Registers to be Maintained at the Higher Secondary Exam Centre

Conduct of Higher Secondary Examination, free of complaints is the duty of every exam Chief Superintendents. From the date of appointment to the closure of exams,it is the sole responsibility of each Superintendents,to conduct a fair examination. Along with this the Examination Supdts has to maintain certain registers. 
Till now we had a very vague idea about the registers to be maintained at the exam centres. But the Department of Higher Secondary Education has clearly mentioned the registers to be maintained at the examination centres, in the HSE Examination Manual.

A sample of these registers in the PDF format is given here for downloading. On the basis of examination notification we prepared this sample format and any change in this format can be commented.
Higher Secondary Examination Registers in PDF Format
Registers to be Maintained at the Higher Secondary Exam Centre(All in One PDF)
Register for opening, closing and sealing of safe containing question papers.(Annexure-12)
Register for question paper account.(Annexure-13)
Stock register of main answer books, additional sheets, bar-coded answer books and CV covers.(Annexure-14)
Register for invigilation duty.(Annexure-15)
Watchmen duty register.(Annexure-16)
Daily seating arrangements register
Despatch register of answer scripts.(Annexure-17)
Daily reports register
Inspection registers
Register to record malpractice.(Annexure-18)
Proforma for Handling suspected cases of malpractice from the exam centre/CV camp/Monitoring Squad
Higher Secondary Exam-Manual & Notification
Higher Secondary Exam Notification March 2024
Higher Secondary Exam Time table March 2024
Higher Secondary Exam Manual
Higher Secondary Exam-Software Tools
Invigilation Duty Arrangement Manager by Ramesh V P
Easy Ticket-Temporary Admission Ticket Generator for HSS Exam by Ramesh V P
Temporary Student Identification-Temporary Hall Ticket(Software by Alrahiman)
iExams Tutorial for Higher Secondary Schools

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  4. There is so many other registers to keep in a Secondary school Public Examination center in Kerala. Please, publish all the required registers at the earliest with a short note on the maintenance of each register.


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