Plus One/Plus Two Deleted Chapters, Topics and Notes(SCERT/NCERT)

Due to corona pandemic period, there came many changes in all areas including the field of education. It had its own impact in the education process as the system or mode of learning had got changed. National Education Policy 2000 and the Parliamentary Standing Committee wanted to rationalize that content or syllabus of the students and thereby lessen the struggle faced by the students in learning. It also aimed at making the learning process and the learner outcomes very productive. 
plus one/plustwo deleted topics
According to the initiative due to the resultant disruptions from various factors in the alarming pandemic period, a sudden and complete change was not advised as its of no scope. Instead simplified topics for easy comprehension has been advocated and thereby reorient instruction. 

Apart from this, avoiding similar areas in various stages of learning or classes is also stressed. This focused on an inclusive education process with comprehensive syllabus as it may enable a wholesome education for all the students. 

SCERT-Kerala(DHSE) Rationalised Chapters and Topics

Check the full lists of SCERT-Kerala(DHSE) deleted syllabus here.  (Applicable for the students following the Kerala state syllabus.)
SCERT(DHSE, Kerala) Rationalised Chapters and Topics
Class 11(Plus One) Deleted Chapters and Topics
Class 12(Plus Two) Deleted Chapters and Topics
Class 11(Plus One)/Class 12(Plus Two) Deleted Chapters & Topics(All in one PDF)

Study Notes based on deleted topics

Click the below link for revised notes based on the deleted topics. 
Plus One(XI) Revised NotesPlus Two(XII) Revised Notes
XI Notes(All Subjects) 2024XII Notes(All Subjects) 2024

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