How to fill Annual Property Statement in SPARK?

As per Rule 37 and Amendment rule 2010 of Kerala Govt Servants' Conduct Rules 1960, all employees apart from Part-time contingent servants are obliged to submit the annual movable or immovable property statement before 15th January of each successive year. All employees, with the exception of part-time contingent staff, must submit a statement of movable or immovable property for the year 2023 by 14-02-2024. 
Annual Property Statement in SPARK

How to fill Online Annual Property Statement in SPARK?

To visit the login page, go to the Address bar of your browser and type in The page will appear on your screen then. 

When you're ready to log in, enter your Permanent Employee Number (PEN) as the User Code and your password. Once you've clicked Sign In, the Password Change window will open. To make changes to your password, you'll need to enter your current password. Your new one should be alphanumeric (a combination of letters and numbers), with a minimum of 8 characters. After you've entered the new password in the confirm field, click on the 'Confirm' button to finish making changes. Upon successful completion of password reset, the user is directed back to the login page . They need to type in their username and newly generated password to log in, after which the main page will be displayed. 

To file your property returns, simply navigate to the 'profile' menu and select 'property returns'. You will be provided with the required instructions on your screen. 

Property returns is a straightforward 4-step procedure, which is outlined below. 

Step 1: 

Part I Details need to be filled in accurately, after which the 'Confirm' button can be clicked. Make sure you check the details and tick the declaration box before completing this step. 

Step 2: 

If Part II (Immovable) details are applicable, the required details must be filled in. Once the declaration is accepted, the 'Confirm' button must be clicked to save and continue. 

Step 3: 

If you have any movable part details, enter them in Part 3. When you're ready, accept the declaration and click the 'Confirm' button to save your entered information. 

Step 4: 

Enter Generate Acknowledgement. This feature allows you to print the acknowledgment for your property returns. You can modify sections I, II, and III before generating the acknowledgment; however, no changes can be made after obtaining it. Additionally, the filing authorities have access to employee information that has been submitted at any point in time. 
Annual Property Statement 2023
Annual Property Statement 2023-Date extended. Circular dtd 23-01-2024
Annual Property Statement 2023-Circular dtd 29-12-2023
Annual Property Statement 2023(Help file by Info Spark)
Annual Property Statement 2023(Help file by Dr.Manesh Kumar)

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