How to refund revaluation fee of Higher secondary exam ?

Refund of revaluation fee of Higher secondary exam. Revised guidelines published. Download Now !
Update: While conducting revaluation and scrutiny, the following rules shall be observed. 
1. Each answer script shall be valued by two different examiners other than the examiner who evaluated it for the first time. 
2. If the difference of the scores obtained in the two revaluations, is less than 10% of the maximum score of the subject, the average of the two scores shall be reckoned as the revalued score. 
3. If the difference of the scores of the two revaluations is greater than or equal to 10% of the maximum score of that subject, the answer scripts shall be subjected to a third valuation. The average of the two scores with least difference shall be reckoned as revalued score. 
4. The revalued score shall be awarded to the candidate if it is greater than the original score obtained by the candidate. Otherwise, the original score shall be retained. 
5. The scrutiny of answer scripts shall involve checking whether all answers in the answer script are valued and scores awarded to all the answers have been tabulated in the facing sheet. 
The scores tabulated in the facing sheet shall be totalled again to check for errors in calculation. If there is any increase of scores on scrutiny the same shall be awarded to the candidate .
Higher secondary students applying for revaluation should be aware of certain things regarding change of marks, getting new certificate and repayment of the fee paid towards revaluation.
When the difference of marks is 5% or more of the total score, the students would get their marks changed after revaluation. (for subjects with practical exam it should be 3 or more marks and for other subjects it is 4 or more marks). Such students should submit their old mark list to the principal of the institution for getting a new one with their changed marks. The School Principal would forward the old mark list with a covering letter to the Directorate(within one month after the publication of result) and make available the new mark list from there.
It is to be noted that in the revaluation of Biology subject, even if the student gets 3 or more difference in marks in Botany and Zoology together or separately, the changed marks would be rewarded.

The conditions under which fee is refunded
Only when the difference of marks is 10% or more of the total score, the fee paid towards revaluation will be refunded. The difference of marks is 6 or more for practical subjects and 8 or more for other subjects.

The Principals must refund the revaluation fee to those candidates who secure 10% or more marks from the revaluation fee which is already deposited in the PD accounts of the schools. The remaining amount towards revaluation fee in the PD account shall be remitted in the Head of Account “0202-01-102-97(03) other receipts” on or before 15th June 2021.
Refund of revaluation fee
Revised Guidelines for Govt and Aided Schools dtd 14-07-2020
Revised Guidelines for Unaided Schools dtd 14-07-2020
Plus Two March 2020-Application for Scrutiny
Plus Two March 2020-Application for Photocopy

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  1. Eventhough i got changed, i dont know the exact mark changed . how is it possible to know?, & I didn't get the mark list too

  2. rfund chyanamenkil minimum 8 mark koodanam ennanalo condition pakshe ethra mark koodiyenn ariyanamenkil mark list kitande.allathe ariyan vere vazhi indo?mark list kittan ethra naal edkum?vgm rply tharu?plzzz

  3. sir we didn't get the mark list . Then how can we know the change of month is going to over after the revaluation result published.will we lost our mark and the money paid?

  4. Sir,I am plus two student.i sumbmitted my plus one biology paper for revaluation and scrutiny current biology score is 79 and lost only 1 mark altogether in my science there a scope of it being 80 if only 5% of change of marks is considered for changing the result?

  5. Sir how could we know our marks of revaluation

  6. If my mark changed from 76 to 77 will it show change in re evaluation result

  7. If the change percent is less than 5% what we can do

  8. Sir how can we see the changed marks

  9. I also changed marks for English and Computer Science .But how can we know the changed mark ?

  10. If no change is the status shown in revaluation result and if my marks get added Les than 5% do my new mark shown in certificate


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