Plus One/Plus Two Computer Science/Application PYQ by Roy Mohan

Are you gearing up for your Higher Secondary examinations in Computer Science or Computer Application? Are you looking for a comprehensive resource that highlights sure-shot questions asked repeatedly in past exams? Look no further!

computer Science/Application PYQ

We're thrilled to introduce a meticulously crafted PDF material prepared by Mr. Roy Mohan, HSST Computer Science at GHSS Kadammanitta. This invaluable resource contains a compilation of previous year's questions and answers from the 2018 public exam onwards, specifically tailored to help you excel in your exams.

Board DHSE, Kerala
Class Class 11 & Class 12
Computer Science & Computer Application
Type Previous Questions & Answers
Prepared by
Sri. Roy Mohan, HSST Computer Science, GHSS Kadammanitta

Why is this material a must-have for every student?

Sure-shot Questions Highlighted:

Mr. Roy Mohan has carefully curated this material to highlight questions that have been repeated frequently over the years, ensuring that you focus your efforts on the most important topics.

Comprehensive Coverage:

From the 2018 public exam onwards, this material covers both first and second-year syllabi for Computer Science/Computer Application students from science and commerce streams, leaving no stone unturned.

Easy Navigation:

With questions and answers clearly organised and highlighted, navigating through the material becomes a breeze. Spend less time searching and more time studying effectively.

Boost Your Confidence:

By familiarising yourself with the types of questions that are commonly asked, you'll feel more confident and well-prepared to tackle your exams head-on.

Whether you're a science stream student delving into the intricacies of programming languages or a commerce stream student exploring the fundamentals of computer applications, this PDF material is your ultimate companion for success.

How to Get Your Hands on This Resource?

Simply click the link below to download your copy of the PDF material.

XI & XII Computer Science PYQ
Plus One(XI) Computer Science PYQ & Answers
Plus Two(XII) Computer Science PYQ & Answers
XI & XII Computer Application PYQ
Plus One(XI) Computer Application PYQ & Answers
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application PYQ & Answers

Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your exam preparation and pave the way for academic excellence. Remember, success favors the prepared mind!

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