Class 10 to 12(SSLC, Plus One, Plus Two) Previous Question Papers & Answer Key

Download Class 10 to 12 Previous year Question Papers & Answer Key

General Education Kerala has made every possible effort to make the examination process as easy and transparent as possible. In keeping with the same spirit, here are the links to some of the past year question papers of Class 10 to 12(SSLC, Plus One, Plus Two)  Board & Term exams that might help students who are preparing for their future examinations. 
These are all of the links that will provide you with important information about how DHSE and General education conducts their examination process, what kind of study material is available and where it can be obtained from etc. 
Students who are studying for an upcoming exam will often use past papers from previous years to help them anticipate the type of questions they will be asked and also find out what material they need to cover before taking the exam..
To download the previous question paper from here you can do any of the following: 
The previous question paper for the class 10 to 12(SSLC, Plus One, Plus Two)  Exam is available here. You can download the  question paper from the following link:
Higher Secondary Previous Year Question Papers & Answer Key
2022 July XII SAY/Improvement
2022 June(XI)
2022 March/April(XII)
2022 January/February XI Improvement
2021 September/October(XI)
2021 August XII SAY/Improvement
2021 March/April(XII)
2020 December XI Improvement
2020 September XII SAY/Improvement
2020 March(XI/XII)
2019 July XI Improvement
2019 June XII SAY/Improvement
2019 March(XI/XII)
2018 July XI Improvement
2018 June XII SAY/Improvement
2018 March(XI/XII)
2017 July XI Improvement
2017 June XII SAY/Improvement
2017 March(XI/XII)
2016 September XI Improvement
2016 June XII SAY /Improvement
2016 March(XI/XII)
2015 October XI Improvement
2015 June XII SAY/Improvement
2015 March(XI/XII)
2014 August XI Improvement
2014 June XII SAY /Improvement
2014 March(XI/XII)
2013 September XI Improvement
2013 May XII SAY/Improvement
2013 March(XI/XII)
2012 September XI Improvement
2012 June XII SAY/Improvement
2012 March(XI/XII)
Higher Secondary Question Bank(Compiled)
XI Physics Question Bank(from 2009)
XII Physics Question Bank(from 2009)
XI Chemistry Question Bank(from 2008)
XI Mathematics Question Bank(from 2008)
XII Mathematics Question Bank(from 2008)
XI Zoology Question Bank(from 2009)
XII Zoology Question Bank(from 2009)
XI Botany Question Bank(from 2010)
XII Botany Question Bank(from 2010)
XI Computer Science Question Bank(from 2015)
XI Computer Application(Commerce) Question Bank(from 2015)
XII Computer Science Question Bank(from 2015)
XII Computer Application(Commerce) Question Bank(from 2015)
XI History Question Bank(from 2015)
XII History Question Bank(from 2015)
XI Sociology Question Bank
XII Sociology Question Bank(from 2015)
XI Geography Question Bank(from 2006)
XI Accountancy Question Bank(from 2010)
XII Accountancy Question Bank(from 2010)
Higher Secondary Terminal Exam Question Paper & Answer Key
2022 June (XI Model Exam)
2022 March (XII Model Exam)
2021 August/September (XI Model Exam)
2021 March (XII Model Exam)
2020 February (XI/XII Model Exam)
2019 December (XI/XII Second Term)
2019 August(XI/XII First Term Exam)
2019 February (XI/XII Model Exam)
2018 December (XI/XII Second Term)
2018 August (XII First Term Exam)
2018 February (XI/XII Model Exam)
2017 December (XI/XII Second Term)
2017 August (XII First Term)
Higher Secondary Question Bank
Higher Secondary XI/XII Question Bank by VHSE Career Guidance Cell
Higher Secondary Online Revision Test
XI/XII Model Question Bank by DHSE
XI Model Question Bank by SCERT
XII Model Question Bank by SCERT
XII Edumate Question Bank by SCERT
Entrance Exam Question Bank
KEAM Previous Question Papers & Answer Key(From 2014)
Class 10(SSLC) Previous year Question Paper & Answer Key
2022 SSLC  March Public Exam
2021 SSLC March Model Exam
2021 SSLC  March Public Exam
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