 

To update the changes in the details seen, click ‘yes’ against ‘Do you want to edit details?’. Changes can be done now. If there are no changes in the details, click ‘No’ button and proceed. 

Click ‘save’ button below to save the changes and click ‘proceed’ button. 
Then complete the section – add / edit dependent. In the case of life partner, it should be added as the first dependent. Then add children and parents. 

Then save details and proceed.
The given details can be seen in the declaration page that follows. Click, ‘ I agree’ after reading the self declaration. Then click ‘submit’. To download report, click acknowledgement.

For help file, video tutorial regarding how to register in finance department MEDISEP portal to become member of Health Insurance Scheme, click the link to download.

How to Register in MEDISEP-Video Tutorial