Leave Travel Concession(LTC) for Govt Employees and Teachers-How to Apply?

As per the pay revision order  G.O(p)No 85/2011 dt 26/02/2011 in 2011 TA is allowed for govt employees and teachers in Kerala state to go for a pleasure trip once with their family. The govt has issued guidelines on LTC through govt order – GO (P) 05/2013 fin dt 02/01/2013.

All full time staff and teachers including aided school staff are eligible for LTC. Applicants should have completed 15 years of service to avail of this concession. As per the existing order, LTC can be availed of one time only during the service. But the employees on suspension or LWA for other jobs and part time contingent employees and temporary employees are exempted to take advantage of this.

It is allowed for the employees, employee’s husband/ wife, unmarried children / legally adopted children etc. All employees should enter the name and details of family members in their service book ( page no. 5). At the time of applying for LTC, the higher official should verify the details of the applicant that the names entered in service book and those given in the application are same.

LTC is granted for the distance of 6500 kms (including return journey). Also the short and direct route would be considered for sanctioning the amount. LTC is allowed for 15 days, inclusive of holidays. Teachers of schools and colleges will be allowed LTC on vacation as per para 5(lV) of LTC Rules/guidlines GO(P)No.5/2013 Fin dtd 02/01/2013 ( not allowed during Onam or X’mas holidays).

The employees should submit all related documents and original tickets to the controlling officer within three months after the journey. 90% of the amount can be claimed in advance even before the trip. The copy of the tickets should be submitted along with the application for this. Advance is allowed as per the allotment. If the advance is claimed, all proofs for journey under taken should be submitted to the controlling officer within one month after the journey. If not, advance amount along with interest would be deducted from the next month salary. A declaration regarding the place chosen for the trip should be given to the controlling officer before the journey.

The exact train/bus/air fare (from and to) will be issued. Other allowances like incidental expenses, DA for halt etc. as given in KSR. Tour TA are not allowed.

In the case of both the husband and wife are govt employees, LTC can be claimed by one of them only. And 'LTC not claimed' certificate by the other should be submitted. Controlling officer is the LTC Sanctioning Authority. While LTC is found to be misused or misappropriated, the sanctioned amount has to be repaid with 18 % of interest and disciplinary action would be taken against such employees.

LTC govt order, application form, TA charges etc. can be downloaded from the link.
Leave Travel Concession(LTC) Guidelines Prepared by Rajeesh C L, Govt UPS , Sarkara, Chirayinkeezh
Leave Travel Concession(LTC) Govt Order GO(P) No 5/2013/fin dtd 02-01-2013
Leave Travel Concession(LTC) -Destination change-Circular dtd 05-10-2018
Leave Travel Concession(LTC) -Clarification-Circular dtd 02-02-2019
Application form for grant of LTC

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  1. Pls clarify, the teachers will be permitted to travel only on vacation for LTC ??? where it is in the order? how other govt employees can avail leave for LTC teachers dont ??

    1. Teachers are permitted to use LTC during vacation period only.Read Govt Order

  2. Pl see para5 (iv) of GO(P)No.5/2013/Fin dated 02-01-3013

  3. para 5 (iv) says ''Teachers of schools and colleges will be allowed LTC on vacation''.'vacation only' word is not there in the order. As teachers cant take leave on vacation they should have the privilege to avail LTC on vacation also.

  4. LTC sanction ചെയ്യേണ്ടത് കണ്‍ട്രോളിംഗ് അതോറിറ്റിയാണല്ലോ. ഒരു ഗവര‍്‍മെന്റ് പ്രൈമറി അധ്യാപകനെ സംബന്ധിച്ച് കണ്‍ട്രോളിംഗ് അതോറിറ്റി ഹെഡ്മാസ്റ്ററാണല്ലോ. പ്രൈമറി ഹെഡ്മാസ്റ്റര്‍ സാഗ്ഷന്‍ ചെയ്ത് ഡിഡിക്ക് അലോട്മെന്റ് ആവശ്യപ്പട്ടാല്‍ പോരേ? എ ഇ ഒ ഓഫീസര്‍ ആണോ പ്രൈമറി അധ്യാപകന്റെ എല്‍ ടി സി

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