School Study Tour Guidelines, Circular, Govt Order

school tour guidelines
It is very common to organize educational tours amidst the course of study considering the educational significance and purpose as it breaks the monotony of learning and refresh the students to indulge in their curricular activities with new vigor to trigger their knowledge. Its impact on learning experiences is so good that it has become a need and a part of the course. The certain things to be remembered while organizing study tours have been given in detail through different circulars by the General Education Department and Directorate of Higher Secondary Education.

Study Tour Planning and Schedule

In higher secondary schools study tours should be conducted in the month of October, November or December. It should be planned in such period that it should not affect the exams, fairs and working days.

How to Organize School Study Tours

The place selected for study tour, stay, travelling days and programme etc should be decided after a discussion with the PTA executive committee. Also the minutes of the PTA executive committee meeting regarding the study tour should be kept safely. Study tours can not be allowed without the consent of the PTA.

How to get Permission for Study Tour

Even though, the PTA executive committee gives consent to organize the same, the relevant documents should be submitted to the Regional Deputy Director(RDD) seeking permission for the tour in the higher secondary level. Given below are the documents to be produced with regard to this.

Format of the Affidavit:

  1. Copy of the PTA minutes/report
  2. Itinerary of the journey specifying the time of arrival, stay and departure of all days
  3. Undertaking of the Principal stating that tour is being conducted meeting all the requirements specified in the circulars.
  4. The list of students.
  5. Name and contact number of escorting teachers.
It should be done before the schedule of the tour to obtain permission from the RDD.

Teacher Representatives

The presence of a teacher is must in the ratio of 1:15, and it should be a male teacher for boys and female teacher for girls. There should be a change in the accompanying teachers. The inclusion of family members of principal or teachers for the trip, must be avoided. Whereas the the PTA representatives can take part if they are willing. The principal or the tour convener ought to submit the report of the tour conducted, to the RDD within a week after the trip. The feed back / opinion of the teachers and students be included in it. It should be ensured that there has been decent behavior from teachers and students as well.

Instructions to Students

The consent letter from the parents of students who are willing to participate in the study tour must be collected. The itinerary, accompanying teachers’ mobile number etc be given to the parents. Likewise, the parents are also required to give their contact number to the tour convenor. Students must not be allowed to use mobiles during such trips. They should be enforced to refrain from vulgar/ indecent way of dressing, talking and unnecessary photo clicks. If the students don’t conduce to make a good and comfortable journey, the school authorities can take action against them like issuing T.C etc.

Instruction to Schools

The teachers accompanying the students in the trip should keep a copy of the list of study tour participants. For the safe and smooth journey, food and stay facilities, sight seeing spots etc should be planned and booked early. First aid and other necessary medicines be ready with them. The health condition of students have to be confirmed whether he / she is fit for the journey. Only healthy food and drinks are preferred. Travel between 9p.m to 6 a.m should be avoided. The tours be affordable to even the economically backward students. The details of travel expenses should be made known to the tour participants and the teachers and their consent is also needed. After the trip, safe reaching of the students to their home should be confirmed.

Number of Tours Allowed in an Academic Year

In the case of higher secondary schools with more batches or students, the tours can be arranged either batch wise or class wise. It is the responsibility of the principal of the institution and the PTA to plan and arrange it accordingly. Consent of the RDD is a must.

For field trips related to CE activities, the principal can grant permission. An undertaking from the teacher concerned has to be given. Such field trips arranged as part of curricular activities would be a short trip, setting out in the morning and getting back in the evening of the day itself. It would be a mere field trip.

Orders, circulars in connection with school study tours published at different times by the General Education Department and the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education, can be downloaded from the link.
School Study Tour : Inspection of contract carriages going for excursions from educational institutions-30 days period. Circular dtd 12.03.2024
School Study Tour : Inspection of Vehicles by RTO-Additional Instructions & Proforma. Circular dtd 12.11.2022
School Study Tour : Revised Guidelines(DGE) Circular No. M4/700196/2022/DGE dtd 18.10.2022
School Study Tour : Govt authorised tour operators. circular dtd 02.03.2020
School Study Tour : No of working days-clarification circular from DHSE dtd 23.11.2019
School Study Tour : Instructions from DHSE dtd 12.10.2018
School Study Tour : Guidelines from RDD TVM dtd 15.10.2015
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DHSE dtd 15.11.2012
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DHSE dtd 28.04.2012
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DPI dtd 27.12.2013
School Study Tour : Guidelines from DPI dtd 02.03.2007
Reimbursement of Study tour expenses of SC Students-guidelines
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    പ്രാക്ടിക്കല്‍ ഇല്ലാത്ത വിഷയങ്ങള്‍ക്ക് 24 മാര്‍ക്ക് കൊടുക്കുന്നതിനെപ്പറ്റിയും ചര്‍ച്ച ചെയ്യുന്നുണ്ടത്രേ.

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    Ee Tour Sharikum OCT Month alle Nallath

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  17. Excellent post.Thanks for sharing this message.Really,Your blog is not only instructive but useful too.Homeschool in canada

  18. Very regularly one accomplice lands the position for arranging a trip...and that errand rapidly turns into a drag.

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  20. Thanks for sharing this amazing guide about educational student tours This is really good guide every students need to read this guide. Great post keep sharing.

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  23. Should our destinations must be places within Kerala?is off state trips allowed???

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  25. Ningalude tour with oola rules namukk Venda, Schoolil ninn tour pokumbo, nammal friends vere poykkolum

  26. The discrimination to higher secondary students regarding the tour matter should rethink.If a rule is to be imposed it should be to all the category of students.Atleast make 3 tour days ...please

  27. We are not agreeing with this the rule should be imposed to three categories and there is no need of stating the days for tour plz make it as 3 or 4

  28. We are not agree with least we need 4 days tour...pleasee

  29. Sir its not fair .can i ask you something is there only flood for HSS.why do you give permissions to HS?sir it is ours last chance for going tour with our best friends.please do something and extend the tour upto 4-5days sir i beg you

  30. We planned our tour to be on 25th this month and we all collected the amount for it suddenly this circlular makes as disappointed ,why hs and college students are allowed please make the tour atleast 3 days,this was cheating we want to enjoy our best movements with our friends,please modify circular with our needs we are begging you

  31. plss add class 11 and 12 Psychology notes

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  33. Sir Pl s modify this circular
    This is the final opportunity of enjoyment in our school life . make the tour days three or four . We are begging you plss

  34. We planned our tour to be on 25th this month and we all collected the amount for it suddenly this circlular makes as disappointed ,why hs and college students are allowed please make the tour atleast 3 days,and we want our trip outside kerala.This was cheating we want to enjoy our best movements with our friends,please modify circular with needs we are begging you....Plssssssss

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    പല സ്കൂളിൽ നിന്നും പോകുന്നുണ്ട് അതിനു പിന്നിൽ ഒരുപാട് റിസ്കുകളുണ്ടോ????


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