Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Geography Question Bank

higher secondary geography previous questions
Chapter wise previous questions of Higher Secondary Geography prepared by Sri.Shanees Ansari,  HSST Geography, GHSS, Sreekandapuram, Kannur published. 
This Question bank includes questions from year 2017 to 2022 public examinations. This sorted Higher secondary First year(Plus One) and Second year(Plus Two) Geography question Bank help students to manage time better and familiar with the public examination pattern. 
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Click the link given below to download the Higher Secondary First year(Plus one)/Second Year(Plus Two) Geography chapter wise sorted question bank.

Plus One(XI) Geography Previous Questions 

For students preparing for their class 11 geography exams, it is important to go through the previous years' questions to get an idea of the kind of questions they can expect. Going through the previous questions can help students understand the topics better and also give them an insight into what kind of answers and explanations are expected from them. 
Click the links below to download the class 11 geography previous questions chapter-wise.
Plus One Geography Question Bank (Part 1)
Chapter 1 Geography as a discipline
Chapter 2 The origin and evolution of the earth
Chapter 3 Interior of the earth
Chapter 4 Distribution of ocean and continents
Chapter 5 Minerals and rocks
Chapter 6 Geomorphic processes
Chapter 7 Land Forms and their evolution
Chapter 8 Composition and structure of atmosphere
Chapter 9 Solar Radiation, Heat balance and temperature
Chapter 10 Atmospheric circulation and weather system
Chapter 11 Water in the atmosphere
Chapter 12 World climate and climatic changes
Chapter 13 Water Oceans
Chapter 14 Movements of ocean water
Chapter 15 life on the earth
Chapter 16 Biodiversity and conservation
Plus One Geography Question Bank (Part 2)
Chapter 1 India location
Chapter 2 India structure and physiography
Chapter 3 India drainage
Chapter 4 India climate
Chapter 5 India natural vegetation
Chapter 6 India- Soil
Chapter 7 Natural hazards and disasters
Plus One Geography Map Study (Part 1 and Part 2)
Part 1 & 2 Plus One Geography- Outline Map Questions

Plus Two(XII) Geography Previous Questions 

It is vital for students appearing for their Class 12 geography exam to have an idea of the type of questions that may be asked. With this in mind, it can be beneficial to use previous years' questions as a practice tool. 

Click the links below to download the class 12 geography previous questions chapter-wise.
Plus Two Geography Question Bank (Part 1)
Chapter 1 Human Geography-Nature and Scope
Chapter 2 World Population-distribution, density,and growth
Chapter 3(Deleted topic)
Chapter 4 Human development
Chapter 5 Primary activities
Chapter 6 Secondary activities
Chapter 7 Tertiary and quaternary activities
Chapter 8 Transport and communication
Chapter 9 International trade
Plus Two Geography Question Bank (Part 2)
Chapter 1 India population density growth and composition
Chapter 2(Deleted Topic)
Chapter 3 India human settlemet
Chapter 4 Land resources and agriculture
Chapter 5 Water resources
Chapter 6(Deleted Topic)
Chapter 7 Minerals and energy resources
Chapter 8 Transport and communication
Chapter 9 Planning and sustainable development
Chapter 10(Deleted Topic)
Chapter 11 International trade
Chapter 12 Geographical perspective on selected issues and problems
Plus Two Geography Map Study (Part 1 and Part 2)
Part 1 & 2 Plus Two Geography- Outline Map Questions

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