Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Zoology Previous Questions

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To prepare the best, one should put in focused work toward reaching your academic goal. Every minute you spend on studying moves you closer to success. Furthermore, in addition to studying the lessons, practicing with extra question papers for your board's examination is important because it can help you. 

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To realise this experience, the First & Second Year Higher Secondary students can click the link below so as to have a good practice for their Zoology examination. It contains various types of questions from all chapters of the Plus One & Plus Two Zoology NCERT Text book.

Board DHSE Kerala
Text Book NCERT/SCERT Text Book
Class Plus One(Class 11)/Plus Two(Class 12)
Subject Zoology
Question Type
Chapter wise Previous Questions
Category Kerala Higher Secondary Zoology
Last updated on 12-05-2024
These questions were taken from Public Examinations conducted over 16 years (from 2009-2024) and will be immensely valuable to Higher Secondary students preparing for their Zoology exams. 

Question Bank Prepared by Sri. Navas Cheemadan, SOHSS, Areekode(alert-success)

Previous year question papers are a great way to revise & study. This will let you know what you already know and what needs more work. They can also help you manage your time better for each subject so that you can be better prepared for your exams.

Plus One Zoology Question Bank

Plus One Zoology Previous Questions(Chapter wise)
Plus One Zoology Previous Questions Compiled by Navas Cheemadan(2009-2023)
Kerala Plus One Zoology Practice Questions(Chapter wise)
Chapter 1: Living World(Previous Questions)
Chapter 1: Living World(Practice Questions)
Chapter 2: Animal Kingdom(Previous Questions)
Chapter 2: Animal Kingdom(Practice Questions)
Chapter 3: Structural Organizations(Previous Questions)
Chapter 3: Structural Organizations(Practice Questions)
Chapter 4: Bio-molecules(Previous Questions)
Chapter 4: Bio-molecules(Practice Questions)
Chapter 5: Digestion and Absorption(Previous Questions)
Chapter 5: Digestion and Absorption(Practice Questions)
Chapter 6: Breathing and Exchange of Gases(Previous Questions)
Chapter 6: Breathing and Exchange of Gases(Practice Questions)
Chapter 7: Body Fluids & Circulation(Previous Questions)
Chapter 7: Body Fluids & Circulation(Practice Questions)
Chapter 8: Excretory Products and their Elimination(Previous Questions)
Chapter 8: Excretory Products and their Elimination(Practice Questions)
Chapter 9: Locomotion and movements(Previous Questions)
Chapter 9: Locomotion and movements(Practice Questions)
Chapter 10: Neural Control and Coordination(Previous Questions)
Chapter 11: Chemical Coordination & Integration(Previous Questions)

Plus Two Zoology Question Bank

Plus Two Zoology Previous Questions(Chapter wise)
Chapter 1 & 2: Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health
Chapter 3: Principles of Inheritance
Chapter 4: Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Chapter 5: Evolution
Chapter 6: Microbes in Human Welfare
Chapter 7: Human Health & Disease
Chapter 8: Biodiversity and Conservation
Plus Two Zoology Previous Questions(All in One PDF) 2009-2024
Plus Two Zoology Pre-Model Question Paper(Sample)

Higher Secondary Zoology Notes

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