Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Text Book

SCERT & NCERT Digital Text Books for Higher Secondary Students

The text books for the Higher Secondary First and Second year students are now available in digital format. In the changing scenario of present day, as the class rooms becoming hi tech, it becomes necessary to adopt similar changes in the case of text books also. SCERT/NCERT text books are followed in the State syllabus. While the SCERT books are prescribed for some subjects, NCERT books are followed for certain other subjects.

As the class rooms have been elevated to hi tech level, it is also possible to provide visual presentation of text books in class rooms. LCD projector, lap top etc are now available for this purpose. Moreover, SAMAGRA portal is created to share study materials. Higher Secondary first and Second year text books can be downloaded in PDF format for the teachers and the students.

How can Higher Secondary text books be downloaded free?

Let us see how to download the text books published by SCERT for Higher Secondary students in Kerala. Click the link below to enter and select English/Malayalam in ‘Select Medium’, select plus one/plus two in ‘Select Class’. Then give subject. The PDF link of the text would be then available below. If the text book is not ready for download, ‘ not available’ message will be displayed. Click the image below.
The text books for the Higher Secondary First and Second year students are now available in Malayalam Version. Click the below link for downloading Higher Secondary Text books in English/Malayalam Version published by SCERT.
XI English
XII English
XI Malayalam
XII Malayalam
XI Hindi
XII Hindi
XI Physics Part 1(English) | Malayalam Version
XI Physics Part 2(English) | Malayalam Version
XII Physics Part 1 | Malayalam Version Part 1
XII Physics Part 2 | Malayalam Version Part 2
XI Chemistry | Malayalam Version Part 1 | Malayalam Version Part 2
XII Chemistry Part 1 | Malayalam Version Part 1
XII Chemistry Part 2 | Malayalam Version Part 2
XI Mathematics(English) | Malayalam Version
XII Mathematics Part 1
XII Mathematics Part 2
XI Botany(English) | Biology Malayalam Version
XI Zoology
XII Biology
Computer Science
XI Computer Science Part 1 | Malayalam Version Part 1
XI Computer Science Part 2 | Malayalam Version Part 2
XII Computer Science Part 1 | Malayalam Version Part 1
XII Computer Science Part 2 | Malayalam Version Part 2
Home Science
XI Home Science | Malayalam Version
XII Home Science | Malayalam Version
XI Accountancy(English) | Malayalam Part 1 | Malayalam Part 2
XII Accountancy Part 1 | Computerised Accounting Malayalam Version 
XII Accountancy Part 2 | Not for profit organisations and Partnership Accounts Malayalam Version
XII Accountancy Part 3
XI History | Malayalam Version
XII History Part 1 | Indian History Theme 1 Malayalam | Indian History Theme 2 Malayalam
XII History Part  2 | Indian History Theme 3 Malayalam
XII History Part 3 | Themes in Kerala History Malayalam
Islamic History
XI Islamic History | Malayalam Version
XII Islamic History | Malayalam Version
XI Geography Part 1(English) | Malayalam Version
XI Geography Part 2(English) | Malayalam Version
XI Geography Part 3
XII Geography Part 1 | Fundamentals of Human Geography Malayalam Version
XII Geography Part 2 | Indian People and Economy Malayalam Version
XII Geography Part 3
Business Studies
XI Business Studies | Malayalam Version
XII Business Studies Part 1 | Malayalam Version Part 1
XII Business Studies Part 2 | Malayalam Version Part 2
XI Sociology Part 1
XI Sociology Part 2
XII Sociology Part 1 | Indian Society Malayalam Version
XII Sociology Part 2 | Social Change and Development in India
XI Philosophy
XII Philosophy | Malayalam Version
Computer Application(Commerce)
XI Computer Application(Commerce-English) | Malayalam Version
XII Computer Application(Commerce-English) | Malayalam Version
Computer Application(Humanities)
XI Computer Application(Humanities-English) | Malayalam Version
XII Computer Application(Humanities-English) | Malayalam Version
Political Science
XI Political Science Part 1(English) | Malayalam Version
XI Political Science Part 2(English) | Malayalam Version
XII Political Science Part 1 | Contemporary World Politics Malayalam Version
XII Political Science Part 2 | Politics in India Since Independence Malayalam Version
XI Economics Part 1 | Malayalam Version
XI Economics Part 2 | Malayalam Version
XII Economics Part 1 | Macro Economics Malayalam Version
XII Economics Part 2 | Micro Economics Malayalam Version
Other Subjects
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How to download Higher Secondary NCERT text books?

Like the SCERT text books, NCERT text books are also available in digital format. To download NCERT text books, click the link below and enter. Then give class, subject, title of the book and click ‘go’ button. You can download the text, chapter wise or completely.

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  2. Thanks for providing us this information. This may help many children to get better education. One of the firm i know is QandA, which helps children to get their problems solved.

  3. I hope you would strive to extend your valuable service to Malayalam medium students too, if I am not peeping.

  4. Sir I am from Tamil nadu. Basically I am a HSST private school teacher in computer science. SCERT COMPUTER SCIENCE BOOKS very useful for me .Thank you for published those books as e books

  5. Am I the only one who can't download any textbook. Or actually are those blank...

    1. Mam i want to know about the programs in computer application do you know about that?

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    1. yenik plustwo maths malayalam varision kittumo

    2. Anikku plus one biology exam malayalathil ezhuthan pattumooo any one reply

  7. plus one communicative text is not made available....could you please....

  8. Please add malayalam notes of plus one history 4th chapter "Central islamic lands"

  9. Sir, please upload the malayalam version of remaining scert(Hss)testbooks. Its very usefull to us and helps us to understand the content nt of the testbooks very clearly

  10. Ith malayalam medium padicha ellavarkum valare athikam prayoganappedum. sir enik science subjectsile kurach chapter kitti.But ath half yearly examinu prayoganappedunna vidhathil iniyum chapters ulpeduthanamennu apekshikkunnu.

  11. Is +2 Computer Science Part 2 text book available? Not on samagra site. If so please share link.

  12. Sir hss malayalam version vallere subjectile remaining chapters ulpeduthanamennu apekshikunnu

    1. Sir,orupad santhosham ayi.malayalam medium padichavarkk ith upakarapradam anu.ennal half yearly chapters koodi itharathil malayalam version irakkumo ith apekshayanu 🙏

    2. Sir plus one chemistry
      Part2 Malayalam version download aakunnillallo??

  13. pluse to hindi units malayalathil kittumo

  14. Please upload Plus Two Commerce Malayalam version Text Books !

  15. Biology 4 chapter mathramano malayalam??next chptrsnte Malayalam illee??

    1. Ith thanneyaaan enikkum doubt..Full text kittaan vazhi indoo.?

  16. I need plusone social work text book in malayalam. It is not available here.


  17. +2 mathematics five is not enable so it can't download

  18. I want +1 maths textbook english version

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  23. Please share the link to download plus one Humanities Computer Application textbook in Malayalam

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  25. Why isn't the MALAYALAM medium textbook available for +1 Biology, Chemistry and Physics

  26. I want politics text in malayalam

  27. when will you guys complete the malayalam version test book of all the subject for highersecondary students. If you can please make it earlier and soon as possible . it will also help for entrance preprations. Atleast publish the malyalm verson of science subjects such as biology , chemistry, physics and maths

  28. Plus one phy. And che. Malayalam version undo

  29. Sir biology plus one chapters malayalathil publish cheyyumo

  30. Please add (+2)second year geography text Malayalam version

  31. I checked Computer application text book in malayalam but i couldn't find it.Please upload computer application malayalam text book pdf file (for plus one).

    Read more at:
    Copyright © Hsslive

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  33. Sir,Where I can get computer science plus two whole text. Book?.Here there is only two chapters.when the full book will arrive?🤨🤔🤔

  34. Plus two biology bakki chapters koodi malayalathil kittumo??

    1. Malayalathil exam ezhuthan pattumoo

  35. Please publish plus one chemistry and physics in malayalam version

  36. sir please add sanskrit also, it will usefull to us

  37. Statistics commerce text plzzz

  38. Sir I am Kerala
    Iam studying in plus two(+2)
    May I know about history pdf in (Malayalam version)

  39. I want a plus one computer application malayalam textbook

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  41. Sir vhse enterpreneur ship develop ment nte text pdf undo

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  43. Please upload XII Business Studies Malayalam version.

  44. Sir, I want the malayalam version of plus two Economics. So you please add the text book.

  45. Sir, pluse two philosophy text book malayalathil kittumo.? Kittumengil vengam vennam

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  47. Sir, There is a problem in downloading class 12 malayalam medium maths textbook. The link is of downloading chemistry textbook, not maths. Please look into that issue

  48. +1 ഹോം സയൻസ് മലയാളം ഇല്ലേ

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  51. Plz add plus one geology text book

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  53. I can't download computer science textbook of plus one part 2

  54. Sir please adjoin Kerala History English medium textbook i(it's possible then surely)

  55. XI Computer Science Part 2 english is unavailable. Malayalam edition is available

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