MEDISEP Medical Insurance for State Employees and Pensioners- Application, Claim, Coverage

medisep health insurance
The Medisep scheme guarantees comprehensive health insurance to all serving employees of the State Government and pensioners.
The finance department has opened a portal, MEDISEP for the govt employees and pensioners to become member of the Health Insurance scheme. This new plan will work with a cashless treatment facility and will not have any age restrictions for patients. 
MEDISEP is a medical insurance scheme for State employees and pensioners. The annual premium of Rs 6,000 will be deducted from the employee's monthly salary in installments of Rs 500 each. To reduce expenditure, the government is going to take away the Rs 500 monthly allowance pensioners get for medical expenses and use it on MEDISEP.
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Who all will be covered? 

Besides employees and pensioners, their dependents, spouse, and children who have not attained the age of 25 are eligible. 

Medisep Tutorial

Click the below link for downloading Medisep tutorial, scheme and Handbook

Medisep Scheme-Handbook by Sri.Robin Samuel
Medisep Scheme-Handbook by Finance Department
How to download Medisep Medcard-Help file
Download Medisep Medcard-Portal Link
Empanelled Hospitals
Medisep Status
Medisep Scheme-Know Your Status !
Circular & GO
Medisep Arrear deduction. New Guidelines. Circular dtd 16-01-2024
Medisep Reimbursement. New Guidelines. Circular dtd 05-01-2024
Medisep Subscription-Updation of employees on deputation. Circular dtd 23-06-2023
Medisep- Data correction Circular dtd 15-06-2023
Medisep- Refund of Premium-Detailed Guidelines dtd 18-05-2023
Medisep Subscription for newly appointed employee-Guidelines dtd 10-01-2023
Medisep-Guidelines for reconcilation proceedure. Govt Order No. GO(Ms) No. 194/2022 fin dtd 29-10-2022
Medisep-data collection-deadline. Circular No. 68/2022 fin dtd 06-08-2022
Medisep-Guidelines for employees & Pensioners. Circular No. 51/2022 fin dtd 01-07-2022
Medisep-Various payment modalities for premium deductions. GO(P) No.71/2022/Fin dtd 24-06-2022
Medisep-Implementation through oriental insurance company-scheme details sanctioned. GO(P) No.70/2022/Fin dtd 23-06-2022
Medisep-Premium deductions from the salary of July 2022. GO(RT) No.4600/2022/fin dtd 23-06-2022
Mobile Application
How to Install Medisep Android Application-Circular & Guidelines
How to Install Medisep Mobile Application-Tutorial
Medisep Mobile Application by Finance Department(Android)
Related Downloads
Medisep Circular dtd 06-04-2022
Medisep Tutorial Prepared by Dr.Shine S
Medisep- data collection-date extended. Circular dtd 31-12-2021
Medisep-Implementation through Oriental Insurance Company approved. GO(P) No. 1/2022/Fin dtd 01-01-2022
MEDISEP Data collection & Verification (2nd Phase). Circular dtd 22-11-2021
Frequently Asked Questions - Employees
Frequently Asked Questions - Pensioners

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