Guidelines for Higher Secondary Internal/External Practical Examiners

It is time for them to attend the Higher secondary practical exam of the academic year 2023-24. In connection with the conduct of this practical exam, there are certain things like duration of practical exam for each subject, batch formation and batch count identification certificate and Diary for the external examiner, Student attendance etc which the Internal as well as the external examiner should be aware of. 

Help file Compiled by:  Sri.Harikumar A, HSST Commerce, V.V HSS, Thamarakkulam, Alpappuzha(alert-passed)

Guidelines for Higher Secondary Internal/External  Practical Examiners

The help file attached here for the practical exam may be of great use to the examiners. The help file comprises two parts. 

The first part provides necessary guide lines for the conduct of exam in the proper and easy manner. Part 2 is about uploading score of the students through exam portal. 

plus two lab exam-external examiner guide

Help file-Part 1: Help file for Internal/External Examiners 2024

This help file enables the Internal and external examiner to know the method of practical exam to be conducted without any difficulty by providing much knowledge on it. Click the link below to download it.

Part 1-Helpfile for Internal/External Practical Examiners-2024

Help file-Part 2: Practical Score Entry through iExams Portal(2024) 

Part 2 is about uploading score of the students through iExam portal.Click the below link for downloading practical score entry and score sheet generation through iExams Portal.

Part 2-Practical Score Entry through iExams Portal

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