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Higher Secondary Lab Assistants-Duties and responsibilities

Friday, October 19, 2018 / No Comments
For the smooth and proper running of the Higher secondary schools the lab assistants and supernumerary lab assistants have been assigned with certain duties.

The lab assistants should be present in school during the office hours from 9 a.m to 4:45 p.m. The proper maintenance and arrangement of the equipments and lab apparatus like preparation of chemical solutions, storing it in containers, washing burettes, apparatus and other glass wares, ensuring all gas connections,closing of water outlets, taps etc are his duty.

In the Botany lab, proper cleaning of microscopes, slides, cover slips etc, setting up of physiology experiments, collecting biology specimen of flowers, stems, cutting roots, modified parts of flowers are his works.He should take care of preserving microcosm specimens and proper disposal of unwanted materials.

The maintenance of zoology lab is his responsibility.Specimens from animal house,preparation of specimen like cockroach and distributing to students, arrangement of trays, tables,cleaning after use should be done by the lab attenders.

He should make things like water, kerosene,oil etc available to students in physics lab.
It is the duty of the lab attenders to assist in lab works as directed by the teachers in charge of the practical subjects.The supernumerary lab assistants can be assigned with clerical, laboratory and other such works except sweeping and menial jobs as required by the principals of the institutions.
Lab assistants service regularised.  GO(MS) No. 146/2018/Gen.Edn dtd 08.10.2018
Compensatory leave for Lab assistants and census duty-circular dtd 23.01.2016
Lab assistants-Test exemption GO(Ms) No.194/2015 gen edn dtd 20.07.2015
Declaration of probation of Lab Assistants in Higher Secondary Schools. Clarification Circular dtd 26.12.2014
Declaration of probation of Lab Assistants in Higher Secondary Schools. GO(Rt) No.5567/14/Gen.Edn dtd 15.12.2014
Lab assistants and menial works-clarification dtd 07.07.2014
Duty of supernumerary lab assistants-Circular No.56072/T1/2005/G.Edn. dtd 22.12.2005

How to Process Pay Revision Arrears in Spark

Sunday, October 14, 2018 / 1 Comment

Processing Fourth Installment of Pay Revision Arrears

The fourth installment of Pay Revision  Arrear amount along with interest rate 7.6% per annum for the period from 01-04-2018 to 30-09-2018 will be paid in cash to the state govt employees. The fourth installment of Pay revision arrear bill preparation steps are discussed in the following PDF file.
Tutorial to Process 4th installment of Pay revision Arrears in Spark(PDF)

Processing Third Installment of Pay Revision Arrears

The arrears on account of pay revision for the period from 01.07.2014 to 31.01.2016 will be paid in cash in four equal installments. The option for processing the 3rd installment of Pay Revision arrears in accordance with GO(P) No.50/2018/Fin Dated 26.03.2016 has been enabled in SPARK Software.

Before processing the 3rd installment arrear, DDOs are instructed to read the circular Circular No 34/2018/Fin dated 23.04.2018.(Click here to read the circular).

The steps to be followed in SPARK for generating third installment of Pay revision arrear is given below.

Step 1: Confirm Encashment Details

Before Processing the third Installment, confirm the Treasury encashment details of the second installment of pay revision arrear bill. (Select Salary matters-> Encashment Details -Select SPARK code of the first installment Pay Revision Arrear Bill,but in the case of reprocessed bills you should select reprocessed bill).
Draft bill option is not available for 3rd installment of pay revision arrears.The user may proceed with Make bill option for the 3rd installment.

Step 2: Make the 3rd installment Pay revision Arrear Bill

For generating the 3rd installment bill, Click on Accounts->Make Bill from Pay Roll option. Bill will be listed in  Make Bill from Pay roll option for doing make bill, Click on Make bill button and then you may able to view the links for generating the Bills and Schedules in the Make bill from Pay Roll option.

Step 3:Generate Pay Revision Arrear Bill

After make bill option, click Salary Matters->Pay revision 2014->Pay revision arrear->Pay revision Arrear Bill. Take print out of the bill(Third Installment).

Step 4: E submit Bill

Go to Accounts ->Select Bills->Click the option E-submit Bill

Step 5: View bill status

To view the bill status, go to Accounts->Bills->View submitted Pay bills
If the bill status seen as treasury objected, then this bill can be cancelled through the option Accounts->Cancel bill

The help file for processing 3rd installment of Pay Revision Arrear(PDF), Circulars etc can be downloaded from the following links.
Tutorial to Process 3rd installment of Pay revision Arrears in Spark(PDF)
Certificate to be submitted by DDO for processing salary from May 2018
Pay Revision 2014- Arrears-3rd Installment-Circular No 34/2018/Fin dated 23.04.2018
Payment of third installment of Pay revision arrears-GO(P) No.50/2018/fin dtd 26.03.2018

Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Manual and Results

Saturday, October 13, 2018 / 120 Comments
The Kerala School Science,Maths, Social science and IT fair (Sasthramela)  is aimed at kindling the different talents of students from primary level to higher secondary level and nurturing their skills.

The fair also aims at finding out the inborn abilities of children and encouraging them to strengthen it and imparting training to practice in daily life.

The competitions are at school level, sub-district, revenue district and state level. The first two place winners at sub district level can participate in the revenue district level and the first two winners at the revenue district level would become eligible to participate in the state level.

Valuation Guidelines
Those who score 70% of marks or more in an item in the fair would be considered A grade and they would get 5 points and 30 marks as grace marks. 60 % - 69% scorers would be given B grade with 3 points and 24 marks would be awarded as grace marks. C grade with one point would be given to those getting 50% -59% and 18 marks would be awarded as grace marks.

Appeal Steps
If the contestant has a complaint in any of the contest results, he / she can give appeal to review the results. Appeal fee is Rs. 1000 / - at sub district level and Rs.1500 / at district level and Rs.2000/- at state level. A sample application form for submitting appeal is given below.

Theme and Sub Theme for Kerala School Sasthramela
Science fair is organized in all states and Union Territories according to the subject and guidelines of the NCERT. The theme and sub theme of the science fair for the year 2018-19 can be downloaded from the link given below.

General Instructions for Kerala School Sasthramela
The students of LP / UP / HS / HSS / VHSS can participate in any one of the items only in Science, Maths, Social Science, Work Experience and IT fair. But it is not applicable for Quiz items. The participants in the fair should not wear school uniform.

Various circulars published in connection with Science fair, Science fair manual,Results, Schedules etc are available in the link below.
Sasthrolsavam 2018-19
School Sasthrolsavam 2018-19. Work experience mela- guidelines dtd 10.10.2018
School Sasthrolsavam 2018-19. Quiz,Talent Search schedule dtd 17.10.2018
School IT Mela 2018-19. Guidelines.Circular dtd 11.10.2018
School Sasthramela 2018-19. Guidelines.Circular dtd 27.09.2018
School Sasthramela 2018-19. Guidelines,Themes and Sub Themes. Circular dtd 02.08.2018
Related Downloads
IT Mela State level competition. Circular dtd 15.11.2017
IT Mela Manual and Guidelines 2017. Circular dtd 19.09.2017
Kerala School Sasthramela Manual 2009
Modified Sasthramela Manual 2012. Circular dtd 18.10.2012
Sasthramela Appeal Fees (Modified) Guidelines dtd 23.11.13
Preparation of Models & Exhibits Guidelines dtd 07.10.2013
Kerala State School Mela-Fund Distribution.Circular No,ACD/SPC3/45936/2016/HSE dtd 23.10.2017
Sasthramela Appeal Form
Sasthramela Appeal-Guidelines
Maths Quiz 2012 | 2013 | 2015 | 2016 |
Science Quiz 2014 | 2015
IT Mela IT Quiz Questions 2010-2017
Portal Link
Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Portal

Guidelines on School Study Tours

Friday, October 12, 2018 / 45 Comments
It is very common to organize educational tours amidst the course of study considering the educational significance and purpose as it breaks the monotony of learning and refresh the students to indulge in their curricular activities with new vigor to trigger their knowledge. Its impact on learning experiences is so good that it has become a need and a part of the course. The certain things to be remembered while organizing study tours have been given in detail through different circulars by the General Education Department and Directorate of Higher Secondary Education.

Study Tour Planning and Schedule
In higher secondary schools study tours should be conducted in the month of October, November or December. It should be planned in such period that it should not affect the exams, fairs and working days.

How to Organize School Study Tours
The place selected for study tour, stay, travelling days and programme etc should be decided after a discussion with the PTA executive committee. Also the minutes of the PTA executive committee meeting regarding the study tour should be kept safely. Study tours can not be allowed without the consent of the PTA.

To get Permission for Study Tour
Even though, the PTA executive committee gives consent to organize the same, the relevant documents should be submitted to the Regional Deputy Director(RDD) seeking permission for the tour in the higher secondary level. Given below are the documents to be produced with regard to this

1.Copy of the PTA minutes / report
2.Itinerary of the journey specifying the time of arrival, stay and departure of all days
3.Undertaking of the Principal stating that tour is being conducted meeting all the requirements specified in the circulars.
4.The list of students.
5.Name and contact number of escorting teachers.

It should be done before the schedule of the tour to obtain permission from the RDD.

Teacher Representatives
The presence of a teacher is must in the ratio of 1:15, and it should be a male teacher for boys and female teacher for girls. There should be a change in the accompanying teachers. The inclusion of family members of principal or teachers for the trip, must be avoided. Whereas the the PTA representatives can take part if they are willing. The principal or the tour convener ought to submit the report of the tour conducted, to the RDD within a week after the trip. The feed back / opinion of the teachers and students be included in it. It should be ensured that there has been decent behavior from teachers and students as well.

Instructions to Students
The consent letter from the parents of students who are willing to participate in the study tour must be collected. The itinerary, accompanying teachers’ mobile number etc be given to the parents. Likewise, the parents are also required to give their contact number to the tour convenor. Students must not be allowed to use mobiles during such trips. They should be enforced to refrain from vulgar/ indecent way of dressing, talking and unnecessary photo clicks. If the students don’t conduce to make a good and comfortable journey, the school authorities can take action against them like issuing T.C etc.

Instruction to Schools
The teachers accompanying the students in the trip should keep a copy of the list of study tour participants. For the safe and smooth journey, food and stay facilities, sight seeing spots etc should be planned and booked early. First aid and other necessary medicines be ready with them. The health condition of students have to be confirmed whether he / she is fit for the journey. Only healthy food and drinks are preferred. Travel between 9p.m to 6 a.m should be avoided. The tours be affordable to even the economically backward students. The details of travel expenses should be made known to the tour participants and the teachers and their consent is also needed. After the trip, safe reaching of the students to their home should be confirmed.

Number of Tours Allowed in an Academic Year
In the case of higher secondary schools with more batches or students, the tours can be arranged either batch wise or class wise. It is the responsibility of the principal of the institution and the PTA to plan and arrange it accordingly. Consent of the RDD is a must.

For field trips related to CE activities, the principal can grant permission. An undertaking from the teacher concerned has to be given. Such field trips arranged as part of curricular activities would be a short trip, setting out in the morning and getting back in the evening of the day itself. It would be a mere field trip.

Orders, circulars in connection with school study tours published at different times by the General Education Department and the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education, can be downloaded from the link.
Orders and Circulars in Connection with School Study Tours
School Study Tour : Instructions from DHSE dtd 12.10.2018
School Study Tour : Guidelines from RDD TVM dtd 15.10.2015
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DHSE dtd 15.11.2012
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DHSE dtd 28.04.2012
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DPI dtd 27.12.2013
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DPI dtd 02.03.2007
Reimbursement of Study tour expenses of SC Students-guidelines
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Nature Camp for School Students by Forest Department
Utilizing KTDC Buses for School Tours. Circular dtd 19.07.2018

General Transfer of Higher Secondary School Teachers

Update: Higher Secondary general transfer 2018-19: Draft list published. Download Transfer List(draft) | Circular

Higher Secondary General Transfer 2018-19

The Department of Higher Secondary Education(DHSE) has issued norms and notification for transfers and posting of  Higher Secondary Teachers for the academic year 2018-19. The DHSE has invited online application for general transfer 2018-19.Teachers will be able to submit online application till 5PM on March 31,2018. The Transfer process of Higher Secondary Teachers and Govt employees in all departments will be carried out online.

General Transfer Norms for Higher Secondary Teachers

General Transfer norms for Govt Higher Secondary School teachers have been revised. Teachers, on completion of 3 years service on August 31st of the year only are eligible to apply for transfer. 

Higher Secondary service period only will be considered for transfer procedure. One year service in Kasargode, Wayanad, Palakkad, Idukki districts, remote areas and hill stations in other districts will be taken into account as one and half year service. All Higher Secondary school teachers should select one home station for transfer. Change of home station can be done once. 

Schedule for Higher Secondary General Transfer 2018-19

Click the below link to download for Govt order on General Transfer norms for Govt Higher Secondary School Teachers. As per this order,2018-19 transfer process schedule is as given below-
Submission of application: 14-03-2018 to 31-08-2018
Probability list publication: 04-06-2018
Submission of complaints: Not Available
Transfer Order: Not Available
Higher Secondary Transfer 2018-19
General transfer of Higher Secondary School Teachers 2018-19: Draft list | Circular dtd 12.10.2018
General transfer of Higher Secondary School Teachers - KAT Judgement-Govt Order GO(P) No. 138/2018 Gen.Edn dtd 03.10.2018
General transfer of Higher Secondary School Teachers - Notification and Circular dtd 09.03.2018
Online Portal for Higher Secondary General Transfer
Related Downloads
General transfer of higher secondary school teachers - criteria and guidelines -order amended -orders issued G.O(P)No.01-G.Edn dtd 09-02-2018
General Transfer Norms for Higher Secondary School Teachers amended. GO (P) No. 10/2017/Gen Edn dtd 15-05-2017
General Transfer Norms for Higher Secondary School Teachers. GO (P) No. 06/2017/Gen Edn dtd 03-04-2017
General Transfer Norms,Application form and Notification for Higher Secondary School Principals.
Transfer list of Govt Higher Secondary School Principals published. Download GO(Rt) No. 1937/2018/Gen.Edn dtd 25-05-2018

Transfer Norms of Govt Employees

The notable aspect of the transfer norms is the stipulation fixing a three-year term for posting and transfer. All departments will have to prepare a priority list every year on the basis of this order. The transfers will be carried out from this list. The transfers will made following the queue system from the list.

All departments will now have to make general transfer in the months of April and May. In the case of schools,the transfers can be carried out in July or August.
The government order also lists out the grounds for compassionate transfers. The compassionate transfers will be examined after a period of one year. However,the government can transfer any employee in public interest if it is found necessary. Click the below link for downloading New General Transfer Norms of Govt Employees G.O(P)No.3-2017-P&ARD dtd 25.02.2017
Previous Circular/GOs
General Transfer Norms of Govt Employees. G.O(P)No.3-2017-P&ARD dtd 25.02.2017
General Education Department- Alappuzha district- Perumbalam dweep school included in remote area list- approved-orders issued G.O(Ms)No.92-2017-G.Edn dtd 09.08.2017
Higher Secondary General Transfer Norms for Higher Secondary School Teachers.-Draft published on 21.10.2016.
Higher Secondary Education-Modified General Transfer Norms for Higher Secondary School Teachers. GO.(p)No.143/2015/G.Edn Dated ,Thiruvananthapuram, 27.05.2015
Download Higher Secondary Education-Transfer of Higher Secondary School Teachers-guideline-amended-orders issued Go.(p)No.37/2015/G.Edn Dated ,Thiruvananthapuram, 06.02.2015
Download Higher Secondary Education-Transfer of Higher Secondary School Teachers-guideline-amended-orders issued Go.(p)No.37/2015/G.Edn Dated ,Thiruvananthapuram, 06.02.2015
Higher Secondary Education - General Transfer Norms GO (P) No. 193 / 2014 / Gen.Edn dtd 22.09.2014.
Higher Secondary General Transfer Norms. G.O No.GO(P).No.115/09 Gen.Edn dtd 27.05.2009
Hand Book
Handbook on important orders circulars on general transfer of State Govt Employees upto 31.12.2014

In-service Training for Higher Secondary Teachers' Empowerment

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An in-service training programme for the Higher Secondary teachers has been planned to be conducted in collaboration with the higher education and research centres. It aims to empower the teachers to strengthen higher secondary education by providing excellent and quality academic experience. It is a full time residential course with workshop. Various activities like research programmes, guest lectures, discussions, debates, lab and library activities, field trips, entertainment programmes, presentations have been included in the teacher transformation programme to update and up skill the teachers for adopting effective strategies and thereby ensure quality education to our students.


The well known colleges in the state with PG study centres are chosen as learning centres. The trainees would be getting privileges like utilization of library, laboratory and multimedia facility in higher education centres and research institutions. 
BiologyUniversity College  Trivandrum, Maharajas College Ernakulam, Govt Victoria College Palakkad
PhysicsUniversity College Trivandrum, Govt College Madappaly
Political ScienceMaharajas College Ernakulam
ChemistryGovt Sanskrit College Pattambi, Govt college for women Trivandrum 
MalayalamGovt Sanskrit College Pattambi, Govt Brennen College Thalasseri
MathematicsGovt College Chittoor, P.M Govt College Chalakkudi
HistoryGovt College Nedumangad, Govt Arts & Science College Kozhikkodu
CommerceGovt Brennen College Thalasseri, Govt College for Women Trivandrum
EconomicsGovt College Kasargod
EnglishGovt College Thrippunithara
All teachers in the state must have completed the course in a certain period of time. The selected 40 teachers in each subject will be admitted in centres allotted for each subject. The course is organized this year for subjects like Malayalam, English, Mathematics, Physics, chemistry, Biology, History, Economics, Political Science and Commerce.

After successful completion of the training, a course certificate which can be used for various academic purposes, will be given to the teachers. The selected teachers would be provided with TA, DA, food and accommodation. Apart from the numerous facilities like lab, library in colleges, field trips are also planned in the 10 day long in-service training programme. The training participants would have the advantage of having interaction with teachers, students, research persons, technocrats etc.

How to Apply

The last date to apply for the in-service training programme this year is October 20th 2018. The teachers can apply online for this course scheduled to begin from November 16th. The applicants should visit the home page of the web site and click the tab  HSSTPP to apply online and it should be submitted to the Principal. The principal should forward the applications to the Directorate on or before 20th of October 2018, 5 p.m. Apply Now
In-service Training for Higher Secondary Teachers Empowerment-Circular dtd 10.10.2018
In-service Training for Higher Secondary Teachers Empowerment-Online Application Link

Chief Minister Distress Relief Fund and Income Tax returns

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 / No Comments
As part of the grave floods that devastated the major parts of our state, the govt employees might have contributed a huge sum of money in person or through salary challenge. Since such amount paid towards relief fund is eligible for tax deduction, the tax amount to be paid has to be revised. Or, the same rate of tax deduction would lead to excess amount towards tax. Many have doubts regarding this. It is made clear here.

Q.At the time of filing income tax returns, where should the contribution towards CMDRF be entered?

The amount paid towards CMDRF is deducted from taxable income, not from tax amount. While submitting income tax returns, it should be deducted under section 80G. The total amount paid towards CMDRF till February 2019 only should be deducted for this financial year. The contribution can be done from September 2018 to the maximum of 10 terms. Hence, there would be 6 installments till February 2019. The amount paid up to this period only, can be deducted while doing TDS this year. The eligible tax deduction for the rest of the amount can be claimed in the next year. It is to be noted that the total contribution amount paid till February 2019 irrespective of the number of installments is eligible for TDS.

Q.Since one month salary amount is deducted, is it sufficient to enter 11 month salary as total income?

No. Even though one month salary amount is deducted, it is necessary to include it under total income.

Q.Do we need add the festival allowance amount as it was not granted?

No. There is no need to mention it as source of income or deduction under 80G.

Q.What are the things to be noted for those who have contributed their 4th term pay revision arrear ?

Those who have contributed the pay revision arrear to CMDRF, should show the amount in salary arrear details as income source. Also, the total amount and the rest of the amount to be contributed till February 2019 should be added and entered for deduction under section 80G of this financial year.

Q.What should be done in the case of leave surrender for CMDRF contribution?

The surrender amount should be entered as source of income before deducting under 80G.

Q.What has to be done for those who contributed to CMDRF from NRA?

Those who availed of NRA from their PF amount for CMDRF need not show it under total income. It is sufficient for them to deduct the amount under 80G.

The anticipatory income tax calculation software given here can be used by the govt employees who have contributed their salary to CMDRF, to calculate the income tax amount to be paid each month. The video on how to use this is also given with this link.
Chief Minister Distress Relief Fund and Income Tax returns-Frequently Asked Questions
Anticipatory Income Tax Statement 2018-19(CMDRF Enabled). Software by Alrahiman
Anticipatory Income Tax Statement 2018-19 Help(Video File)