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Revaluation Result of Higher Secondary Examinations

Thursday, December 3, 2020 / 234 Comments
Update: Revaluation and Scrutiny result of the Higher Secondary Second Year SAY/Improvement September 2020 examination updated in DHSE portal. Check Now !

HSE Second Year Revaluation/Scrutiny Result SAY/IMP September 2020

Higher Secondary Second year SAY/Improvement September 2020 revaluation/scrutiny result published. The result sheet contains register number, subject and status(Change/No Change).  List of Students Who Secured 10% or above scores in Second Year Subjects of SAY/IMP 2020 Examination Revaluation is also available in the following link. 

Higher Secondary Second year SAY/IMP 2020 Revaluation results can be downloaded from the link below. This Website is not an official web site of General Education, Higher Secondary Education or any other web site of the government. We collects data and news from multiple official portals,(,,,, General Education Portal, Higher Secondary Education Portal & other media websites.
Second year(Plus Two) SAY/IMP Revaluation/Scrutiny Result Sept 2020
Higher Secondary Second Year September 2020 Revaluation Result. Check Now !
List of Students Who Secured 10% or above scores in Second Year Subjects of SAY/IMP 2020 Examination Revaluation
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How to refund revaluation fee? Guidelines

Higher Secondary Plus One History Previous Questions (Chapterwise)

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 / 6 Comments
Higher Secondary First year History questions for each chapter are given here. Sri.Sujith.K, HSST History, Govt Higher Secondary School, Chayoth, Kasargode wins the pride and glory for accomplishing the toil of compiling the public examination History question paper chapterwise to aid the Higher secondary students.The study notes for Plus one and Plus two in History prepared by him and posted in HSSLiVE.IN has achieved an all time record as well for extensive downloading. Students can avail of the link below to download HSS question paper collection for their exam preparation.
Higher Secondary first year History text book is a collection of 11 chapters and they are based on the NCERT syllabus. The chapters are
1.From the Beginning of Time
2.Writing & City Life
3.An Empire Across Three Continents
4.The Central Islamic Lands
5.Nomadic Empires
6.The Three Orders
7.Changing Cultural Traditions
8.Confrontation and Cultures
9.The Industrial Revolution
10.Displacing Indigenous Peoples
11.Path to Modernization
Plus One History Previous Questions (Chapter wise-English, Last updated on 03.12.2020)
Plus One History Previous Questions (Chapter wise-Malayalam)
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Higher Secondary Merit Scholarship for BPL Students

/ 1 Comment
First year higher secondary students can apply for BPL scholarship now. The scholarship amount would be Rs 5000 per annum. Selection will be completely based on marks. The BPL category students studying in Higher Secondary first year can submit their application. Once they qualify for the scholarship, they would be eligible to get the same in the second year too. But the students should have secured minimum. D+ grade in all subjects in their annual exam.

Scholarship Category
The scholarship is allotted in 3 categories.
1. General category
2. SC/ST community
3. Sports/Arts/Differently abled category

Selection Committee
A selection committee should be formed at the school level to find out the deserving students. The school level selection committee consists of following members -
1. Principal(Chairperson).
2. Headmaster/Headmistress of the school
3. PTA President
4. Staff Secretary
5. A representative of the teaching staff
One of the members shall be a woman.

Selection Criteria
The students from General category who become eligible to get the scholarship should be selected by the school level selection committee. The application and details of SC/ST Category students selected for the scholarship should be forwarded to the Review Committee at the district level for its approval and for Sports / Arts / Differently abled category, it should be forwarded to the Director of Higher Secondary Education.

WGPA of grades awarded in the 10th standard is considered for the eligibility. If there are more applicants with equal marks, below said things should be taken into consideration for selecting the student.
i.Students whose parents are no more.
ii.Children of unwedded mothers.
iii. Candidates whose mother is a widow or legally separated or divorced or unwedded mothers.
iv. Students whose father alone is alive.
v. Candidates whose parents suffer from incurable disease like cancer, heart ailments, leprosy. TB, AIDS, Kidney ailments, stroke related paralysis, and lunacy.
vi. Children of differently abled parents.
vii. Either father or the mother engaged in any traditional industries like coir, cashew, beedi, handloom, pottery, brick or tile making industries, Match industries, etc.
viii. Parents having no land or house of his/her own.

How to Apply?
The school authorities should inform the first year Higher secondary students of the BPL scholarship. The application format is given below. Last date 14-12-2020. 

Aadhar linked bank account is mandatory for the applicants. The applications received should be scrutinized by the selection committee and the selected be intimated. The scholarship amount would be credited to the bank account.

Circulars regarding BPL Scholarship, application format, sample application form, notifications etc are published.
Merit Scholarship for BPL Students 2020-21
BPL Scholarship 2020-21. Instructions
BPL Scholarship 2020-21. Application Form
Online Entry(For School)
BPL Scholarship-Data Entry Portal(For Schools)
BPL Scholarship Data Entry-User Manual

Higher Secondary Plus One Chemistry Presentation Slides

Monday, November 30, 2020 / 3 Comments

Right preparation paves way for perfection of the process. To smoothen the learning of each student, slides presentation has a significant part as it highlights each major points or areas to be remembered from each chapter. Also it may get imprinted in the minds of the learners. Hence the students may find it easy to recollect it. 

The presentation slides in Chemistry for the first year Higher Secondary students are published here. There are totally 14 chapters in the SCERT syllabus. The presentation slides for each chapter are uploaded here soon after its preparation. 

It may be of great academic support and enhancement to teachers for online teaching and for the students too in their preparation of short notes of each chapter. The slides preparation is done in such a way that it may enhance the pedagogic process of both the teacher and learner by scaffolding them to focus on core areas of the subject. This academic transactional support is provided by Sri.Haizel G. Roy, HSST Chemistry, Govt HSS Kalamassery, Ernakulam. Click the link to download the slides.

Introduction to Plus one Chemistry
1.Basic Concepts
2.Structure of Atom
3.Classification of Elements
4.Chemical Bonding
5.States of Matter
6.Thermo Dynamics
8.Redox Reactions
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Plus one/Plus Two Chemistry Study Notes(PDF)

DISHA-Virtual Higher Studies Expo 2020

Saturday, November 28, 2020 / 1 Comment

DISHA, higher studies expo has been conducted every year by the Department of General Education - Higher Secondary Department under the head of Career Guidance and Adolescent Counselling cell for the students in the Kerala state in which all the Premier institutions in India take part. 

Due to the present alarming Covid-19 pandemic situation, Disha Higher studies Expo 2020 is scheduled to be conducted from November 29th, 2020 to 10th December 2020 through a virtual platform.
CG & AC Cell You Tube Channel , Higher Secondary Education
Along with the presence of Premier institutions, classes by experts from different fields have also been organised. In the programme to be conducted through zoom platform, the students and career guides can take part through the YouTube channel of the career guidance and adolescent counselling cell too. 

The teachers and career guides should ensure the participation of the students in the expert classes and the sessions on higher studies according to their aptitude and interest. The presence of career guides and the participation of students in the programmes of their aptitude and interest be ensured by the principal also. The schedule of the program is given below.

How to Be a Good Presiding Officer-Election Tips

Thursday, November 26, 2020 / No Comments
It is observed that in each election the Presiding Officers generally confused with lot of formalities to be done during, before and after the closing of Election. The presiding Officer is the in-charge of the Polling Station and has lot of work to be done in the previous and on the polling day. He is continuously under constant pressure till the submission of election material along with Ballot Boxes or EVM whatever it may be. The Presiding Officer should ensure all the formalities are done in a perfect manner. Now we want to laid some tips & links for the Presiding & Polling Officers which will help them in completing all formalities without any discrepancy.

The first and foremost prerequisite for Presiding Officer is to attend the training sections seriously. Even if you have worked as a Presiding Officer in some earlier elections, you are required to attend the training sections in a very serious and sincere manner. You are required to study carefully the Presiding Officers Hand book provided to you during the training. You should note down your doubts, confusions and never enter the polling stations with the confused mind.

Disclaimer: It may be noted that this tips cannot be treated as exhaustive in all respects or as a substitute reference for various provisions of election law governing the conduct of elections. Whenever you are in doubt as to the clarity of instructions contained here in, reference should be made to the corresponding Acts and Rules
Local Body Election 2020-Training Materials
Election 2020-Help, Tips & Tricks prepared by Harikumar A
Election 2020-Help file prepared by Prasanth P S
Election 2020-Help file prepared by Sreejit P K
Election 2020-Help file prepared by Yaseer P.K
Election 2020-Familisarising Election Forms prepared by Madhu P
Election 2020-Training Slide Prepared by Leo Kakkasseri
Election 2020-Training Slide Prepared by TVM Election Team
Election 2020-Training Slide Prepared by Mahesh
Election 2020-Duties of Polling Officials Part 1
Election 2020-Duties of Polling Officials Part 2
Election 2020-Training Slide Prepared by Santhosh Kumar
Election 2020-Training Slide for Presiding Officers
Election 2020-Forms and their usage
Election 2020-Covers and Data Recording Sheets Prepared by Bibin(updated on 03-12-2020)
Duties of Special Polling Officer(SPO)
Photo Id Card for Voters
Election 2020-Hand Book for Presiding officers
Local Body Election 2020-Video Tutorials
Election 2020-Mock Poll Procedures
Election 2020-EVM Sealing & Procedures
Election 2020-EVM Errors & Rectification
Election 2020-Mock Poll & Sealing Procedure(For Municipalities & Corporations)
Election 2020-Circulars & Forms
Postal Ballot Form 15(Rural)
Postal Ballot Form 15(Urban)
Postal Ballot Application-Guidelines
Election 2020-Handling of Special Postal Ballot Papers for Covid 19 Active Positive Electors and Electors in Quarantine
Election 2020-Handling of Special Postal Ballot Papers for Covid 19 Active Positive Electors and Electors in Quarantine(Malayalam)
Election 2020-Polling material distribution. Circular dtd 25.11.2020
Exemption from Election duty - Guidelines dtd 19-11-2020
Exemption from Election duty - Guidelines dtd 13-11-2020
eDrop Portal Management
Utilisation of e-DROP software for the deployment of Polling Officials- Guidelines
eDROP Help Document for Institution User
eDrop: Institution Level Staff Data Entry-Help Video
eDrop Portal
Wait for Election help files & updates...

Higher Secondary Plus One Political Science Exam Tips

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 / 2 Comments
To boost the confidence level of the students to perform well in the Political Science subject in the improvement examination to be held in July this year for the first year Higher Secondary students, some exam tips are shared here.

This is a video message by Sri.Baby.T, HSST Political Science, GHSS, Edamury, Ranni. The expected questions for the exam, areas to be given special attention are given here.

There are 2 parts in Political Science 1st year text book. The first part is – Indian Constitution at Work and the second part is – Political Theory. The first part consists of 10 chapters. The students can expect questions for 30 - 40 marks from this section. Questions for 30 - 35 marks can be expected from the Second part of the text book.

Plus One Political Science Exam Tips(Video)

Sri.Baby.T’s tips and notes are the fruitful product of his teaching experience and with this treasure of knowledge in the subject he talks about the sections to be focused and possible questions for the first year Political Science improvement exam. It is also to be remembered that, the students anxious of getting the maximum score should read between the lines of the text book. Watch the video to face the exam without any fear. 

Plus One Politics Study Notes

The link to download study materials and model questions is also available.
Plus One Political Science Exam Tips(Video)
Plus One Political Science Study Notes