How to Resolve DSC Signing Issues on Google Chrome: A Step-by-Step Guide(updated)

DSC Signing Problems on Google Chrome? Here's How to Fix It!

If you're experiencing difficulties with SPARK/BIMS DSC signing on the latest version of Google Chrome, follow these simple steps to overcome the "NICDSign client is not installed or running" error.

Step 1: Check DSC Status

Before resolving the issue, ensure your DSC is working correctly by visiting
Connect your DSC to a USB port and click on the "DSC registration demo link" on the homepage. 
dsc signer
If you encounter the error message "NICDSign client is not installed or running," proceed to the next steps.  
DSC Signer

Step 2: Update Chrome Flags

1. Open a new tab in the Chrome browser and type `chrome://flags/`. 
2. Look for "Temporarily unexpire M118 flags" in the list. 
3. Change the status from Default to Enabled. 
DSC Signer
4. Click the "Relaunch" button at the bottom. 

DSC Signer

Step 3: Adjust Certificate Settings

1. In the Chrome browser, type "insecure" in the search bar in the flags section. 
2. Locate "Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost." 
3. Change the status from "Disabled" to "Enabled." 
4. Relaunch the Chrome browser once again. 
DSC Signer

Step 4: Verify DSC Signer

Visit again. If you see the password-requesting screen, congratulations! Your DSC signer problem should now be resolved. 
DSC Signer
By following these steps, you'll ensure a smooth DSC signing experience on Google Chrome. If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out. Happy signing!

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