Guidelines for the formation of Parent Teachers Associations (PTA) in Schools

General Education Department has published detailed guidelines for Parent Teachers Associations (PTA) formation and its activities in Govt/Aided schools. The first meeting of PTA in Higher Secondary schools should be within one month after completion of  Plus One admission whereas it should be conducted in the month of June itself in schools with no Higher Secondary section. The common PTA should be conducted at least thrice a year.

Selection of PTA Executive Committee

PTA Executive Committee should be elected in the first meeting itself. PTA executive committee is a syndicate of Parents and Teachers. The number of executive committee members should be between 15 and 21. The number of Parents be at least one more than that of Teachers and the number of female members must be equal or more than equal. It should be confirmed that representatives from each section - Primary, High school, Higher secondary and Vocational Higher secondary are there.

Selection of PTA Executives(President, Vice President etc:-)

The first meeting of executive committee and General body meeting be on the same day so that the President, Vice President etc. can be elected. The duration for being a PTA president is limited to three consecutive years. PTA Executives selection related detailed guidelines are available in the link given below.

PTA Membership Fee

PTA membership fee is mandatory for all parents every year. The membership fee should be given either at the time of admission or in the first month.
Membership fee order-
  • LP Section 10
  • UP Section 25
  • HS Section 50
  • HSS Section 100
The PTA membership fee is not compulsory for the parents of SC/ST and financially backward students. Still they would be members of PTA general body.

PTA Fund Collections

PTA fund can be collected as per the amount given below if the PTA General body decides. 

  • LP Section 20
  • UP Section 50
  • HS Section 100
  • HSS Section 400
The link below shows the Govt Order explaining the disbursal of the PTA fund collected. The orders published by the General Education Department at different occasions in connection with PTA activities are gathered and given here. To download click the link below.
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Formation of PTA & SMC in the academic year 2022-23. Guidelines & Circular dtd 15.09.2022
Formation of PTA in the academic year 2022-23. Guidelines & Circular dtd 12.08.2022
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