Free Software for Higher Secondary School Office Management

HSSCLERK School Office Management Software

hssCLERK is a free software developed by Sri.Mujeeb Rahiman C, HSST Commerce, Govt. HSS Kadungapuram, Malappuram. It is an attempt to simplify Higher Secondary school office works with database support (MS Access 2007). hssCLERK automatically import School and Teacher details by giving our school code through 'Basic Setting'. This software is simple to use and helps to prepare and print,
1) Relieving Orders with Venue name and date by giving code of venue school and date of relieving.
2) Duty Certificates to teachers by giving school code of the teacher.
3) Experience Certificates
4) Chalan forms with database. No need of entering purposes and head of account repeatedly. option to save all these.
5) Teacher Search. All approved teachers now working in Higher Secondary School are in the database.
6) Letter Writer-Option to draft,save,edit and update letters
7) Student Identification Certificate
8) Higher Secondary Examination Forms
We request you to make use of this free software and give your valuable suggestions to improve this software.

Easy Office Software for HSS Office

Easy Office is a free office management software developed by Sri. Ramesh V P, HSST Commerce , Govt HSS, Porur, Malappuram. The software tool is developed in Microsoft Excel. It requires Windows Operating System. The software is simple to use and helps to prepare different reports for HSS office. Some of the highlights of this software are

1) Casual Leave Printer
2) Relieving Order Printer
3) Service Certificate
4) Duty Certificate
5) Teacher ID Certificate
6) Salary Certificate
7) Experience Certificate
8) e-Chalan
9) Letter Pad
10) Voucher Printer
11) Official Letter Printer
12) Students Profile Printer
13) TC & Conduct Certificate
14) Course Certificate
15) Student ID Card
16) PTA Meeting
17) Student Tour Manger
18) Vacancy Report 
19) Conduct Certificate 
20) Bonafide Certificate 
21) Temporary Hall Ticket
We request you to make use of this Easy Office software and give valuable suggestions.
Easy Office by Ramesh V P
Easy Office Software for Higher Secondary Schools(last updated on 27.03.2021)
HSSCLERK by Mujeeb Rahiman.C
hssClerk - Free Software for Higher Secondary Schools Ver. 20.02.10(Last updated on 30.03.2020)

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  1. Relieving order with venue name is very is very nice software

  2. I am very glad to see this software for hss clerk , congragulations for ever .... mahendrakumar. a., 2142


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