Kerala School Kalolsavam-Manual, Guidelines, Results

Kerala school kalolsavam

Kerala State School Kalolsavam

The Arts Fest of students of LP, UP, HS, HSS, VHSS students of govt/aided and recognized Un-Aided schools under General Education Department in our state is known as Kerala School Kalotsavam.
Kalolsavam 2022Schedule
School Level Before 19th October 2022
Sub-district Level Before 30th November 2022
District Level Before 30th November 2022
State Level January 2022(3rd-7th)

Kerala School Kalolsavam Manual

In this revised school kalolsavam manual there are some significant changes from the existing one. Grades would be fixed for youth festival as it has been given for academic level activities. Hence, those who score 80% or more would be given A grade, 70 - 79% would be given B grade and C grade for 60 - 69%. More over all A grade winners at state level would be blessed with Cultural scholarship, the amount of which will be decided by the government.

At the High school(HS) level, total number of items would be 89 and categories would be 15. At the Higher secondary(HSS/VHSS) level, there are 98 competition items of 14 categories. All students qualifying at the school level writing competitions would get a chance to participate at the sub district level. Besides Kathakali, Ottanthullal, Folk dance and Mimicry would be competition items common to all.  Manual for Kerala school youth festival is available from the link below.
School Kalolsavam Manual
Manual for Kerala School Kalolsavam  2017(25-10-2017)
Manual for Kerala School Kalolsavam-Revision dtd 02-11-2017
Manual for Kerala School Kalolsavam-Revision dtd 21-11-2017
Manual for Kerala School Kalolsavam-Revision dtd 06-10-2018
Kerala School Kalolsavam-Appeal Form(New)

School Kalolsavam Categories

The competitions are conducted in 4 categories.
  • Category 1 - from std 1 to 4
  • Category 2 – from std 5 to 7
  • Category 3 – from std 8 to 10
  • Category 4 – std 11 and 12
Category 1 would culminate at sub district level itself. Category 2 would culminate at revenue district level & Category 3 & 4 would culminate at the state level respectively.

School Kalolsavam-Evaluation

The competition items with 60% or more score are classified into 3 grades – Grade A, B and C.
  • 80% or more – A Grade
  • from 70% to 79% - B Grade
  • from 60% to 69% - C Grade
Those who get top score with A grade only are eligible to participate in the next level.

Grace marks for Kalotsavam Winners

The system of awarding grace marks to A, B, C grade winners at state level continues. For A grade winners, the grace marks would be 30 marks, for B grade, 24 marks and for C grade, 18 marks.


The contest participants can go for appeal if they have any complaint. The appeal fee is Rs.500/- at school level, Rs.1000/- at sub district level, Rs.2000/- at district level and Rs.2500/- at state level. Appeal amount would be given to participants only when they score more than that of their contestant at the district level, against whom they have filed an appeal.

School level Kalotsavam Software

Software tools to enable the conduct of Kalotsavam at school level are available. With the help of these, various necessary reports for Kalotsavam can be prepared. This School-Level Kalolsavam software developed by Alrahiman and Rajesh K is designed to automate the back-end process of the School level LP, UP, HS, HSS, VHSS Kalolsavam. 

The entire process of the school level Kalolsavam, from the entry of a contest participant to the printing of results will be done at the click of a mouse. The tabulation and score sheets for the judges are also system generated.  

We request you to make use of this software products and give your valuable suggestions and feedback. Click the link to download.
School Level Kalamela Software by Rajesh K
School Level Kalolsavam Software- Kalamela Ver 2019 by Rajesh K
Help File
School Level Kalolsavam Software- Kalamela Ver 3.0 by Rajesh K(For LP Schools)
School Level Kalamela Software by Alrahiman
School Level Kalolsavam Software- Ulsav by Alrahiman
Help File
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School Kalolsavam fund collection-circular dtd 15-09-2022
Tips for School Level Kalolsavam Prepared by Suresh Kattilangadi

School Kalolsavam Data Entry Portal

Details of Kalotsavam participants who score top grade should be entered in the General Education Department’s kalotsavam portal on time. Then only it would be possible for them to compete at the sub district level. Portal link will be available soon.
Data Entry Portal
School Kalolsavam Data Entry Portal

School Kalolsavam Results

The results of Kerala School Kalolsavam are given here State, District and Sub district wise. The particulars being given here are not accurate and authoritative. It is the sole responsibility of the readers to assure the credibility of the results. To include the result links in the list, it can be send to the blog in the following address
Kalolsavam Results
State/District Kalolsavam Result

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