Plus One (XI) History Study Notes

Higher Secondary first year History study notes for each chapter are given here. Sri.Sujith.K, HSST History, Govt Higher Secondary School, Chayoth, Kasargode wins the pride and glory for accomplishing the toil of compiling the plus one History study notes chapterwise to aid the Higher secondary students.The study notes for Plus two in History prepared by him and posted in HSSLiVE.IN has achieved an all time record as well for extensive downloading. Students can avail of the link below to download Higher secondary plus one History study notes for their exam preparation.
Plus One History Study Notes
1.From the Beginning of Time
2.Writing & City Life
3.An Empire Across Three Continents
4.The Central Islamic Lands
5.Nomadic Empires
6.The Three Orders
6.The Three Orders(Power Point Presentation)
7.Changing Cultural Traditions
8.Confrontation and Cultures
9.The Industrial Revolution
10.Displacing Indigenous Peoples
11.Path to Modernization
Map Study
Map Study Chapters 1 to 6(Zip file)
Map Study (All Chapters-Zip file)
Continents and Oceasns
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21 comments to ''Plus One (XI) History Study Notes"

  1. please update study materials for computer application students

  2. please include business studies, accounting notes

  3. Plus one Teacher Text of History is realy Politcs,where is History

  4. @yusu Thanks sir. Link for Teacher Text of History Updated. Check now :)

  5. it si a good attempt dearsujith sir...continue your mission

  6. ഇത് വളരെ ഉപകാരമായി സർ
    അടുത്ത ഭാഗത്തുള്ള മാപ് സ്റ്റഡി കൂടി ഉൾപെടുത്തിയാൽ ഉപകാരമായിരുന്നു

  7. Thanks pls wait for updates.....

  8. map study is ok sir...but i think some more clarification is needed in this maps.hope you will consider this...thank you

  9. map study question also needed ..then it will be more easier to check it.

  10. hi sir my self sanath .. these notes are great help and thank you soo much ... i have got some doubts as am attending the state public examination for the first time .. is it compulsory to one whole page for 5 mark questions ?? is there any problem in writing point wise mean for 5 marks 8-9 points ? if u could provide your number will be a great helpful sir

    respect and regards

  11. points to be explained..Check answer key provided with sample questions prepared by SCERT.....

  12. please include plus political science notes

  13. please add all notes of humanities subject in malayalam too.most of the humanities students completed high school in malayalam.they are writing exams in,it would be a great thing if you add notes in malayalam.

  14. First Study The Spelling Of Doubt =D> And Ask Douts y-)

  15. Sir your notes are amazing... everything explained in such an organized manner and that too in made the themes and the concepts a play task.A hearty thanks for your help����


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