Jeevan Raksha Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAIS): Nomination Form, SPARK Tutorial

The Kerala State Insurance Department introduced the Group Personal Accidental Insurance Scheme (GPAIS), which applies to various types of employees in the state. The scheme has now been revised and renamed as 'Jeevan Raksha,' with an increased insurance amount of Rs. 15 lakh for accidental deaths and Rs. 5 lakh for deaths due to other reasons. 
This scheme will come into effect from 1st January, 2024, with an annual premium of Rs. 1000. All terms and conditions of GPAIS will continue for Jeevan Raksha. Employees must submit a new nomination as per the revised scheme. The insurance and other details of the Jeevan Raksha scheme, nomination form, and related orders can be downloaded from the provided link.

Jeevan Raksha Govt Order & Forms

Download the govt order, Jeevan Raksha Nomination form, Claim form etc from the following link.
Jeevan Raksha Scheme(GPAIS)-2024
Jeevan Raksha Scheme-Govt Order 2024
Jeevan Raksha Nomination Form
Application for Claim(For Accidents Claim-Form A)
Application for Claim(For Death other than due to accident-Form B)
All DDOs authenticated to draw and disburse salary of employees should deduct the premium from the salary of all categories of employees included in the scheme for the month of November payable in December

How to deduct GPAIS in Spark?

Step 1: Select Salary Matters-Changes in the Month-Deductions-Add Deductions to All.
Step 2: Select recovery Item as GPAI Scheme New, Bill Type, Recovery amount :1000, From date: 01/11/2023 To date: 30/11/2023. Then Click Proceed button.
Click the below link for government order , Nomination Form,  Claim form etc:-
Govt Order 2023
Jeevan Raksha Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAIS) 2023-GO(P) No 112/2023/Fin dtd 18-11-2023
Previous Circulr & GO's
Jeevan Raksha Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAIS)-subscription for Temporary employees-clarification dtd 23-11-2023
Jeevan Raksha Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAIS)-last date for remitting preimium-date extended. GO(P) No.44/2023/Fin dtd 05.05.2023
Jeevan Raksha Padhathi-GPAI Scheme -Revised guidelines. GO(P) No.17/2023/Fin dtd 22.02.2023
GPAI Scheme -last date for remitting preimium-date extended. GO(P) No.07/2023/Fin dtd 23.01.2023
GPAI Scheme -Change in SPARK code. Circular Dated 21.11.2022
GPAI Scheme -Renewal of the scheme for the year 2023. GO(P) No.140/2022/Fin Dated 21.11.2022
GPAIS-Submitting Nomination to DDO. Guidelines. Circular No. 85/2022/fin Dated 11-10-2022
GPAI Scheme -Deduction Entry in Spark. Tutorial by Harikumar A(Updated on 23-11-2022)
GPAIS Policy Guidelines
GPAI Scheme-Guidelines for claim approval

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