ICT Training for Higher Secondary Teachers

As part of General Education Protection Mission, it has been decided to impart various training programmes on ICT enabled teaching – learning process to all the teachers and students in our state. With regard to this, 4 days training programme on ICT based educational process, resource preparation, introducing Samagra online portal etc to all the Higher Secondary teachers in the state has been planned.

ICT Training in Vacation

It is mandatory for all the Higher Secondary teachers to participate in the ICT training in the vacation. This training programme is arranged in such a way that various subjects are conjoined and common modules are prepared. The list of several subject groups with subjects included in each group are given below. Teachers should participate in the training programme in the groups with their subjects only.

ICT Training Schedule

Vacational ICT training will be completed in the month of May. The training hours will be from 9.30 in the morning to 4.30 in the evening. The participating teachers would be eligible to get Rs.125/- per day towards honorarium. Each batch would consist of 30 teachers. Teachers can opt their district, training centres and batch according to their convenience. Priority will be to those who register first. Teachers should participate compulsorily in the batch that they have registered.
ICT Training schedule as directed by KITE (it@school) is given below.

Spell 1 – from 13th May to 16th May
Spell 2 – from 17th May to 21st May
Spell 3 – from 22nd May to 25th May
Spell 4 – from 27th May to 30th May

The given time schedule is tentative.

Subject Group for HSS ICT Training

12 subject groups are available for Higher Secondary ICT Training.

Online Registration for ICT Training

(Watch this video How to register for ICT Training)

To enter the details of the teachers participating in the ICT training programme, log in to ‘Training Management System’ prepared by KITE.

Step 1: Select ‘Training Management’ option from Service menu in KITE portal. Type user name and password to log in. The school details can be seen now.

Step 2: Select the menu ‘ICT Registration’ from the menu.

All teachers of a school would be listed here. ‘Edit’ button is there, against the name of each teacher. While the ‘edit’ button is clicked, the teachers’ details can be seen on the window.

Step 3: To complete the registration process, give bank details, IFSC code etc. As soon as the details are entered, branch name of the bank would be displayed. Then enter the bank account number. Choose HSST for category. 11 subject groups are seen in the subject options. Select your subject group from this.

ICT Training details shall be given now. First, select the district. You can have your choice of any district here. The training centres for subject concerned, in the district chosen will be displayed. After selecting the centre, you can select the batch. Then click ‘update’ and save.

Updates and resources in connection with the Higher Secondary training will be shared here as and when it is made available.
ICT Training for Higher Secondary Teachers 2019
ICT Training 2019-Registration. DHSE circular dtd 04.04.2019
ICT Training 2019-circular dtd 29.03.2019
ICT Training 2019-DPI circular dtd 28.03.2019
ICT Training for Higher Secondary Teachers
KITE Training Management System 2019-Online Portal
KITE Training Management System-User Manual
KITE Training Management System-Video Help
Samagra Portal Registration-User Guide
ICT Training Materials for Higher Secondary Teachers
Ubuntu 18.04.1 64 bit Software Download(ISO Image)
Ubuntu 18.04.1 64 bit Installation Help File
Ubuntu 14.04 Software Download(ISO Image)
Ubuntu 14.04 Installation Help File
Ubuntu Installation Troubleshooting Help-1
Ubuntu Installation Troubleshooting Help-2
Ubuntu Bootable Live USB Creation
Ubuntu Bootable CD Creation
ICT Training - Notes for Teachers
ICT Software Help
Open Shot Video Editor
Libre Office Impress
Scratch & Audacity
Hot Potato
Screen Capturing

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  1. Congratulations.. The KITE initiatives are wonderful. Appreciations to all especially Dr Anvar Sadhath, Jayakrishnan KS sir and the team


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