Unified School Education Directorate-Khader Committee Recommendations

Khader Committee Recommendations
Aiming at schools becoming centres of excellence and thereby provide quality education to all irrespective of any caste, religion, gender, creed or belief, The Govt of Kerala has appointed an expert committee to analyse and review the matters to create an inspiring and enthusiastic atmosphere in schools for the all round development of the students. 

The committee comprising its members and chairman Sri. M. A. Khader submitted a report to the Chief Minister of the state recommending a wholesome education system which is an unifying one from primary to Secondary school, bringing all under regulation and purview of one supreme authority. As per the committee’s report, certain transformations would change the structure of the contemporary State education system to realize its dream of ‘quality education for all’.

The major recommendations of the committee include some notable changes from the present system of education. Mainly it advocates the transformation of the teachers as professionals to raise the standard of education and so degree be made the both the basic qualification and profession qualification at the primary level. Likewise post graduation be made compulsory at the Secondary level.

The committee favours an innovative mode of learning in pre-school like play-by method, making it available for children from 3 years old to the period they reach the school going age. The criteria as directed by the National Council for Teacher Education would be eligibility for pre-school teachers. As part of this, action will be taken against unrecognized pre-school teachers’ training centres.

It is of the view that the basic administrative component of the education system be school. Also there should be one head of the institution known as principal. Their appointment may be by promotion from the list of teachers with PG and B.Ed from HSS/VHSE on the basis of a common seniority list whereas the existing opportunity for principals in the cadre of HM would continue. Similarly, in the unifying system, the ministerial staff would continue their service. Resource persons for the children who need special care and librarian post would be created. Also Revenue district level office be there. Joint Director of Education post will be created for this.

According to the report submitted, all Vocational Higher Secondary schools would get changed to Secondary Schools under the National Skill quality framework. The recommended framework enables all students with special training in Arts and Sports and the Secondary students with vocational training. Similarly, all entering into service would get induction training.

The highlight of the report is that it demands the presently declared Kerala Administrative Service be developed as Kerala Education Service. To implement the education projects orchestrated by the Grama Panchayath, and to unite other activities, implementing officer post is necessary and so Panchayath Education Officer posts must be created in all grama panchayaths. Ultimately, AEO and DEO posts would exist no more. It is also affirmed that monitoring at regular intervals only would ensure successful outcome of such reforms being made. Click the link below for the expert panel report in pdf form.
M A Khader Committee Report-Letter from Educational Minister dtd 16-07-2022
M A Khader Committee Report Part-1 (GO(Ms) No. 19/2019/Gen.Edn dtd 28.02.2019)
M A Khader Committee Recommendations-press release
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