Plus One(+1) Accounancy PDF Notes by Jaison James

Plusone(+1) accountancy notes by Jaison James
Studying for exams is about preparing in advance. This way, you'll know exactly how to prioritize your study time and can tailor it according to the different topics. Covering study notes will help students succeed. 

If you're studying a new subject like accountancy, it's good to use a systematic approach and focus on learning your chapters well. That's the best way to do well. It is sure that these notes would be useful for study and revision.  Along with the English version, the Malayalam version of the same is also being updated here.
Board DHSE Kerala
Text Book NCERT/SCERT Text Book
Class Plus One(Class 11)
Subject Accountancy(CA)
PDF Notes & Previous Questions
Category Kerala Higher Secondary Plus One Accountancy
Prepared by Sri.Jaison James, SM HSS, Koodathai
The Accountancy study notes(English & Malayalam) for the first year higher secondary students were prepared by Sri. Jaison James, SM HSS, Koodathai.
1.Introduction to Accounting
Chapter 1 English Notes
Chapter 1 Malayalam Notes
2.Theory base of Accounting
Chapter 2 English Notes
Chapter 2 Malayalam Notes
3.Recording of Transactions-1
Chapter 3 English Notes
Chapter 3 Malayalam Notes
4.Recording of Transactions-2
Chapter 4 English Notes
Chapter 4 Malayalam Notes
5.Bank Reconciliation Statement
Chapter 5 English Notes
Chapter 5 Malayalam Notes
6.Trial Balance & Rectification
Chapter 6 English Notes
Chapter 6 Malayalam Notes
Chapter 7 English Notes
Chapter 7 Malayalam Notes
8.Bill of Exchange
Chapter 8 English Notes
Chapter 8 Malayalam Notes
9.Financial Statements-1
Chapter 9 English Notes
Chapter 9 Malayalam Notes
10.Financial Statements-2
Chapter 10 English Notes
Chapter 10 Malayalam Notes
11.Incomplete Records
Chapter 11 English Notes
Chapter 11 Malayalam Notes
12.Computers in Accounting
Chapter 12 English Notes
Chapter 12 Malayalam Notes
13.Computerised Accounting
Chapter 13 English Notes
Chapter 13 Malayalam Notes
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