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Higher Secondary Plus one Exam 2021: Revised Time table released

Saturday, September 18, 2021 / No Comments
plus one revised time table 2021
The Covid Pandemic scenario has brought variations in the regular academic activities. Realizing the prevalent crisis, Board exam for the first year Higher Secondary students was planned to be conducted from September 6th 2021. 
Since the situation turned worse, the Supreme Court stayed the conduct of offline exam. Following this, the Govt of Kerala filed a detailed  affidavit  stating the physical and technical problems of students all over the state and the resulting unjust evaluation process, with the Supreme Court to conduct the board exam of the first year Higher Secondary students offline. 
The verdict was favorable to the govt and  the state has been directed to strictly follow the Covid 19 protocols while conducting the offline exams. A holistic approach should be there from the authorities conducting the exam and the examiners to have a fair exam without any hurdles by adhering to Corona virus restrictions.

Download Kerala DHSE Plus one revised time table September 2021

The revised time table of the Higher Secondary First year board exam has been published. The Plus one students are advised to check the new revised time table. The exam, as per the revised schedule commences from 24th September and it will be over on 18th October. The revised plus one time table is provided here.
Download PDF
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KEAM 2021 Scores Published. How to Download ?

Friday, September 17, 2021 / No Comments
keam 2021 scores published
Kerala Engineering/Pharmacy entrance examination is also known as KEAM, and is conducted by the Government of Kerala for students seeking admission to various professional courses like Engineering and Pharmacy. 

KEAM 2021 Scores Published

The Score obtained in the KEAM 2021 entrance examination are published. The scores are available in the official portal of the commissioner of entrance examinations Kerala. 

How to download the KEAM 2021 Score 

1. Visit the Official portal
2. Candidates can log in to their home page through the link ‘KEAM-2021 Candidate Portal’ . To login, Application Number, Password and Access code are needed.
3.Click the menu item ‘Entrance Score’ to view their KEAM 2021 score. 
3. View the KEAM 2021 Score

keam 2021 score
The score of some candidates who have not submitted the required documents to correct the defects in their application for KEAM 2021 or for some other reasons have been withheld. 

When will the KEAM 2021 Rank list be published? 

Publication of Engineering rank list will be subject to the verdict of the Hon'ble High Court, Kerala. The pharmacy rank list will be prepared as per the clause 9.7.4(f) of the Prospectus and published later.

Higher Secondary Plus One(+1) Focus Area, Study Notes, Model Questions 2021

Higher Secondary Plus One Focus Area, Study Notes, Model Questions 2021
The Kite Victors Channel online classes for the first year Higher Secondary students conducted for the past one year has been completed. Due to the prevailing Covid 19 pandemic situation, the way of learning and exam pattern have also undergone certain changes. Due to the absence of proper regular classes in this situation, it would be a tough thing for the Plus one students to go through the text completely for their exam preparation. 

Higher Secondary First year(Plus One) Model Exam 2021: DHSE Time Table, Question Paper, Answer Key

Thursday, September 16, 2021 / 21 Comments

dhse plus one model exam 2021

Higher Secondary Model Examination August/September 2021

How to fill up Higher Secondary Exam Answer Sheet ?

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 / 1 Comment
how to fill higher secondary answer sheet

How to fill up Higher secondary Answer Paper? What are the things to look for when writing an exam?

The public examination of the Plus one students of the academic year 2020-21 is to be held in the next month. It it important that the necessary details should be filled before start writing the exam in the facing sheet of the answer booklet for the Higher Secondary Public examination. Hence, the students should have a good knowledge of how to fill it. 
The students should write the Name of the exam, subject, date, Register number and code number of the question paper etc. in the facing sheet. It should be copied as it is, from the hall ticket. While writing the register number in words, it can be done either in English or Malayalam without any mistake. The subject name and code should be entered as given in the question paper. 

How to Fill Main Sheet

The main sheet is of 8 pages including the two printed pages- the facing sheet and instruction page. The rest of the 6 pages can be used for writing answers. Apart from the register number on the facing sheet, no details bearing the identity of the student should be entered anywhere in the answer sheet. The specimen copy of answer sheet is attached here to understand easily how to fill the details. See the copy and read the details below to find out the box and what should be entered there. 
higher secondary answer sheet

1. Name of the Examination: Write here - First Year Higher Secondary Examination September 2021
2. Subject: write the name of the subject of exam on that day from hall ticket or question paper. 
3. Date: Date of examination 
4. Paper: Need not fill it  
5. Total Additional Sheets used: Here total number of additional sheet used be written. (Each additional sheet contains 4 pages. Here don’t write the number of pages, but sheets) 
6. Score: Don’t write anything here. The total score after evaluation of the answer script is entered here by the teacher. 
7. Register number in figures: The register number as it is in the hall ticket should be copied here. It should be written either in English or Malayalam in the ‘Words column’. 
8. Code number of question paper: There is a code for each subject question paper. It can be seen on the question paper and the same code should be written here. 
9. Dated sign of the Invigilator: The teacher who is the invigilator in the exam hall should sign here. 


How to fill Additional Sheet: 

Once the pages in the main answer sheet are over, additional sheets will be issued. Each additional will have four pages. Each sheet (not pages) should be numbered sequentially as 1,2, 3,...etc. 
Higher secondary Answer Sheet

The students can get any number of additional sheets as per their requirement as there is no limit for it. The name or register number of the student should not be written on the additional sheet. The total no of additional sheets used should be written in the box provided for this purpose in the top right side of the facing sheet. The students should remember to check that the facing sheet and additional sheets are signed with date by the invigilator. 
Download PDF

General Instructions: 

The marginal lines are there in the main sheet and the additional sheets. So the students need not draw margins again.
Question numbers and sub question numbers, as in the question paper should be written in the left side inside margin.
The students should ensure whether the main sheet and the additional sheets bear the monogram (special seal) and the dated signature of the invigilator.
The blank pages should be cross lined and the students must write ‘CANCELLED’ after their last answer in the last page, after completing their exam.
The main sheet and the additional sheet should be kept in the order and tagged properly. Even though, no additional sheets are used, the main sheet should be tagged well.
Don’t forget to write the total number of additional sheets used on the top right side box. If no sheets are used, ‘NIL’ should be written. 
Apart from the non programmable calculators, no other electronic gadgets should be used in the exam hall. Standard Clarks table only is allowed to be used for doing calculations in the exam. 
The specimen answer sheet is given here. View the sheet to understand the details to be filled on the facing sheet and additional sheets before the exam and thereby avoid mistakes.
How to fill up Higher Secondary Answer Sheet ? [PDF-Malayalam]
How to Identify Non Programmable Calculators
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Class 10 to 12(SSLC, Plus One, Plus Two) Previous Question Papers & Answer Key

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 / No Comments

Download Class 10 to 12 Previous year Question Papers & Answer Key

General Education Kerala has made every possible effort to make the examination process as easy and transparent as possible. In keeping with the same spirit, here are the links to some of the past year question papers of Class 10 to 12(SSLC, Plus One, Plus Two)  Board & Term exams that might help students who are preparing for their future examinations. 
These are all of the links that will provide you with important information about how DHSE and General education conducts their examination process, what kind of study material is available and where it can be obtained from etc. 
Students who are studying for an upcoming exam will often use past papers from previous years to help them anticipate the type of questions they will be asked and also find out what material they need to cover before taking the exam..
To download the previous question paper from here you can do any of the following: 
The previous question paper for the class 10 to 12(SSLC, Plus One, Plus Two)  Exam is available here. You can download the  question paper from the following link:
Higher Secondary Previous Year Question Papers & Answer Key
2021 August XII SAY/Improvement
2021 March/April(XII)
2020 December XI Improvement
2020 September XII SAY/Improvement
2020 March(XI/XII)
2019 July XI Improvement
2019 June XII SAY/Improvement
2019 March(XI/XII)
2018 July XI Improvement
2018 June XII SAY/Improvement
2018 March(XI/XII)
2017 July XI Improvement
2017 June XII SAY/Improvement
2017 March(XI/XII)
2016 September XI Improvement
2016 June XII SAY /Improvement
2016 March(XI/XII)
2015 October XI Improvement
2015 June XII SAY/Improvement
2015 March(XI/XII)
2014 August XI Improvement
2014 June XII SAY /Improvement
2014 March(XI/XII)
2013 September XI Improvement
2013 May XII SAY/Improvement
2013 March(XI/XII)
2012 September XI Improvement
2012 June XII SAY/Improvement
2012 March(XI/XII)
Higher Secondary Question Bank(Compiled)
XI Physics Question Bank(from 2009)
XI Chemistry Question Bank(from 2008)
XI Mathematics Question Bank(from 2008)
XII Mathematics Question Bank(from 2008)
XI Zoology Question Bank(from 2009)
XII Zoology Question Bank(from 2009)
XI Botany Question Bank(from 2010)
XI Computer Science Question Bank(from 2015)
XI Computer Application(Commerce) Question Bank(from 2015)
XII Computer Science Question Bank(from 2015)
XII Computer Application(Commerce) Question Bank(from 2015)
XI History Question Bank(from 2015)
XII History Question Bank(from 2015)
XII Sociology Question Bank(from 2015)
XI Geography Question Bank(from 2006)
XI Accountancy Question Bank(from 2010)
XII Accountancy Question Bank(from 2010)
Higher Secondary Terminal Exam Question Paper & Answer Key
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2018 December (XI/XII Second Term)
2018 August (XII First Term Exam)
2018 February (XI/XII Model Exam)
2017 December (XI/XII Second Term)
2017 August (XII First Term)
Higher Secondary Question Bank
Higher Secondary XI/XII Question Bank by VHSE Career Guidance Cell
Higher Secondary Online Revision Test
XI/XII Model Question Bank by DHSE
XI Model Question Bank by SCERT
XII Model Question Bank by SCERT
XII Edumate Question Bank by SCERT
Class 10(SSLC) Previous year Question Paper & Answer Key
2021 SSLC March Model Exam
2021 SSLC  March Public Exam
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How to Check Higher Secondary Single Window Plus one Trial Allotment Result 2021 ?

Monday, September 13, 2021 / 4 Comments
how to check plusone trial allotment result 2021
The trial allotment result for Kerala Higher Secondary Plus one admission 2021 will be published on 13th September 2021 at the admission portal HSCAP. The applicants of Single Window admission to plus one admission can view their admission possibility. The applicants should remember that, this trial allotment is to understand the possibility of admission to the course in a school. Also, it is the last chance to edit or make corrections in application details. 

The real admission process would begin immediately after the publication of the first allotment list on 22nd of September 2021. 

Plus one Trial Allotment 2021-What for and why? 

Trial allotment list is published based on the details and options given by a student while submitting their application form. It helps them to get an idea of their school and course of admission possibility. The plus one applicants can make changes needed, get corrections done, if there are mistakes in the details entered, besides adding more school and course options after viewing their trial allotment.
Download PDF

How to check Plus one Single Window Trial Allotment? 

Those who have submitted their application for Plus one admission in Single Window system and done ‘Candidate log in’ can check their trial allotment. Let us see how to check it. 

Step 2: Click the link Candidate Login-SWS and submit details
Step 3: Click the link Trial Results & Check your Trial Allotment result.


How to Edit/Correct Single Window Plus One Online Application 2021?

Step 2: Click the link Candidate Login -SWS
Step 3: Click the Link Edit Application


Is editing possible after Trial Allotment? 

Adding more options, corrections and details entered wrongly in their application can be rectified now. Don’t forget to confirm after editing. Last date for checking trial allotment result & Correcting errors is 17th September 2021.