Guidelines for Medical Reimbursement Claims

An employee can claim the reimbursement not only for medical expenses incurred for himself but also for his/her spouse,dependent children and parents. Click the below links and download guidelines,application form,appendix,hospital list etc for claiming refund of medical expenses incurred in connection with medical attendance and treatment of government employees and their families. We express our sincere gratitude to Sri. Rajeesh, Govt UPS, Sarkkara, Chirayinkeezh who has compiled this blog post.

Medical Reimbursement-Instructions
Medical Reimbursement-Instructions to Heads of Department
Application form for claiming Medical Reimbursement
Application form for claiming Medical Reimbursement(Appendix II Form)
Proforma to be filled up by the Authorized Medical Attendant when a patient is referred to other hospitals
Medical Reimbursement Claims in respect of Government Servants and Teachers suffering from Cancer and Kidney diseases
Related Downloads
Treatment that can be availed from approved private hospitals without reference from an authorised medical attendant. GO(Ms) No. 184/2017/H&FWD dtd 15.12.2017
Verification and sanction of reimbursement claims-ceiling limit enhanced. GO(MS) No 145/2017 H&FWD dtd 06.10.2017
Instructions-Medical reimbursement for the treatment of specialised procedure of Assisted reproduction Techniques like IVF,Embryo Transfer etc: GO(p) No. 8/2017/H&FW dtd 10.02.2017
Approved Private Hospitals and list of diseases for Medical Reimbursement Claims.G.O.(P) No.10-2016-H&FWD dtd 21.01.2016
Medical Reimbursement-Regional Cancer Centre Claim -Guidelines. Circular No. 4412/G2/2015 dtd 06.10.2015
Interest free medical advance to Govt Employees.GO(P) No 586-13-Fin Dated 03-12-2013
Approved Hospitals and list of diseases for Medical Reimbursement Claims dtd 11.07.2012

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  2. Pls post this Go: G.O(P)No. 197/2015/H&FWD dated 10.09.2015

  3. Is it possible to claim the treatment done in Approved Private Hospitals in earlier G. O which is not listed in the current G.O

    1. Yes. because the GO in 2016 says 'in addition to reference read as 3rd and 4th' which are the old GOs

  4. I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well. USA Soma

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    Thank you very much for your excellent effort.

  13. I am an employee of Kerala state government. My daughter is diabetic. How can I claim for monthly medical expenses

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  16. I am a kerala government employee, my sister is suffering from autism.. is it possible to claim medical for her treatments

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