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Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Computer Application(Humanities) Study Notes

Friday, September 25, 2020 / No Comments

Computer Application has been included in the Commerce and Humanities stream in the Higher secondary course. The course code for Commerce with Computer Application is 39 whereas in Humanities group, Computer Application is available with the course codes 33, 34 and 44. 

Though Computer Application is a common subject for both the Commerce and Humanities stream, the syllabus for Commerce batch is different from that of Humanities. Still there are some chapters which are common to both the streams. 

Moreover the practical exam for the second year Humanities batch is also to be held further. Along with the covering of syllabus in the course book, to make the study and preparation process easier and effective, eminent Higher Secondary Computer teachers have prepared study notes for the Humanities batch students both in English and Malayalam. The Computer Application(Humanities) study notes in PDF format is available with the link below.

The team of teachers who have prepared the study materials are
1. Sri.Lenin Pulickal, GHSS Panickankudy, Idukki
2. Sri.Abdul Sameer, GHSS, Vatakara
3. Sri Jobin George
4. Dr.Sajan Mathew, St. Marys HSS Kaliyar, Idukki 
5. Sri.Siraj.F.M, AKGS GHSS Peralassery
6. Sri.Kunhabdulla P T, GGHSS Thalassery
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application(Humanities) Study Notes Prepared by Lenin Pulickal
Chapter 1: Introduction to Publishing
Chapter 2: Introduction to Word Processors
Chapter 3: Creating Professional Documents
Plus Two (XII) Computer Application (Humanities) Class Notes by Jobin George
XII-Chapter 1: Publishing(Humanities-Malayalam Version)
XII-Chapter 5: Advanced HTML(Humanities)
XII-Chapter 6: Cascading Style Sheet(Humanities)
XII-Chapter 7: Hosting(Humanities)
XII-Chapter 8: DBMS(Humanities)
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application(Humanities) Quick Notes
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application(Humanities) Quick Revision Notes(All Chappters) Prepared by Dr.Sajan Mathew
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application(Humanities) Quick Revision Notes(All Chapters) Prepared by Abdul Sameer
Lab Work-Previous Questions & Guidelines
Computer Application(Humanities) Lab Work-Guidelines
Plus One(XI) Computer Application(Humanities)Notes
Chapter 5: Presentation Software by Kunhabdulla P.T
Chapter 5: Presentation Software by Siraj
Chapter 6: Getting started with GIMP by Siraj
Chapter 7: Advanced tools for image editing by Siraj
Plus one(XI) Computer Application(Humanities) Quick Revision Notes
Higher Secondary First Year(Plus One) Computer Application(Humanities) Quick Notes by Sajan Mathew
Higher Secondary First Year(Plus One) Computer Application(Humanities) Quick Notes by Abdul Sameer
Plus one(XI)/Plus Two Computer Application(Humanities) Question Bank
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application(Humanities) Edumate Question Bank
Plus One/Plus Two Computer Application(Humanities) Previous Question Papers & Answer Key
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Higher Secondary Plus Two Computer Application(Commerce) Study Notes
Higher Secondary Plus One Computer Application(Commerce) Study Notes

Lock down, Work arrangement and Presence in Government office & Schools

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 / 2 Comments

In the present situation of global pandemic of Covid 19, several GOs have been published regarding the presence of the govt employees & teachers from the starting period of declaration of lock down  March 2020 to till date. As there are some doubts to the govt employees, regarding the GOs and work arrangement, to make it clear, let us have a glance at all the Govt Orders published till the present day. 

1. March 2020 

50% of group B,C and D employees should be present and Saturday will be a holiday for all govt offices.
General Administration Department -coronavirus -holiday -declared to all educational institutions reg G.O(Ms)No.41-GAD dtd 11-03-2020
General Education Department - Corona Virus (Covid-19)-immediate action reg G.O(Rt)No.1264-G.Edn dtd 11-03-2020
General Education Department - Corona Virus (Covid-19)-immediate action -clarification G.O(Rt)No.1335/2020-G.Edn dtd 18-03-2020
GO(Rt) No. 1247/2020/GAD dtd 20-03-2020
Almost all govt offices except the very necessary or emergency service departments like Secretariat, various Directorates, Health Services, Police, Civil Supplies, Fire etc remained closed till 17/04/2020.
GO(MS) No. 49/2020 GAD dtd 23-03-2020
Hsslive-General Education Department - COVID -19 - Strengthening of surveillance measures and Construction of COVID-19 Cell in General Education Department - Orders issued. - G.O.(Rt) No. 1402-GEDN.pdf dtd 24-03-2020
The payment of wages of Contractual-Casual-Daily wage-Outsourced Staff during lock down period due to COVID. GO(P) No. 33/2020/Fin dtd 26-03-2020
General Administration Department - COVID19 - Government offices and employees - restrictions - revised order - G.O.(Rt) No. 1282-GAD dtd 27-03-2020

2. April 2020 

From 18/04/2020, class 1&2 govt employees should have to be present 5 days a week. Saturday is a holiday. For class 3 & 4 employees, the presence ratio should be 33%. This existed till 22/04/2020. 
The payment of wages of Contractual-Casual-Daily wage-Outsourced Staff during lock down period due to COVID-clarification-GO(P) No. 40/2020/Fin dtd 09-04-2020
Circular No. 90.SS.1./2020/GAD dtd 11-04-2020
GO(MS) No. 78/2020/GAD dtd 17-04-2020
Very least number of employees from Red zone districts and hot spot areas, 33% of employees in Secretariat and Directorate, in all other offices except Red zone and hot spot 50 % of employees of A & B category, 33% of B & C category should have to be present. Physically handicapped, persons with severe illness, pregnant women and parents with children below 5 years should be exempted from work. This situation was from 23/04/2020 to 18/05/2020 
Circular No. SS 1/91/2020/GAD dtd 22-04-2020

3. May 2020 

50% of all category employees should be present. After the declaration of lock down, the employees working in other districts and those who can’t be present to duty should be present before the collector of the district concerned. 
GO(MS) No.99/2020/GAD dtd 18-05-2020 

4. June 2020 

Very few govt employees at the offices in the containment zone need present. All employees must have to be present in other places. Employees who are parents of physically disabled or severe illness, autism /cerebral parsley children, mother of children below one year, 7 months completed pregnant women etc be exempted. Also. Special casual leave can be allotted to the employees residing in the containment zone on producing an affidavit from the secretary from the LSGD concerned. This came into force from 07/06/2020 
GO(MS) No. 112/2020 dtd 07-06-2020

Group B employees should be present on all days. Others be limited according the social distancing norms. Those who can’t reach other districts, can be present in the Collectorate or Panchayath with permission from their parent department. 
GO(MS) No. 117/2020/GAD dtdt 18.06.2020

5. July 2020 

With effect from 01/07/2020(Go No. 112 & 117 – continuation). In the office where social distancing can’t be followed for work arrangement, the head of the office concerned can take suitable decision for the presence of the Group D & C employees on alternative days or week. For the employees under quarantine, special causal leave for that period along with ‘work from home’. Pregnant women need not go to office instead, they should make arrangement for work from home. The order still prevails.
Circular No. SS.1.236/2020/GAD dtd 01-07-2020
GO(MS) 128/2020 dtd 02-07-2020

6. September 2020 

All govt offices shall function with 100% attendance.
Functioning of govt offices in full strength. GO(Rt) No-756-2020-dmd dtd 22-09-2020
This would be helpful to mark in the attendance register along with the Order No in connection with it, in that period from 23rd of March 2020.

How to Check Plus one Single Window First Allotment Result 2020 ?

Saturday, September 12, 2020 / 1 Comment

First allotment results of Higher Secondary Plus one Single Window admission published. Check Now !

What is the First Allotment ? 

This is the first rank list published, based on the options given by the applicants, while submitting single window application for admission to the first year Higher Secondary course. The date and time slot for admission for students is given in the allotment letter itself. Those who can’t be present in the allotted time, should get prior permission from the principal of the school of their admission and must take admission before 5 pm of 19th of September 2020

The students not taking admission even after getting allotment, will not be considered in the further allotment process. 

How to Check the First allotment results ? 

The students who have submitted their application in the Single Window System for admission to Plus one and done ‘Candidate log in’, should do Candidate login-SWS in the Hscap portal( 

Step 1: Visit HSCAP Portal
Step 2: Click on the link Candidate Login-SWS

Step 3: Fill user name,password,district and then click on Login. 
Step 4: Check allotment status & allotment letter

Step 5: Click on the link First Allot Results 
Step 6: Click on the link Print Allotment Slip
First Allotment
Single Window Admission-First Allotment-Press Release

What is the Temporary and Permanent Admission ? 

The students who have been allotted their first option itself should remit the fee and take permanent admission. Others can have temporary admission so that they can wait for the next allotment to know their possible higher option. Also, such students can cancel their higher options of their choice and confirm their Permanent admission in the presently allotted school. 

The students taking temporary admission can cancel selected higher options if they are willing to do so. Moreover, the temporary admission students need not remit fee
Plus One Single Window-Higher Option Cancellation
Application form for Higher option cancellation

How to remit fee for Permanent Admission ? 

The details of fee to be remitted are in the allotment letter itself. If online payment is not possible for the candidates, such candidates can pay the amount in person at the time of taking admission in the school allotted to them. 

The documents needed for taking admission ? 

The allotment letter of 2 pages available in the candidate log in page (if there is no provision for the print out, the same can be availed of from the school of admission), qualification certificate, Transfer Certificate, Conduct Certificate, the relevant certificates for those with bonus or tie-breaking points. Original certificates of all these must be provided. Click the link for more. 
Plus One Single Window-Certificates to be Produced at the time of Admission
Certificates to be produced at the time of Plus one Admission-Circular dtd 11.09.2020 & 04.08.2020

The certificates of temporary admission candidates also will be maintained in the school of admission of their first allotment. 

What should the candidates who haven’t got their first allotment do ? 

There are two allotments in the first phase of Single Window Admission procedure. Hence, the students who have not been allotted any school of their choice, can wait for the second allotment. For latest updates , visit the admission portal HSCAP.

Higher Secondary Plus Two Certificate Correction. Apply Now !

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 / No Comments

The Higher Secondary schools in the state have started issuing the certificate for plus two students who have appeared for the public examination conducted in the month of March 2020. From this year, the certificate would have the different outlook with more details like name of the student, name of parent and date of birth etc. 

The guidelines for making correction in the Name of the student, Parents and Date of birth have been issued. The correction would be done based on the school records. 

How to Apply for Certificate Correction ? 

The application form published by the Higher Secondary Examination department should be filled with correct details under the supervision and the recommendation of the principal of the institution where the student has studied and it should be submitted to the secretary of the Examination wing of the Higher Secondary department. The address is given below. 

Joint Director(Exams)
O/o Director of General Education
Higher Secondary Wing
Housing Board Building 
Santhi Nagar

Application Fee

Fee for issuing new certificate Rs. 40, remitted to Treasury Head of account 0202-01-102-97-03(Other receipts). Those who get their corrected certificate in person, should produce a copy of id card too.

The documents to be attached for correction are - 

a) Original Higher Secondary Certificate
b) Attested copy of SSLC/10th Certificate
c) Original Chalan receipt of Treasury for Rs. 40
d) Self-addressed envelope with postage stamp worth Rs.42(if the certificate is sent by post)

It should be remembered that the corrections would be done based on the school records only. Click the link below to download the application form and guidelines.
Application for Higher Secondary Plus Two Certificate Correction

Die-in-harness:The perquisites and emoluments for the dependents of Govt Employees

Friday, August 14, 2020 / 1 Comment

There are certain things that the dependents of govt employees who die in harness are entitled to get. But, it has been seen that, most of the people who are dependents of such govt employees are finding it difficult to move with the process as there may not be availability of necessary documents to be produced or non submission of nominations etc, Even if such things are perfect, the process is getting delayed for the allocation of the amount to the dependents concerned. 

Moreover, the major fact is that the family in distress may not be mentally fit to move forward for the proper disposal of the monetary benefits they are entitled to. Their lack of knowledge in the matters is also another verity. 

Under these circumstances, the well-wishers and colleagues extend their help and enable them to follow the proper procedure for the amount to be sanctioned. Hence, it would be always advisable for all to ensure whether the nominations for GIS, SLI, GPF, FBS, DCRG etc have been filed or not and the SLI, GIS, GPF passbook entries are updated and attested by the higher authorities. 

Although, all the documents are perfect and process activated, it may consume much time for fund allocation. A booklet is prepared after a thorough perusal of all govt orders regarding this, with the purpose of disseminating the necessary knowledge on what the dependents of such govt employees deserve and the steps to be undertaken for getting it done etc. 

The commendable work was done by Adv.Sri.T.M.Sreekumar, a Retired Senior Superintendent, Office of the Inspector General of Registration, Vanchiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram. It would be also advisable to refer the latest GOs and norms too in connection with this as the techno-friendly methods are made available presently everywhere for submitting applications etc flawlessly and fastly. A few sample applications are also attached herewith.
Die-in-harness:The perquisites and emoluments for the dependents of Govt Employees(e-Book)
Related Govt Orders
TR 59C Bill for submission of all claims realting to deceased employees. GO(p) No. 138/2019/fin dtd 14.10.2019
Write off loans of employees who have passed away while in service. GO(P) No. 139/2018/fin dtd 01.09.2018
GIS death claim-employees who have passed away while in service- GO(P) No.10/2019/Fin dtd 13-02-2019
NPS-compassionate allowance-employees who have passed away while in service. GO(P) No.141/2017/Fin dtd 08-11-2017
Write off loans of employees who have passed away while in service. GO(P) No. 91/17/fin dtd 17.07.2017

Economically Weaker Sections in General Category - 10% Reservation in Plus one Admission

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From this year, 10% of seats have been reserved for the students of forward communities who belong to economically backward section for admission to Higher Secondary course. They should fulfill the following criteria

The economically backward section of the forward communities are those not included in SC or ST or OBC. Siblings below 18 years of age and parents of the applicants will be eligible as ‘family eligible for economic reservation’.

The annual family income of such category should not exceed Rs. 4 lakhs excluding the benefits like family pension, unemployment wages, festival allowance, social security pension, retirement benefits, Travelling allowance, agricultural income from polders within limits etc. 

The family assets of the student should not exceed 2.5 acres in Grama Panchayath limits, 75 cents in Municipality area and 50 cents in Corporation limits. The total assets of the family in both Grama Panchayath and Municipality should not be beyond 2.5 acres of land and the limit for the same in both the Municipality and Corporation is 75 cents inclusive of fields and polders. 

The area of the house plot in corporation be not beyond 15 and 20 cents in Corporation and Municipality respectively. In the case of more than one house plot, the total area of all plots will be considered. 

The income will be based on the financial income of a year just prior to the submission to receive income and assets certificate. 

The families of Anthodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) and priority category (PHH ) ration card holders, not considering other criteria, will become eligible for economic reservation. 

The Higher Secondary Plus One applicants can visit the link for candidate log in as the provision for it is made available for making corrections. One time correction facility is now open for doing changes in the application details. It should be remembered that creating username and password is essential prior to this candidate log in for corrections. How to create the changes by visiting the site is presented in the link below. Click it clear your doubts.

10% Reservation in Higher Secondary Admission for Economically Weaker Sections in General Category : Govt Order GO(Ms) No. 137/2020 Gen Edn dtd 11-08-2020
Annexure 1 & Annexure 2 for EWS Reservation
How to create candidate login?

Plus One Single Window-Certificates to be Produced at the time of Admission

Monday, August 10, 2020 / No Comments
At the time of Single Window admission to the Plus one classes, certain certificates should be produced in original by the students. 

Eligibility Certificate, TC and Conduct Certificate

Original copies of 10th eligibility certificate, TC, Conduct certificates are mandatory. If tie breaking or bonus points are applicable, copy of those certificates should be produced. 

Age Relaxation

Those who claim age relaxation, the original copies of order as given in the prospectus should be submitted. The applicants should have completed 15 years of age as on June 2020 but not beyond 20 years. Minimum age is not applicable to the students of Kerala State Board Examination. For age relaxation, up to 6 months can be claimed by producing a certificate from the Regional Deputy Director of Higher Secondary Education. Others can avail of 6 months of age relaxation before and after the said period. A certificate of age relaxation by Department of General Education be presented for climbing this.To claim age relaxation apart from this above said criteria, the applicants should get your certificate from the Secretary of Department of General education. 

IED Students

For Admission under IED section, a certificate from the organised medical board proving not less than 40 percentage of disability be submitted. 

Income Certificate & Caste Certificate

If the caste details given are not same as that of in SSLC certificate, caste certificate be presented. SC/ST/OEC students should get income certificate and caste certificate from the Revenue officer. 

Linguistic Minority 

The students coming under minority language quota, can claim the same if it is provided in their SSLC certificate or a certificate with letter head as per their membership register, by the secretary or chairman of the Minority Languages Association. 

Bonus Point for Taluk & Panchayath

For availing of bonus points for same Taluk and and Local Self Govt Dept, SSLC certificate bearing those info will do. If not, a ration card or nativity certificate be produced.

NCC/Scout Certificate

For NCC candidates, the certificate for 75 percentage of attendance by the Directorate be presented. The bonus points for Scouts and Guides will be for Puraskar recipients only. SPC cadets should present the certificate by the SPC project Kerala 

Jawan Priority

The dependents of Jawan of Army/Navy and Fire Force, the service certificate of the Jawan be produced. In the case of ex-servicemen, the certificate should be received from the Sainik Welfare Board. 

Swimming Certificate

For getting ‘2’ bonus points for swimming, a certificate from the Sports Councils formed by the Corporation of the applicant or the Municipality or the Grama panchayat.In the absence of these, it should be certified by the District Sports Council concerned, the certificate of Excellence for participation in competitions conducted by the Agencies recognized by the Kerala State Sports Council.

Tie-breaking Categories

For tie - breaking categories except NTSE should have been participated by the students during their 10th standard. For NTSE point, eligibility certificates from SCERT or NCERT at the time of studying 8 or 10 standard is essential. 

Extra Curricular Activities

For extra curricular and co curricular activities, the certificate must be received from the authorities concerned. For more details read circular dtd 04-08-2020. | Circular dtd 11-09-2020