Die-in-harness:The perquisites and emoluments for the dependents of Govt Employees

There are certain things that the dependents of govt employees who die in harness are entitled to get. But, it has been seen that, most of the people who are dependents of such govt employees are finding it difficult to move with the process as there may not be availability of necessary documents to be produced or non submission of nominations etc, Even if such things are perfect, the process is getting delayed for the allocation of the amount to the dependents concerned. 

Moreover, the major fact is that the family in distress may not be mentally fit to move forward for the proper disposal of the monetary benefits they are entitled to. Their lack of knowledge in the matters is also another verity. 

Under these circumstances, the well-wishers and colleagues extend their help and enable them to follow the proper procedure for the amount to be sanctioned. Hence, it would be always advisable for all to ensure whether the nominations for GIS, SLI, GPF, FBS, DCRG etc have been filed or not and the SLI, GIS, GPF passbook entries are updated and attested by the higher authorities. 

Although, all the documents are perfect and process activated, it may consume much time for fund allocation. A booklet is prepared after a thorough perusal of all govt orders regarding this, with the purpose of disseminating the necessary knowledge on what the dependents of such govt employees deserve and the steps to be undertaken for getting it done etc. 

The commendable work was done by Adv.Sri.T.M.Sreekumar, a Retired Senior Superintendent, Office of the Inspector General of Registration, Vanchiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram. It would be also advisable to refer the latest GOs and norms too in connection with this as the techno-friendly methods are made available presently everywhere for submitting applications etc flawlessly and fastly. A few sample applications are also attached herewith.
Die-in-harness:The perquisites and emoluments for the dependents of Govt Employees(e-Book)
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Write off loans of employees who have passed away while in service. GO(P) No. 91/17/fin dtd 17.07.2017
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  1. What about Employees under CONTRIBUTORY PENSION SCHEME appointed after July 2013 ?
    Will they get the benefits on " Die-in-harness"?


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