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Covid 19 Home Quarantine - 14 Days Special Casual Leave for Government Employees

Saturday, May 30, 2020 / No Comments
Due to spread of Covid 19, the government has strictly directed the people coming from other parts of the state, country or abroad to stick to home quarantine. 

Under these circumstances, if any govt employee with such people in their family under quarantine, they can be sanctioned 14 days Special Casual leave by their higher authority when they produce a certificate of quarantine by the government Medical officer.
The person under quarantine should produce the release certificate to resume duty. Click the link to download Govt order, quarantine certificate, quarantine release certificate and request letter.
Home Quarantine-Special Casual Leave for Govt Employees.GO(P) No.1247/2020/Gen.Edn dtd 20.03.2020
Home Quarantine Certificate & Quarantine Release Certificate Format

Online Classes for School Students

The present scenario in the world has elevated the influence of technology especially in the academic sector too. The technology not only aids in the process of teaching and learning but also it empowers the entire system of study through its audio-visual effect. So in the contemporary situation, online classes are gradually gaining momentum as it proves to be a safe as well as productive one to the students of all age group. It is sure that online classes effectively supplement the absence of real classroom learning. 

First Bell-Online Classes for School Students

The Department of General Education is opening up this virtual classroom 'First Bell' for the students from standard 1 to 12 through KITE Victers’ channel under the academic supervision of SCERT from June 1st 2020. 
Those with internet connection and smart phone facility will be able to access this opportunity. The students who are deprived of these technological tools would be permitted in schools to become the beneficiaries of this by helping them watch the same in Kite Victers’ channel or computers in schools. Read circular

First Bell Online Classes for School Students-Time Table & Schedule

The telecast of online classes for each class will be as per pre designed schedule. There will be provision for clarification of students’ doubts regarding the chapter of the day’s class. It has been decided to provide the online classes to the students as modules of 30 minutes to 2 hours sessions. Download Schedule

Apart from this, discussions and clarifications can be done with the students through social media like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook or Instagram like. Evaluation can be done once the educational institutions come back to its full swing and further pedagogical transactions shall be done accordingly. It is hoped that, it would render more or less similar class room experience to the students as the latest technological methods’ interference in the pedagogical process would boost the teaching-learning process to make it more interesting and informative too. 

The link for the First Bell Online Class is provided here and the time schedule will be updated here as and when made available. 

First Bell Online Class-Web & TV Links
Kite Victers Web Channel(Live Telecast)
Kite Victers YouTube Channel
Kite Victers Facebook Page
TV Network Channels: Asianet Digital-411, DEN -639, Kerala Vision-42, Digimedia-149, City Channel-116, Sun Network-240, Videocon-642, Dish Tv-642, Tata Sky-1897, Airtel-867, KCL-467
Victers(First Bell) Online Class-Archive
Plus Two English Victers Online Class
Plus Two Mathematics Victers Online Class 1& 2
Plus Two Chemistry Victers Online Class
Plus Two Geography Victers Online Class 1& 2
Plus Two Biology Victers Online Class
Plus Two Accountancy Victers Online Class
Plus Two Computer Application Victers Online Class 1 & 2
Plus Two History Victers Online Class
Plus Two Business Studies Victers Online Class
Plus Two Economics Victers Online Class
Plus Two Zoology Victers Online Class
Plus Two Computer Science Victers Online Class
Plus Two Malayalam Victers Online Class
Plus Two Hindi Victers Online Class
Plus Two Physics Victers Online Class
Plus Two Sociology Victers Online Class
Plus Two Political Science Victers Online Class
First Bell Online Class-Circular & Schedule
First Bell Online Class Time Schedule-6th June 2020
First Bell Online Class Time Schedule-5th June 2020
First Bell Online Class Time Schedule-4th June 2020
First Bell Online Class Time Schedule-3rd June 2020
First Bell Online Class Time Schedule-2nd June 2020
First Bell Online Class Time Schedule-1st June 2020
First Bell Online Class Time Weekly Schedule
First Bell Online Class-Guidelines
First Bell Online Class-Guidelines Circular dtd 30.05.2020
First Bell Online Class-Margarekha/Guidelines dtd 04.06.2020

Focus-Hsslive Online Classes for Higher Secondary Students

Apart from this, also continues its strenuous journey for updating and upskilling the academic ability of the Higher Secondary students with its online classes 'Focus' in all subjects by the teachers concerned. The entry into the link would open with the introduction of the first chapter/unit in all subjects for the Plus Two students. Online classes of the first unit would follow the intro.
Focus-Hsslive Online Class Archive
Hsslive Focus Study-Plus Two Computer Application(Commerce)
Hsslive Focus Study-Plus Two Political Science
Hsslive Focus Study-Plus Two Botany
Hsslive Focus Study-Plus Two History
Hsslive Focus Study-Plus Two Chemistry
Wait for updates...

Hsslive Free Study Notes & Solved Question Papers for Class 11 & 12

Higher Secondary study notes & solved question papers given here are prepared by our subject experts. Reading the concepts from these notes & previous questions will ensure a fruitful result in higher secondary examinations. The notes are very helpful for the Higher Secondary students who are following the SCERT/NCERT Text Books and Kerala State curriculum. Get the Hsslive Study Notes for Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two classes below.
Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Free Study Notes[PDF]

Doubts in your subjects? Ask Now !

If you are interested in clearing doubts in the units of your subject, enter the details in the link given below and submit it. Our teachers would go through your doubts that you submit and the solution for the same will be given in the Youtube channel.
Ask Doubts
Ask Your Doubts !

Higher Secondary Plus Two Political Science Exam Tips

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 / 1 Comment
Systematic study is the secret of success. Apart from detailed study, planned preparation plays a prominent role in the performance of examination. It is high time the students did serious and rapid reference of what they have already studied. 

Here is a visual presentation of tips on how to perform well the Political Science exam in Plus Two prepared by Sri.Baby T, HSST Political Science of Govt Higher Secondary School, Edamury, Ranni, Pathanamthitta to enable the students to enrich themselves with subject knowledge. Following such healthy steps would definitely aid the students to move in the right track of the subject for a better performance in Political Science. 

Plus Two Political Science Exam Tips Video Part 1

There are 2 parts in Political Science second year text book. The first part is-Politics in India Since Independence and the second part is Contemporary World Politics. The first part consists of 9 chapters. Click the link for playing video.

Plus Two Political Science Exam Tips Video Part 2

The second part of the Class 12 Political Science text book(Contemporary World Politics) consist of 9 chapters. Click the below link for Plus two Political Science Exam tips Part 2 Video

Plus Two Politics Study Notes 

The link to download study materials and model questions is also available.
Study Notes
HSE Plus Two Political Science Objective Type Questions & Answers
HSE Plus Two Political Science Study Notes

Higher Secondary Plus Two Computer Science/Application Previous Questions(Solved)

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 / No Comments
As the exams are approaching, the students would be seriously involved in studies by this time. It would be wiser and better if the students make an organized revised study of their portions. It is necessary that a short term plan to cover the syllabus would well work out for a wholesome study process which in turn maybe of advantage for the students to score more in the subject concerned. 

To make this intensive study more fruitful, Mr.Lavan I.K of Govt HSS, Thanniam, Thrissur,  Ms.Radhika C.V of Govt HSS, Athavanad, Malappuram and Ms.Soumya C.S of Govt Boys HSS, Parayanchery, Kozhikodu have taken a conjoined effort by compiling up a set of year wise(2016-2019) Computer Science & Application solved question papers for Higher Secondary second year students. 

It enables to write test papers and self check it with the answers given along with it. After completing each chapter also, the students can attempt chapter wise solved questions. There are 8 sets of questions of Board and SAY exam for each chapter. 

Thus the students would be getting here a feasible and flexible revised learning in XII Computer Science/Application. It can be said that this work would enhance the performance of the students in Computer application and Computer Science by all odds. Click the link below for the Plus Two Computer Science & Application solved question papers. Plus one Computer Application/Science solved question papers will be updated here soon.
HSE Plus Two Computer Science Previous Question Paper with Solutions Prepared by Lavan I.K, Radhika C V and Soumya C S
HSE Plus Two Computer Application Previous Question Paper with Solutions Prepared by Lavan I.K, Radhika C V and Soumya C S
Related Downloads
HSE PlusTwo Computer Application Previous Question Paper with Solutions by Vipin Kumar P.K
HSE PlusTwo Computer Science Previous Question Paper by Joy John
HSE Plus One/Plus Two Computer Science Study Notes(All chapters)
HSE Plus One/Plus Two Computer Application Study Notes(All chapters)

War Room to Conduct Pending SSLC/Higher Secondary Exams

Friday, May 22, 2020 / 6 Comments
The SSLC/Higher Secondary board examination of March 2020 was postponed due to the pandemic Covid 19. In this prevalent condition, it has been planned to resume the conduct of the exam for SSLC, HSE and VHSE. 

As per the schedule now, the remaining exams would start from 26th of May 2020. as there is a possibility of lot of confusions and increasing need of clarifications for the teachers, students and parents as well, the Department of General Education has taken a novel step by opening war rooms which in turn also would ensure the smooth conduct of the exam. It would start functioning at the state and district level too from 23rd of May 2020 from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. 


The teachers, students and parents can contact the war rooms for their clarifications. Moreover, the government as well as the Department of Health insists the students on following certain guidelines issued by them strictly as a precautionary measure. 

It advises the students to be seated only in their places in the exam hall. All examinees are directed to wear masks compulsorily. Greetings like hand shaking, hugging should be avoided to ensure safety. As sanitizers will be provided for use before entering exam hall, all students are asked to enter through main entrance of the institution only. 

Apart from this, the sharing of accessories for writing exam is not permitted. Each student is encouraged to carry water bottle in the exam hall under this circumstance. The special joyous get-togethers in the last day of the exam are strictly prohibited. 

Contact Details of War Rooms

War rooms will function at the Directorate of General Education and in each district from May 23 to coordinate examination activities and dispel the doubts of students, teachers and parents.
Phone: 0471-2580506, SSLC: 8301098511, HSE: 9447863373, VHSE: 9447236606, Email:, Whatsapp: 8547869946
Phone: 0471-2472732, 9446504874
Phone: 0474-2792957, 8547420015, SSLC: 9447037200, HSE: 9447657581, VHSE: 7012267159, 9645172780
Phone: 94474 07062, 90746 25992, 94976 92881, 0469 2600181
SSLC: 0477 2252908,9746759462, HSE: 0478 2522200,94475 96619, VHSE: 0479 2455901, 7012512146
Phone: 0481 2583095, 9496613329, 9497340116, 9495348080
Phone: 0487 2360810, 8547420015, SSLC: 9496238104, 9446031953, HSE: 9447437201, VHSE: 9747236046
SSLC: 9446531820, 9495307876, HSE: 9446094196, 9447640350, VHSE: 9847924240, 9447240523
Phone: 04972705149, 8281142146, 9846684141, 9400268811

How to apply for Higher Secondary Exam Centre change ?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 / 1 Comment

Due to the spread of Covid 19 and the lockdown restrictions imposed in the state, the Department of General Education has decided to smoothen the conduct of the remaining exam of those Higher Secondary students who are deprived of hostel facilities and those got stranded in the Gulf countries, Lakshadweep and other districts. They can choose the exam centre of their convenience for appearing in the remaining subjects exam. 

The students who are in need of change in the exam centre should submit an online application. But for those in the district concerned itself will not be allowed to change their centre. The applicants should remember that they can select only such centre which has the same combination of their course of study.

In the case of lack of availability of the centre of exam chosen by them, the students will be provided with another one. Visit the website and click the link ‘Application for Centre Change’ to submit your application. 

How to Apply for Exam Centre Change?

The applicants are required to give necessary details like exam stream, Reg No, Date of birth, School of study, Centre of choice etc. 
Apart from this, name of guardian, mobile number, reason for change too be entered. To know the schools with Course combination in each district, click the ‘School list’ in the above hscap site. Applications can be submitted till 5 pm of 21st May 2020. 

The list of students eligible for change of exam centre will be published on 23rd May. The link for circular regarding this, Application portal and Centre list is given here.

Help Line Numbers: 

Higher Secondary Plus Two History Previous Year Map Questions(Solved)

Thursday, May 14, 2020 / No Comments
It is essential to cover all areas of the subject concerned while preparing for exam to gain the optimum score. Hence, it is very much necessary to be thorough with the study of Map in History subject. 

A good practice in Map study would aid the students to remember and reproduce easily. For this, Map study in History is being provided here for the second year Higher Secondary students. Previous years board exam questions and answers are also included here. 

Each question is presented in such a way that the students would be answering in board exam in the outline map model based on each concept and theme in Indian History. It comprises 5 sets of questions and answers on several themes of Indian History. Besides, Malayalam translation of frequently asked questions in board exam is also given along with this. 

The solved previous year HSE Map questions from 2016-19 is the main feature of this. This academic enhancement work is an endeavor by Sri. Sujith K, HSST History, Govt HSS, Chayoth, Kasargode.

Plus Two Map Study Set 1

1. The site where Daya Ram Sahni discovered Indus seals (SAY 2019) 
2. The Harappan site in Haryana from where the terracotta models of plough found(March 2018) 
3. The Harappan site from where the remains of Great Bath found. (March 2018) 
4. The Harappan site from where the evidence of a ploughed field found. (March 2018) 
5. The Harappan site from where the remains of water reservoirs found. (March 2018) 

Plus Two History Map Study Set 2 

1. The city in which Buddha born(March 2016) 
2. The Second capital of Magadha(SAY 2019) 
3. The site received help from Sultan Jehan Begum to preserve and protect.(March 2016) 
4. The major Rock Edict site of Asoka in Gujarat (SAY 2019) 
5. The major Rock Edict site of Asoka that is located Southern most (SAY 2019) 
6. The place from which Walter Elliot collected sculptures (March 2016) 

Plus Two History Map Study Set 3  

1. The birth place of Buddha (March 2016,SAY 2018) 
2. The place where Buddha attained nibbana (SAY 2018) 
3. The place where Buddha delivered his first sermon (SAY 2018) 
4. The place where Buddha got enlightenment (March 2016,SAY 2018) 

Plus Two History Map Study Set 4

1. The place where the 1857 revolt started(SAY 2016,March 2017,SAY 2017) 
2. Bahadur Shah was the ruler of (Model 2019) 
3. The place where Begum Hazrat Mahal fought the revolt (SAY 2016,SAY 2017,March 2019) 
4. The place where Nana Saheb led the revolt (SAY2016,March 2017,SAY 2017,March 2019) 
5. The place where Kunwar Singh led theRevolt (March 2019) 
6. The place where Rani Lakshmi Bai fought the revolt (SAY 2016,March 2017,SAY 2017,March 2019)  

Plus Two History Map Study Set 5  

1. The Place which was described as the ‘Nursery of Bengal’(Model 2020) The Place where Nawab Wajid Ali Shah ruled (Model 2018,2019) 
2. The place where Birjis Qadr was hailed as the leader (Model 2019) 
3. The place from where Shah Mal organized peasants to rebel against the British (March 2017,Model 2018)
Higher Secondary Plus Two History Previous Year Map Questions(Solved-English Version)
Higher Secondary Plus Two History Previous Year Map Questions(Solved-Malayalam Version)