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Biodiversity Reporting Programme for School Teachers

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 / No Comments
Kerala is a fertile land with its very rare species of animals and creatures and herbal plants and grains and it is one of the places for it prominence of biodiversity. The unscientific developmental methods and deforestation affect greatly the biological assets of our country. Moreover, the biodiversity around us is largely destructed due to natural disasters. The onslaughts of it not only affect the human beings but also the biodiversity and ecosystem directly as well as indirectly. 

The healthy ecosystem would survive the natural disasters. Likewise, it enables the existence and livelihood of human beings along with this. Rehabilitation of such changing ecosystem, its protection and misuse etc have to be done by the coming generation. It is the duty of the students to take over the responsibility of the activities for the protection of biodiversity along with their studies. 

Here the role of the teachers is significant to make them active participants. Even though the environmental destruction is happening due to unscientific developmental activities in one side, the rehabilitation of environment friendly ecosystem and safety models of biodiversity (natural and man made) regionally are still prevalent in villages and other places. 

Similarly, we are the beneficiaries of this. But we never try to learn or understand or revive it. Under these circumstances, Kerala State Biodiversity Board is organising a science essay competition for teachers of all sections including Higher Secondary to report models on regional biodiversity protection methods and activities. 

The instructions for the competition and the proforma are attached here. 
Science essay should be typed either in English ( Times New Roman ) or Malayalam ( M- Karthika)
It should not be more than 2000 words ( A4 size paper 5 pages)
Font size 12 and spacing 1.5
Two images or pictures must be attached with the essay.
Entries should be original. It should not have been published previously or copied.
Each essay should be authored by only one person.
Printout of the essay be sent by post and the soft copy in PDF format be mailed to​. 

The details about the essay writing be entered in the attached proforma. It should not be entered anywhere in the essay. Model activities included region's local self government institution name and president or secretary name be written. Selected entries will be published in book format and the entries will be published in ksbb website too.  Last date for submitting entries is 10th November 2019

The best models will be awarded at the district and state level. Entries along with the filled proforma be sent by post to the

Member Secretary, 
Kerala State Biodiversity Board, 
Bell Havel Garden, 
Thiruvananthapuram 695003. 
For more details, contact Dr. Suresh.T. A, Assistant Programme Coordinator 9447978921
Biodiversity Reporting Programme for School Teachers-Guidelines
Biodiversity Reporting Programme for School Teachers-Proforma

Use of mobile phone banned in schools

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The mobile phone, one of the modern social media has a tremendous influence in the society. The same gadget used early for very limited purposes is now being used for several matters. It has been seen that, it is used increasingly for undesirable purposes nowadays and the use of mobile phones has become a menace in the school atmosphere. 

As per a government circular in 2005, the students were restricted to use mobile phones in educational institutions. Still it has been found that its use has increased considerably. Besides the teachers were also directed against its use in classrooms. The ethics committee has given the power to the head of the institution to take action against such teachers and children as well. 

What action can be taken against those Students/Teachers who bring mobile phones to classrooms? 

As per the Government order and directions in 2005, if mobile phones are found among the students in schools it can be taken away from them and can be kept for auction and such money can be an accumulation for PTA fund. The heads of the educational institutions have been assigned the responsibility for this. The various Government orders and circulars regarding banning of mobile phones in educational institutions can be downloaded from the link below.
Mobile phone banned in Schools-Guidelines. Circular No.49827/G3/09/Gen.Edn dtd 29-04-2010
Use of mobile phone banned in school. Circular No.ACD.C4/101721/18/HSE dtd 25-01-2018

Higher Secondary Mathematics Lab Manual, Guidelines, Model Question Paper

Monday, October 21, 2019 / 7 Comments
The syllabus for the Higher Secondary Mathematics has been revised by including practical. There would be practical periods every week along with practical exam in the end of the year like other Science subjects. Mathematics practical will become a reality from the academic year 2019-20 from first year(Plus One) classes.

It has been recommended early by the Curriculum Sub Committee to install IT and Mathematics labs and to conduct practicals. The recommendations, approaching document prepared by the SCERT and an order recognized by the government have been published. It has been directed to allot two continuous periods each week for Maths practical. A minimum of 8 and 16 lab work should be conducted for Plus One and Plus Two students respectively each year. The practical exam would be of 2 hours duration with questions for 40 marks. Accordingly, the valuation system that prevails now may change.

The order states that there is no need to install labs for Mathematics separately. Instead IT labs can be used. To make arrangements in lab in all schools, Hi-tech School project, Plan fund, self fund, people fund etc can be used. At present, other Science subjects have practical exam and lab activity is part of valuation.

The entire free softwares required for this like, Geogebra, Python, Libre office, Samagra Portal would be available free of cost by the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE).

Mathematics Lab-General Instructions for First year students

For the first year, there are 16 labs from the class 11 text book, out of which 8 are to be done.
Each lab consists of 2 or 3 Activities and some additional activities. Additional Activities are optional.
Step by step explanation is given in the manual for each Activity.
Separate markings are given for those steps which are to be written in the observation book.
Each student has to keep an observation book, which is to be examined and rectified by the teacher.
An online platform is also set ready for recording the findings and inferences of the student.

Mathematics score would be like this 

YearTheory ExamCEPE
First Year(Plus One)6020-
Second Year(Plus Two)602040
(Lab Activities: 32,Viva:4,Record Work:4)

It has been aimed to transact all subjects with the help of educational technology. KITE would make arrangements for excellent softwares for this and to impart training to all teachers. 
Scheme for Mathematics lab, model activities etc would be updated here as and when it is made available.
Higher Secondary Mathematics Lab-First Year(Plus one) Experiments
Basic concepts of Geogebra
XI Maths Lab 1: Value of Functions
XI Maths Lab 2: Shifting of Graphs
XI Maths Lab 3: Domain & Range
XI Maths Lab 4: Trigonometric Functions
XI Maths Lab 5: Trigonometric Identities
XI Maths Lab 6: Solutions of Trigonometric Equations
XI Maths Lab 7: Shifting and scaling of Trigonometric Functions
XI Maths Lab 8: Straight Lines
XI Maths Lab 9: Conic Sections
XI Maths Lab 10: Circle & Parabola
XI Maths Lab 11: Ellipse & Hyperbola
XI Maths Lab 12: Basics of 3D
XI Maths Lab 13: Limits
XI Maths Lab 14: Derivative at a Point
XI Maths Lab 15: Derivative of a Function
XI Maths Lab 16: Miscellaneous(Complex numbers,Sequences & Series, Linear inequalities)
XI Maths Lab Manual(Full Text)
Higher Secondary Maths Lab-Video Tutorial
Wait for Video tutorial of Higher secondary mathematics Lab Activities
Higher Secondary Maths Lab-Govt Order & Circular
Higher Secondary Maths Lab-implementation circular dtd 17.10.2019
Higher Secondary Maths Lab-GO No.522/2019/Gen.Edn dtd 08.02.2019

Higher Secondary Plus Two Chemistry Practical Exam Scheme & Question Paper

Sunday, October 20, 2019 / 12 Comments
Higher Secondary Second year(Plus Two) Practical Chemistry is revised from 2016-17 batch onwards. The introduction of Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry experiments and new type of Volumetric Analysis are some changes. Here we publish the Organic chemistry Functional group Analysis Scheme, Some volumetric estimations - Principle and Procedure, Scheme of salt analysis (in simplified form), Plus Two Chemistry Practical Scheme and Model Question Paper. We hope it may be helpful to students.
Scheme by Anil Kumar K L
Scheme for Identification of Functional Group in an Organic Compound
Reactions of Some Common Organic Functional Groups
Systematic Analysis of Simple Salts
Volumetric Analysis
Systematic Organic Analysis (Micro Scale) by Jijish Elias,Desabandhu HSS,Thachanpara
Scheme by Jacob Johns
Scheme for Plus Two Chemistry- Salt Analysis(English)
Scheme for Plus Two Chemistry- Salt Analysis(Malayalam)
Related Downloads
Chemistry Practical Scheme and Model Question Paper
Higher Secondary Practical Scheme and Question Paper(All Subjects)

Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Manual and Results

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 / 138 Comments
Update: School Sasthrolsavam Result: Sub-district Result | District Result
The Kerala School Science,Maths, Social science,Work experience and IT fair (Sasthramela)  is aimed at kindling the different talents of students from primary level to higher secondary level and nurturing their skills.

The fair also aims at finding out the inborn abilities of children and encouraging them to strengthen it and imparting training to practice in daily life.

The competitions are at school level, sub-district, revenue district and state level. The first two place winners at sub district level can participate in the revenue district level and the first two winners at the revenue district level would become eligible to participate in the state level.

School Sasthrolsavam Manual Revised
The manual for Maths, Social Science, Work experience, IT fair for the LP to Higher Secondary students of the state has been revised. As per the norms in the revised manual, the competitions for the LP and UP sections would culminate at Sub District level whereas the competitions for High School And Higher Secondary sections would come to close at state level. The number of items that each section can participate in each fair is as given below.

Science fair:
LP section - 3 items
UP, High school and HSS section - 4 items

Maths fair
LP section - 5 items
UP section - 6 items
High school and HSS - 12 items

Social Science fair
LP section - 2 items
UP section - 4 items
High school and HSS - 6 items

Work Experience
LP and UP section - 21 items
High school and HSS - 27 items

IT Mela
UP section - 3 items
High school and HSS - 7 items

The directions for judgments are also made rigorous in the new manual. The judges of sub district level cannot retain the same position for the same item at the district level. This rule is applicable to the state level also. Also only two contestants should be there from the Sub district to the district level and from the district to the state level. If any student is given appeal by the court or the appealing authority, the qualified students' performance would be assessed a along with this so as to to eliminate one of them and the other two contestants would take part in the next level. The direction has also been given for video recording of the events from the sub district level.

Valuation Guidelines
Those who score 80% of marks or more in an item in the fair would be considered A grade and they would get 5 points and 30 marks as grace marks. 70 % - 79% scorers would be given B grade with 3 points and 24 marks would be awarded as grace marks. C grade with one point would be given to those getting 60% -659% and 18 marks would be awarded as grace marks.

Appeal Steps
If the contestant has a complaint in any of the contest results, he/she can give appeal to review the results. Appeal fee is Rs. 500 at sub district level and Rs.1500 at district level and Rs.2000 at state level. A sample application form for submitting appeal is given below.

Theme and Sub Theme for Kerala School Sasthramela
Science fair is organized in all states and Union Territories according to the subject and guidelines of the NCERT. The theme and sub theme of the science fair for the year 2019-20 can be downloaded from the link given below.

General Instructions for Kerala School Sasthramela
The students of LP / UP / HS / HSS / VHSS can participate in any one of the items only in Science, Maths, Social Science, Work Experience and IT fair. But it is not applicable for Quiz items. The participants in the fair should not wear school uniform.

Various circulars published in connection with Science fair, Science fair manual,Results, Schedules etc are available in the link below.
Sasthrolsavam Manual
School Sasthrolsavam Manual 2019(Revised)
Sasthrolsavam Circular
School Sasthrolsavam IT Mela -IT Quiz Postponed. Circular dtd 21.10.2019
School Sasthrolsavam IT Mela -Guidelines for conducting IT Quiz. Circular dtd 27.09.2019
School Sasthrolsavam 2019-20-IT Mela  theme. Circular dtd 19.09.2019
School Sasthrolsavam 2019-20 Guidelines, themes and sub themes. Circular dtd 17.07.2019
School Sasthrolsavam 2019-20 Schedule and themes. Circular dtd 30.08.2019
Sasthrolsavam - Forms
Sasthramela Appeal Form
Sasthramela ID Card
Maths Quiz 2012 | 2013 | 2015 | 2016 |
Science Quiz 2014 | 2015
IT Mela IT Quiz Questions 2010-2019
IT Mela-Tupi Tube Animation(Sample Work)
IT Mela-Scratch Programming(Sample Work)
IT Mela-Malayalam Typing Competition-Software and Guidelines
Result Link
Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Result(District)
Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Result(Sub district)
Portal Link
Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Portal

Kerala PSC Exam Manager Software & Guidelines

Friday, October 11, 2019 / 15 Comments
A free Software developed by T.M.S Noufal, Govt HSS, Thirurangadi, Malappuram,Afsal K, Govt HSS,Sivapuram,Kozhikkode and Mujeeb Rahiman C, Govt HSS, Marayamangalam, Palakkad for school offices for conducting Kerala PSC Exams . It generates automatic Seating arrangement reports, Acquittance, Notice Board Preparations, Room label, Desk label, Attendance, Voucher and other forms. We request you to make use of this software products and give your valuable suggestions and feedback for the enrichment of these free products.
PSC Examination Manager for Schools Ver 1.9 by T.M.S Noufal (Ms-Excel,Last updated on 11.10.2019)
PSC Examination Manager Ver 19.10.3 for Schools by Mujeeb Rahiman (Ms-Access,Last updated on 18.10.2019)
PSC Desk Label Printer by Afsal.K (Ms-Access)
Related Downloads
Kerala PSC Exam : Instructions to Chief Superintendent
Kerala PSC Exam : Instructions to Assistant Superintendent
Kerala PSC Exam : Guidelines to HSS Schools G.O No. 2647/2012/ Gen.Edn dtd 08.06.12
Kerala PSC Exam : Guidelines to Invigilators. circular dtd 06.01.2012

Malayalam Typing Competition of Kerala School IT Mela- Software and Guidelines

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 / 1 Comment
The Malayalam typing competition of School IT fair 2019 will have certain innovative things. Till this day, only the typing speed was tested. But from this year, layouting will also become a part of the competition for the High School And Higher Secondary sections. The modified software prepared for this can be downloaded from the link below. Those who complete 60 percentage of the given paragraph at the least, need only participate in the next phase, layout. The section to be included for the competition will be typed in Malayalam and kept in the typespeed.txt file in Data folder. 

For a new paragaraph, this needs to be changed. Save the file from the link below and extract it. In the folder available, right click the file and give permission and double click and Enter 'Run in Terminal'. Then the window below would be available. Give name, register number and password (give pass as password) and press ok. 

The section to be typed will be available in the box above. Typing be done in the box below. After entering password, do remember to change the language to Malayalam. If typed incorrectly it will not
be possible to go forward. Thus typing be completed within the time specified as it can't be done if the time exceeds and 'Your Time is over' message in the box will be seen. Final CPM (character per minute ), Accuracy, WPM (words per minute), percentage completed extra would be available. If 'OK' is clicked in the window, an Odt file with register number will be saved on the desktop which is used for layout in the next phase. If clicked in the order as File -> Export score, this result will be exported in the Home folder and would be available as a CSV file. The necessary images/pictures can be added for 'lay out' competition. 

The duration for the 1st phase typing is 15 minutes. The students can be selected with the help of the software for the next level. It is also of 15 minutes duration. Once these two levels are completed, the winner can be selected. 

The method adopted for imprinting Halants (chillaksharam) early is not used now. 

The conduct of the competition and participation in it here be done with atomic halants (aanavachillukal ). While doing Malayalam typewriting in new Ubuntu 18.04 how to use aanavachillukal to type chillaksharangal is given below.
Malayalam Typing Software for IT Mela(Kerala School Sasthramela)
Help file - Malayalam Typing Software for IT Mela(Kerala School Sasthramela)
School Sasthramela Manual & Guidelines