Kerala Higher Secondary Examination Manual: Guidelines, Proforma, Forms

The Kerala Higher secondary exam manual was first published in 2005. Hence certain provisions in the old manual published in 2005 are not consistent with the present era, it has been decided by the government to revise the manual. Despite the pandemic period and thereby arising obstacles for the fast moving process of this exam manual Publication, regular meetings were held to revise the manual and got approved on 16/08/21. It was revised and the final version was confirmed by the teachers’ Unions and eventually it was approved by the government on 18th January 2022.

There are considerable changes in the conduct of Higher Secondary examination. The major changes to be noted in the revised manual are given here. 

Higher secondary exam manual

Table of Content

Table of Content(toc)

Kerala Higher Secondary Exam Board 

The Higher Secondary Exam Board consist of the following members.

  1. Director of General Education, Kerala. : Chairman
  2. Joint Director (Examination), Higher Secondary. : Secretary
  3. Joint Director (Academic), Higher Secondary. : Member
  4. Secretary to the commissioner for Govt. Examinations. : Member
  5. Director, SCERT, Kerala : Member
  6. Secretary, Board of Vocational Higher Secondary Examinations : Member
  7. Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, Kerala or nominee : Member
  8. Director of Collegiate Education, or nominee. : Member
  9. Director of Technical Education, or nominee. : Member
  10. Registrar, Kerala University, or nominee. : Member
  11. Director of IHRD, or nominee. : Member
  12. Principal of a higher secondary school to be nominated by the Director. : Member
  13. A senior HSST to be nominated by the Director. : Member

Higher Secondary Exam Manual 

The various exams in the Higher secondary sector and their conduct and things to observed while doing, are clearly described. 

HSE Manual
Higher Secondary Exam Manual(PDF)
Exam related Proceedures and Forms(PDF)

Guidelines to officers 

There are clear guidelines for each officer assigned to the exam work and their duties in the manual.

  • Duties of the examination branch 
  • Duties of chief superintendents 
  • Duties of Principals 
  • Duties of deputy chief superintendents 
  • Duties of Invigilators Duties of Clerk, Office Assistant, Night Watchman
  • Duties of the state chairman 
  • Duties of district chief examiners 
  • Duties of external & Internal examiners for practical evaluation 
  • Duties of Laboratory assistant for practical evaluation 
  • Duties of camp coordinator,camp officer,deputy camp officer(CV Camp) 
  • Duties of tabulation officer,script coding officer 
  • Duties of Casual Worker, Night Watchman 
  • Duties of Chief and Assistant Examiners(CV Camp) 
  • Duties of CE, PE and CV Camp Monitoring Squad

Registers to be Maintained at the Higher Secondary Exam Centre

Conduct of Higher Secondary Examination, free of complaints is the duty of every exam Chief Superintendents. From the date of appointment to the closure of exams,it is the sole responsibility of each Superintendents,to conduct a fair examination. Along with this the Examination Supdts has to maintain certain registers.
Exam Registers(PDF)


There is a major change regarding revaluation. Revaluation answer scripts will be subjected to double valuation. If the difference of the two scores is less than 10% of the maximum mark, the average of both such scores will be given. If the difference is 10% or more, then, a third revaluation will be conducted and the average of the nearest score with the score obtained in the double valuation will be awarded to the student. Even if there is only one score higher in the revaluation, it will be awarded. If the score is lesser after revaluation, then the first obtained score will be retained.

How to refund revaluation fee?

Evaluation of Answer Scripts 

The manual insists on evaluation of all answers in the answer script and the record of scores in the facing sheet to ensure the correct calculation of marks to be awarded.

Duplicate certificate 

The application procedure for the duplicate certificate has been simplified by amending the submission of the affidavit by the first class magistrate. Instead, an affidavit from the notary is sufficient. 

How to get Higher Secondary Duplicate certificate/score sheet?

Migration Certificate

The candidates who have not qualified the exam, will not be issued the Migration Certificate along with their certificate. But, if they would like to obtain the same, such students must submit a separate application form. The students who have already got the certificate but lost it, also can apply for Duplicate Migration Certificate.
How to apply for Higher Secondary duplicate Migration certificate?

Plus Two Certificate Correction

The guidelines for the students who would like to make corrections and replace the Plus two certificate issued by the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education are given here so that the procedure may be rightly done to make the necessary changes.
How to Apply for Higher Secondary Plus Two Certificate Correction?

Certificate in DigiLocker

The soft copy of the Higher Secondary Certificates will be available in DigiLocker. Candidates can keep their score sheets in digital format by registering in the DigiLocker.
DigiLocker: How to register and download Plus Two Certificates?

Compartmental exam 

The compartmental students can register for the first year or second year subject which they could not pass and appear for the exam as they wish. If they register for the first year exam then the highest score of the second year and vice versa will be retained. As the students had to register for both the first and second year exam so far, this would be a relief to such students. 

Absentees of practical exam 

If a student who has appeared for the second year theory exam but unable to appear for the practical exam, such student need to appear for the practical exam only next time. 

Setting of Question Paper

Question paper setting is very important for the higher secondary exam. A pool of teachers will be formed after invited application from teachers who are interested in doing this and a panel of teachers will be selected from it. 

Valuation of Answer scripts

As per session Earlier, the Higher secondary exam was conducted for 150 marks and a pack of 20 and scripts for Botany, Zoology and Music was given for valuation in a session whereas it was 13 for other subjects. Since the scores are reduced now, the number of scripts to be evaluated in a session for Botany Zoology and Music will be 25 and 17 for other subjects. It will enable the fast moving evaluation process for the results declaration.

Check list for Chief Examiners(CV Camp)

Camp officers/tabulation 

Designation and duties of the officers in the valuation camp have been revised. Earlier, tabulation was done at the Higher Secondary directorate.Then, district wise tabulation camps were formed. At present tabulation camps are there in all valuation camps. Instead of data entry operators, to do these activities responsibly and confidentially, officers have been posted. Besides, the required number of officers for script coding in double valuation camps have been posted. 

Scheme finalization 

After exam scheme finalization will be conducted and the question papers with answer key in each subject will be posted in the portal for the Teachers students and parents to enable flawless valuation. 

Grace mark in certificate 

Grace Mark can be added to the maximum of 90% of the score. Moreover it will be marked in the certificate. As most of the institutions insist on a certificate with score exempting grace mark for admissions, it is extra burden while issuing another certificate. So, it has been decided to record separately the grace mark obtained in each subject. 

Grace Mark

Mandatory exam duty to teachers 

No teachers will be exempted from exam work. The penal measures against such teachers are given in the manual. Comprehensive instructions to avoid malpractice are also given. 

Practical exam monitoring squad 

To ensure the practical exam without any flaws, a monitoring squad with teachers concerned will be formed. 

CV camp monitoring squad 

To ensure a fair conduct of valuation process, CV camp monitoring squad will be formed. 

Retaining answer scripts 

The period of retaining answer scripts in schools functioning as valuation camps will be reduced to one year citing the inconvenience and lack of space. 

Revised application forms 

All revised application forms connected with Higher Secondary exam are given in the Exam manual. This manual would be of much help to all principals and teachers for smooth and safe conduct of Higher Secondary exam. 

HSE Forms
Exam related Proceedures and Forms(PDF)

Higher Secondary Cource & Exam Cancellation

The procedure, application form and guidelines for the cancellation of Higher secondary first & Second year exam registration and Course cancellation are given below.
How to Cancel Higher Secondary Exam and Course?

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