Higher Secondary Plus Two English-Focus Area Study Notes 2022

As the prevailing condition of our state is in the grip of the dreadful disease Covid 19, it has not been conducive for the proper functioning of the academic year, the govt has decided to make the students focus more attention to certain areas for their easy preparation and thereby lessening the stress and strain of the upcoming exam of the Higher Secondary Second year students. 

Hence, if the focus is given on these selected topics from which majority of the questions are expected, the students would be able to have an excellent performance. The various notes of each chapter under this area, compiled together for the easy reference study are given here. 

Focus Area Chapters in XII English 

  1. 3L’s Empowerment (Speech) 
  2. Any Woman (Poem)
  3. Match Box (Story )
  4. Horegallu (Anecdote ) 
  5. Mending Wall(Poem)
  6. The Hour of Truth (One act play ) 
  7. A Three Wheeled Revolution (Interview ) 
  8. Rice (Poem ) 
  9. Dangers of Drug Abuse(Essay)

For strengthening the preparation and enhancement of recollection of each chapter in the focus area 2022, the students are advised to watch the digital classes in the Victors’ Channel as it would provide them with a first hand virtual experience of attending the classes. For this purpose, the link of each class is given here. Click the class to view again.
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