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Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Manual and Results

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 / 136 Comments
The Kerala School Science,Maths, Social science,Work experience and IT fair (Sasthramela)  is aimed at kindling the different talents of students from primary level to higher secondary level and nurturing their skills.

The fair also aims at finding out the inborn abilities of children and encouraging them to strengthen it and imparting training to practice in daily life.

The competitions are at school level, sub-district, revenue district and state level. The first two place winners at sub district level can participate in the revenue district level and the first two winners at the revenue district level would become eligible to participate in the state level.

School Sasthrolsavam Manual Revised
The manual for Maths, Social Science, Work experience, IT fair for the LP to Higher Secondary students of the state has been revised. As per the norms in the revised manual, the competitions for the LP and UP sections would culminate at Sub District level whereas the competitions for High School And Higher Secondary sections would come to close at state level. The number of items that each section can participate in each fair is as given below.

Science fair:
LP section - 3 items
UP, High school and HSS section - 4 items

Maths fair
LP section - 5 items
UP section - 6 items
High school and HSS - 12 items

Social Science fair
LP section - 2 items
UP section - 4 items
High school and HSS - 6 items

Work Experience
LP and UP section - 21 items
High school and HSS - 27 items

IT Mela
UP section - 3 items
High school and HSS - 7 items

The directions for judgments are also made rigorous in the new manual. The judges of sub district level cannot retain the same position for the same item at the district level. This rule is applicable to the state level also. Also only two contestants should be there from the Sub district to the district level and from the district to the state level. If any student is given appeal by the court or the appealing authority, the qualified students' performance would be assessed a along with this so as to to eliminate one of them and the other two contestants would take part in the next level. The direction has also been given for video recording of the events from the sub district level.

Valuation Guidelines
Those who score 80% of marks or more in an item in the fair would be considered A grade and they would get 5 points and 30 marks as grace marks. 70 % - 79% scorers would be given B grade with 3 points and 24 marks would be awarded as grace marks. C grade with one point would be given to those getting 60% -659% and 18 marks would be awarded as grace marks.

Appeal Steps
If the contestant has a complaint in any of the contest results, he/she can give appeal to review the results. Appeal fee is Rs. 500 at sub district level and Rs.1500 at district level and Rs.2000 at state level. A sample application form for submitting appeal is given below.

Theme and Sub Theme for Kerala School Sasthramela
Science fair is organized in all states and Union Territories according to the subject and guidelines of the NCERT. The theme and sub theme of the science fair for the year 2019-20 can be downloaded from the link given below.

General Instructions for Kerala School Sasthramela
The students of LP / UP / HS / HSS / VHSS can participate in any one of the items only in Science, Maths, Social Science, Work Experience and IT fair. But it is not applicable for Quiz items. The participants in the fair should not wear school uniform.

Various circulars published in connection with Science fair, Science fair manual,Results, Schedules etc are available in the link below.
Sasthrolsavam 2019-20
School Sasthrolsavam Manual 2019(Revised)
School Sasthrolsavam 2019-20 Schedule and themes. Circular dtd 30.08.2019
School Sasthrolsavam 2019-20 Guidelines, themes and sub themes. Circular dtd 17.07.2019
School Sasthrolsavam 2019-20-IT Mela  theme. Circular dtd 19.09.2019
School Sasthrolsavam IT Mela -Guidelines for conducting IT Quiz. Circular dtd 27.09.2019
Sasthramela Appeal Form
Sasthramela ID Card
Maths Quiz 2012 | 2013 | 2015 | 2016 |
Science Quiz 2014 | 2015
IT Mela IT Quiz Questions 2010-2019
IT Mela-Tupi Tube Animation(Sample Work)
IT Mela-Scratch Programming(Sample Work)
IT Mela-Malayalam Typing Competition-Software and Guidelines
Result Link
Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Result(Sub district/District wise)
Portal Link
Kerala School Sasthrolsavam Portal

Kerala PSC Exam Manager Software & Guidelines

Friday, October 11, 2019 / 15 Comments
A free Software developed by T.M.S Noufal, Govt HSS, Thirurangadi, Malappuram,Afsal K, Govt HSS,Sivapuram,Kozhikkode and Mujeeb Rahiman C, Govt HSS, Marayamangalam, Palakkad for school offices for conducting Kerala PSC Exams . It generates automatic Seating arrangement reports, Acquittance, Notice Board Preparations, Room label, Desk label, Attendance, Voucher and other forms. We request you to make use of this software products and give your valuable suggestions and feedback for the enrichment of these free products.
PSC Examination Manager for Schools Ver 1.9 by T.M.S Noufal (Ms-Excel,Last updated on 11.10.2019)
PSC Examination Manager Ver 19.10.2 for Schools by Mujeeb Rahiman (Ms-Access,Last updated on 13.10.2019)
PSC Desk Label Printer by Afsal.K (Ms-Access)
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Kerala PSC Exam : Guidelines to HSS Schools G.O No. 2647/2012/ Gen.Edn dtd 08.06.12
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Malayalam Typing Competition of Kerala School IT Mela- Software and Guidelines

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 / No Comments
The Malayalam typing competition of School IT fair 2019 will have certain innovative things. Till this day, only the typing speed was tested. But from this year, layouting will also become a part of the competition for the High School And Higher Secondary sections. The modified software prepared for this can be downloaded from the link below. Those who complete 60 percentage of the given paragraph at the least, need only participate in the next phase, layout. The section to be included for the competition will be typed in Malayalam and kept in the typespeed.txt file in Data folder. 

For a new paragaraph, this needs to be changed. Save the file from the link below and extract it. In the folder available, right click the file and give permission and double click and Enter 'Run in Terminal'. Then the window below would be available. Give name, register number and password (give pass as password) and press ok. 

The section to be typed will be available in the box above. Typing be done in the box below. After entering password, do remember to change the language to Malayalam. If typed incorrectly it will not
be possible to go forward. Thus typing be completed within the time specified as it can't be done if the time exceeds and 'Your Time is over' message in the box will be seen. Final CPM (character per minute ), Accuracy, WPM (words per minute), percentage completed extra would be available. If 'OK' is clicked in the window, an Odt file with register number will be saved on the desktop which is used for layout in the next phase. If clicked in the order as File -> Export score, this result will be exported in the Home folder and would be available as a CSV file. The necessary images/pictures can be added for 'lay out' competition. 

The duration for the 1st phase typing is 15 minutes. The students can be selected with the help of the software for the next level. It is also of 15 minutes duration. Once these two levels are completed, the winner can be selected. 

The method adopted for imprinting Halants (chillaksharam) early is not used now. 

The conduct of the competition and participation in it here be done with atomic halants (aanavachillukal ). While doing Malayalam typewriting in new Ubuntu 18.04 how to use aanavachillukal to type chillaksharangal is given below.
Malayalam Typing Software for IT Mela(Kerala School Sasthramela)
Help file - Malayalam Typing Software for IT Mela(Kerala School Sasthramela)
School Sasthramela Manual & Guidelines

Higher Secondary First year improvement exam result - August 2019

Friday, September 27, 2019 / 129 Comments
Update: Higher secondary first year improvement result Aug 2019 published. Check now !
The Higher secondary First year improvement valuation camps conducted in two spells are over. Tabulation work in connection with the publication of results are going on. The results of the First year improvement examination would have a considerable impact on the final result of the second year students. 

The students find this opportunity a big boon as it may enable them to better their scores and grade as well. The Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE) has not it made it clear that when would be the results of the first Year improvement exam be out even though the valuation of of answer scripts was completed in the first week of September 2019 itself. The students can expect the results by the last week of September 2019

As soon as the results of the improvement exam conducted in 2019 August by the the Higher secondary education department are published, the link will be be updated here. Both the school results and individual results can be downloaded from the link. Provided that the score is higher than that of March exam, then only it would be considered or the March exam score will be retained.
HSE First Year Improvement Result August 2019
HSE First Year(Plus One) Improvement Result August 2019-Individual
HSE First Year(Plus One) Improvement Result August 2019-School wise
Higher Secondary School Codes
HSE Plus One/Plus Two Online Result
Plus one Improvement August 2019 Online Result Analyser Portal(Acdatapro)
Higher Secondary Revaluation
Plus one Improvement August 2019-Revaluation/Photocopy/Scrutiny. Circular dtd 01.10.2019
Application for Revaluation
Application for Photocopy
Application for Scrutiny

Snehapoorvam Scholarship Scheme to Orphan Students

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 / 1 Comment
Snehapoorvam scholarship is for the students whose father or mother or both have passed away. The scholarship amount is from Rs.3000/- to Rs.10,000/- every year. Snehapoorvam scholarship is sponsored by the Social Security Mission of the State Govt as fincancial assistance for education to the students whose father or mother or both have expired. It is Rs.3000/- every year for children below 5 years and for students studying from 1st to 5th standard. From 6th to 10th standard students would get Rs.5000/- a year and it is Rs.7000/- for students studying in plus two or equivalency courses. Rs.10000/- is given as scholarship for students of degree or professional degree courses.

This privilege is available for the students of govt or aided institutions only. Students studying in orphanages are not eligible to apply for this scholarship. Among the applicants, the BPL category would be given priority. ( certificate and copy of ration card should be produced ) In the case of APL category, the annual income should not exceed Rs.20,000/- and for those dwelling in cities, it can be up to Rs.22,000/. The income certificate from the revenue officer should be produced as a proof of this. A join account of students in their name and their parents’ in any of the nationalized banks is must. The copy of pass book where the photos of both of them (join account holders) are pasted should be attached with the application. The copy of Aadhar card of the students also be submitted along with the application.

The application can be submitted with necessary documents in the institution of study. The head of the institution should verify this before uploading for online submission of the application. Children below 5 years can submit their applications recommended by the District Child Welfare Committee in person. The last date for submission of applications is October 31st, 2019.

Click the below link for Notification, portal link etc:-
Snehapoorvam Scholarship Scheme. Instructions
Snehapoorvam- Data Collection format
Snehapoorvam Scholarship Scheme. GO(MS) No. 83/2014/SJD dtd 10.10.2014
Snehapoorvam Portal: User Manual for Institutions New Registration | Renewal |Transfer | Award/Reject Scholarship
Online Institution Login & Application Data entry portal

Revaluation Result of Higher Secondary Examinations

Update: Revaluation and Scrutiny result of the Higher Secondary Second Year SAY/Improvement June 2019 examination published. Check Result Now.

HSE Second Year SAY/Improvement Revaluation/Scrutiny Result June 2019

Those students who have change of scores on revaluation shall submit their original scoring sheet along with a request to effect the change through the concerned Principal with in one month for effecting the change of marks. Higher Secondary second  year SAY/Improvement June 2019 Revaluation results can be downloaded from the link below after the official declaration.
Plus Two SAY/Improvement Revaluation/Scrutiny Result June 2019
Second Year SAY/Improvement June 2019 Revaluation/Scrutiny Result (published on 24.09.2019)
Related Circular
How to refund revaluation fee? Guidelines

Higher Secondary Plus Two Computerised Accounting Practical Question Pool & Answers

Friday, September 20, 2019 / 3 Comments
In Computerised Accounting exam of the second year Higher Secondary Commerce students 60 marks are given for theory and 40 for practical exam. To enable the students of Commerce in their practical exam preparation, Higher Secondary department(DHSE) has published a pool of questions. 

Computerised Accounting-Score Split up

Most of the questions may be expected from spreadsheet, GNU Khata and DBMS. The scheme and split up score of Computerised Accounting practical exam prepared by the DHSE is given below.

The necessary procedures, screenshot, input to be given, output to be received to solve all the questions in the question paper pool has been prepared in detail by Sri.Binoy George from MKNM HSS, Kumaramangalam, Thodupuzha. Also, the expected viva questions for the practical exam from 6 chapters of Computerised Accounting textbook are also given here.
Plus Two Computerised Accounting Solved Practical Question Pool