School Protection Group & CPT Committee in Schools

All higher secondary schools in the state are directed to form a School Protection Group as per circular No 16/2011 dated 28/06/2011 by the State Police Chief.

The main purpose of forming a protection group is to provide safety to children from becoming victims of illegal activities. The head of the institution or PTA president will chair the group. Ward member or ward councilor, school leader, 2 parents, 2 teachers, one merchant of the locality, one auto driver, SPC representative and some other residents of the area would be the members of the group.

Their responsibilities include, ensuring traffic safety in the school surroundings, being vigilant to get information regarding selling of drugs, narcotic substances, tobacco products and other such items and pornographic materials, getting info about students who cut classes and loiter in the vicinity and watching persons who may misguide or tempt children from wrong doings.

The School Protection group should function in complete cooperation with the District Police Chiefs and the Local Bodies.
School Protection Group-Circular by DHSE
School Protection Group-Guidelines

CPT Committee in Schools

A CPT committee (Child-Parent-Teacher) has to be formed for resolving issues or problems among students at the school level. The CPT committee should be in active cooperation with Child Welfare Officers in Police stations and Child Protection Committees at Local Self Government Department level in all schools.
Child-Parent-Teacher Committee in Schools-Guidelines

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