Monitoring of Higher Secondary CE Scores

Monitoring of Higher Secondary CE Scores

Monitoring is an activity which should be done continuously like evaluation of scholastic activities. There are different levels in the academic monitoring. It is the responsibility of the Principal and school subject councils to monitor the classroom regularly. Apart from these facilities in school, academic monitoring should be done. Scrutinizing the works or activities done by the students as part of their studies or auditing the scores obtained by them in continuous evaluation process is not the aim and mode of monitoring. Moreover, it is not examining the activities undertaken by the teachers. Monitoring is conceived to be a part of teacher empowerment programme.
The General Perspectives on Monitoring
• Monitoring is an academic activity.
• It aims at strengthening the class room interaction/transaction.
• Monitoring should be seen as a part of teacher empowerment programme.
• Monitoring is feasible by becoming a partner in the process of strengthening the knowledge of the students.
• Monitoring in each subject can be administered successfully by the teachers teaching the subject concerned.
• The monitoring team is decided by the clusters concerned.
• Monitoring team teachers should contact the teachers of the school to be visited early and the activity to be done in the classroom should be planned.
• The academic activity that would enable the continuous evaluation process to be carried out perfectly has to be selected for team teaching.
• The monitoring team ought to evaluate the academic activities and works related to it as part of class room interaction.
• The strengths and frailties of the learners should be deduced by the team from their direct class room experience.
• If there is any notable difference between the continuous evaluation score given to the student and the academic standard of the student identified by the teacher of the visiting monitoring team, such matters have to be forwarded for further discussions in general in the forthcoming clusters.

General Instructions for CE monitoring

• Monitoring team has to be planned in such a way that the teachers in the monitoring team should not be away from their parent school for more than 4 days.
• Teachers on regular basis only should be assigned the task of monitoring.
• The monitoring team can visit only 2 schools in the forenoon and afternoon sessions of a day.
• The principals of the school being visited by the monitoring team should ensure that the monitoring team spends minimum 2 hours in the school.
• The details of the monitoring visit must be entered in the school visitors’ book.
• The principal concerned should issue the duty certificate(2 copies) to the teachers of the monitoring team.
• The periods have to be arranged according to the visiting time of the monitoring team by the principal so that it is convenient for the monitoring process to be done.
• For the subjects taught in a few schools only (rare subjects), the monitoring team should be formed as per the availability of the teachers for visiting in the same district or other districts. (rare subjects visitors are allowed to visit one school per day)
• This year, team teaching is allowed for anyone of the batches only for a subject in a school. (First year classes only)
• The continuous evaluation documents attested by the monitoring team should be kept safely in the school itself. It should be made available for the higher authorities when it is required by them.

Schedule of CE Monitoring

The school level CE monitoring will be conducted from January 29 to February 9,2018

CE related Forms and Tools

Click the below link for CE Monitoring Proforma, Duty certificate, Work-done memorandum,claim form etc:-  
Higher Secondary CE Monitoring 2018
Higher Secondary CE Monitoring Guidelines.Circular dtd 27.01.2018
Higher Secondary CE Monitoring Format 2018
Form for Claiming CE Monitoring Remuneration
CE Monitoring Duty Certificate
CE Monitoring -Assessment Approach
CE Score Recording
CE Monitoring -Steps for Score Recording
CE-Term Consolidation Format
CE-Annual Consolidation Format
CE Score Collection Software Tools
CE Score Collection Software(for Science with Biology) by Bibin
CE Score Collection Software(for any group) by Bibin
Terminal Exam Manager by Mujeeb Rehman
Progress Report Creator by Rajesh K
Teacher Planner Models
CE Monitoring -Teacher Planner
English Planner 1 | English Planner 2
Computer Science/Application
Political Science
CE Related Checklist
CE Monitoring-Monitoring Checklist
CE Monitoring-Annexure VI

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