Plus Two/SSLC Exam March 2021: SCERT Focus Area, Notes, Syllabus, Question Pattern

The public board exam for the classes SSLC & Plus two for the academic year 2020-21 would commence from 17th of March 2021. Under the present global alarming Covid 19 pandemic scenario, certain guidelines have been issued for the smooth and safe conduct of the public exam and for the students, teachers and parents by the committee under the head of the on. Min of Education. 

Plus Two/SSLC Focus Area & Study Notes

Online video classes to transact curriculum in the present situation would be completed by 31st of January 2021. Class room transaction process should be made available to the students from 1st January 2021 to 16th of March. The lessons/topics that be given more focus and prominence in the remaining days in the live class room situation will be intimated before 31st of December 2020 and published in the DHSE portal. Teachers should take care to revise such areas of the units.
Plus Two/SSLC Focus Area
Plus Two(XII) Focus Area(SCERT) for March 2021 Exam
SSLC Focus Area(SCERT) for March 2021 Exam
Study Notes Based on SCERT Focus Area 2021
Plus Two(XII) Economics by Gokulnath P N
Plus Two(XII) Economics by Rajesh S
Plus Two(XII) Botany by Ismail Parambath
Plus Two(XII) Zoology by Navas Cheemadan
Plus Two(XII) Zoology Question Bank by Navas Cheemadan
Plus Two(XII) Computer Science by Joy John
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application-Commerce by Joy John
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application-Humanities by Lenin Pulickal
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application-Humanities by Abdul Sameer
Plus Two(XII) Physics by Ayyappan C
Plus Two(XII) Chemistry by Anil Kumar K L (Last updated on 15-01-2021)
Plus Two(XII) Business Studies by Binoy George (Last updated on 14-01-2021)
Plus Two(XII) Business Studies by Jovin Thomas
Plus Two(XII) Business Studies(Malayalam) by Aneesh M
Plus Two(XII) Business Studies by Johnson Koshy (Last updated on 06-01-2021)
Plus Two(XII) Accountancy by Binoy George (Last updated on 16-01-2021)
Plus Two(XII) Commerce-Computerised Accounting by Johnson Koshy
Plus Two(XII) Commerce-Computerised Accounting(Malayalam) by Johnson Koshy
Plus Two(XII) Commerce-Computerised Accounting by Binoy George (Last updated on 07-01-2021)
Plus Two(XII) History by Sujith K (Last updated on 12-01-2021)
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Hsslive Study Notes Archive
Hsslive Study Notes(All Subjects)

Exam Question Pattern March 2021

More choices will be included in the question paper to cater to the interests and needs of the students. As the choices in the question paper would eventually lead to increase in the number of questions, the students would be provided with more cool off time. 

Model question papers would be made available for the students through educational websites and model exam too will be conducted.
Model Question Pattern
SSLC Model Question Pattern

Continuous Evaluation(CE)

Apt and simple subject wise activities be given and duly evaluated. Participation of students in video (online ) classes, records of works related to it, notes, assignments, unit assessments (2 nos) etc can be considered as part of CE.

Practical Exam 2021

The practical exam for all sections – SSLC, HSE and VHSE will be held after the completion of the written exam. Guidelines may be prepared according to the peculiarities of each subject. The students also shall get ample time, a week duration after the exam for the preparation of the practical's. 
Plus Two Practical Exam 2021-Guidelines & Question Pattern
Plus Two Practical Guidelines 2021(All Subjects)

Consent Letter

The students of classes 10 and 12 can be present in school with the consent of their parents. The Headmaster/Principal of the institution concerned should make the arrangements needed for it. 

To give a clear cut idea on the functioning of school and exam, classwise PTA should be arranged in which, the message by the Minister for General Education be broadcast to the parents. 
School re-open. Teachers Attendance-DGE-Circular dtd 30-12-2020
School re-open. Guidelines dtd 24-12-2020
50% attendance from December 17th - guidelines dtd 15-12-2020
Govt office-Guidelines-GO(MS) No 964/2020/dmd dtd 10-12-2020
Functioning of govt offices in full strength. Clarification GO(rt) no. 814/2020/DMD dtd 14-10-2020
Concent Letter from Parents(Sample Format)
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Plus Two March 2021 Exam-Time Table & Notifications

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  25. Can we expect model questions according to the changed pattern? It would a great help if you can provide statistics notes on focus area Thanks
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