How to submit 10E form at Income Tax e-filing portal 2022? Handbook by Dr.Manesh Kumar E

form 10e income tax
One of the most misunderstood aspects of income tax is the issue of tax liability. Contrary to popular belief, not all income is subject to taxation - only money gained from work (i.e. salary and wages). By law, you are liable for tax payments on income from all sources. This includes savings, investments and self-employment which you will need to calculate your liability in an annual assessment. 

Income Tax and 10E Relief 

10E relief has been claimed by many of those who have received their pay revision/DA arrear. They have to submit 10E form online first in order to file ITR. 

If you have received a salary advance or if your income is in arrears, there are certain provisions under section 89(1) which allow relief. This relief reduces the chargeable income and can, therefore, reduce the amount of tax one pays on that chargeable income. Before they file their tax return, claimants should file form 10E. 

Having a clean-up of your tax affairs can help you work out your tax liability from the previous year, including things like arrears and current years' liabilities. It is important to remember that 10E form must be filed before filing the Return of income. 

10E Submission-Video by Alrahiman

10E Submission-Hand Book by Dr.Manesh Kumar E

While doing 10E relief, an understanding of this is imperative. Dr. Manesh Kumar E has prepared a handy guide, containing all the necessary information on various stages involved in 10E submission at Income tax portal. Click the following link to get information about how to submit 10E form at Income Tax e-filing portal 2022.
How to submit 10E form at Income Tax e-filing portal 2022-Helpfile Prepared by Dr.Manesh Kumar E
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