iExamS -Higher Secondary Examination Management System

iExamS-DHSE is an online portal created mainly for the unification of school level activities in connection with Higher Secondary exam. Earlier, such activities were done with the use of offline software HSE Manager. Nominal roll of Higher Secondary students, hall ticket, practical and theory exam duty, Continuous Evaluation(CE) and  Practical Evaluation(PE) mark recording, attendance, duty certificate, every day exam records and updates etc are now being entered in online mode.

It is aimed here to publish various help files that define how to execute different activities through iExamS-DHSE online portal. Also, while performing the tasks through iExamS-DHSE, the doubts that arise now and then can be posted as comments and reply for the same can be expected from the experts.

Practical Score Entry in iExam-Help Files
Practical Score Entry in iExam-Help File Prepared by Hari Kumar A
Exam Activities in iExam-Help Files
CE Score Entry in iExams(Help File)
Uploading NSS Grace Mark(Help file prepared by Team NSS,Kottayam)
Account Settlement in iExams-Help
Exam day activities in iExams-Help file by DHSE(Theory Exam)
Exam day activities in iExams-Help file by DHSE(Practical)
Updating Guest and Un-Aided Teacher Details in iExams
Updating Practical Examination Attendance Details in iExams
iExamS-Examination Management Portal

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