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How to install Digital Signature for signing SPARK/BIMS bills

Sunday, July 14, 2019 / No Comments

To install the a Digital Signature Device purchased from Keltron or other vendors, latest version of Java be installed in computer and the same can be installed from the website After that, Digital Signature Device can be installed in the computer.

After installing digital signature as per digital signature installation instruction found on the BIMS home page, Digital Signature Signer (DSC signer) should be installed. This requires any internet browser like internet explorer/Chrome/Firefox be readied. Then, through the DSC Registration Window seen in BIMS home page, DDO code and PEN be entered. The device password be given on the window that opens then and take the print out of pdf file that is made available now and it should be submitted to the treasury concerned.

After completing the above said process, Digital Signature password be entered through New DSC registration / renewal option in Administration menu in SPARK for completing installation. All bills can be digitally signed and e submitted further.

How to install Digital Signature in Windows Platform

The help file and supporting system files for installing digital signature in windows platform is given below.
Installation of Digital Signature-Windows Help Files
Digital Signature Installation in Windows-Help file prepared by Alrahiman
Software for Digital Signature Installation in Windows
Java Run Time Environment(JRE) for Windows(32 bit)
Java Run Time Environment(JRE) for Windows(64 bit)
DSC Signer for Windows
DSC Signer Root CA

How to Install Digital Signature in Ubuntu/Linux Platform

The help file and resources for the installation of Digital signature in Ubuntu/Installation is given below. Click the link below for Digital Signature installation steps.

Installation of Digital Signature in Ubuntu/Linux-Help Files
Digital Signature Installation in Ubuntu/Linux- Help file prepared by Alrahiman
Software for Digital Signature Installation in Ubuntu/Linux
Download NICDSign Package for Ubuntu
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Registration form for Digital Certificate
Circular & Govt Order
Implementing Digital Certificate for e-submitting all bills to treasuries. GO(P) No. 72/2019/Fin. dtd 24.06.2019 

Higher Secondary Exam Fund Settlement in BIMS

Friday, March 23, 2018 / 3 Comments
The govt has published a circular regarding exam fund distribution that it should be done through either bank or treasury account only. The remuneration to teachers and other staff for invigilation duty, practical duty etc has to be given from the allotment, sanctioned in BIMS. But the entry of account details of the staff (beneficiary) in BIMS portal is a time consuming job. Besides, the job should be meticulously carried out.

Now the facility to export the account details in CSV file mode is available in the IExam software. It is possible for us to upload the account details entered thus, to BIMS portal. It makes the job easier as the arduous task of making the direct entry of beneficiary details can be avoided further. 

The help file prepared by Sri.Bibin C Jacob ,HSST Physics ,Brothers HSS Mavandiyur  can be downloaded from the link given below.