Plus One/Plus Two Economics Study Notes

Quality education is the right of every child.It is our duty to ratify whether all children obtain it. To enhance the educational status of Higher Secondary Students,the 'Mikavu' scheme being implemented under the leadership of Kasargod District Panchayth has enabled to elevate their pass percentage considerably. 

As part of this ,to substantiate the augmentation of scholastic activities of Higher Secondary Students, Mikavu 2014 hand book has been released. For the advantage of Plus Two students, subjects like Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics,Economics,Accountancy etc are included in this hand book.

The pdf form of Higher Secondary Plus Two Economics Study Notes (Mikavu 2014) is given below. Click the link to download.

Contributors: Sri. Gokulnath P. Naryanana Rao, M C C Higher Secondary School, Kozhikkode, Sri.Rajesh S, KTCTEM HSS, Kaduvayil, Thiruvananthapuram
Second Year(Plus Two) Study Notes(Micro Economics) by Rajesh
Chapter 1: Introduction to Micro Economics
Chapter 2: Theory of Consumer Behavior
Chapter 3: Production & Cost
Chapter 4: Theory of firm under perfect competition
Chapter 5: Market Equilibrium
Chapter 6: Non Competitive Markets
Second Year(Plus Two) Micro Economics Presentation Files by Gokul Nath
Introduction to Micro Economics
Economy & Its Central Problem
Production Possibility Curve
Theory of Consumer
Demand Analysis
Theories of Production
Cost of Production
The Theory of Supply
Equilibrium Price
The Theory of a firm under perfect competition
Non Competitive Market
Second Year(Plus Two) Study Notes(Macro Economics) by Rajesh
Chapter 1: Introduction to Macro Economics
Chapter 2: National Income Accounting
Chapter 3: Money and Banking
Chapter 4: Income Determination
Second Year(Plus Two) Presentation(Macro Economics) by Gokul Nath
Introduction to Macro Economics
National Income Accounting
Money and Banking
Income Determination
Government Budget & Economy
Open Economy
Study Notes
Plus Two Economics (Micro & Macro) Study Notes (Malayalam & English)
Plus Two Economics Study Notes by Gokulnath
Plus Two Economics(Micro) Work Book and Question Bank by Gokulnath
First Year(Plus One) Study Notes by Rajesh
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Collection of Data: Study Note(English) | Study Note(Malayalam)
Chapter 3: Organisation of Data: Study Note(English) | Study Note(Malayalam)
Chapter 4: Presentation of Data: Study Note(English) | Study Note(Malayalam)
Chapter 5: Measures of Central Tendency
Chapter 6: Measures of Dispersion
Chapter 7: Correlation
First Year(Plus One) Presentation by Gokul Nath
Statistics for Economics
Collection of Data
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Previous Question Papers & Study Materials

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  1. Sir,when will you upload the answer key....??? We are eagerly waiting for it.....pls upload it as soon as possible sir...

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  3. hy... the mediafare link is not responding....pls add another one

  4. Plus two economics exam was really tough plzz kindly make the valuation liberal

  5. pls upload plus one economics study notes chapters 8 onwards

  6. The answers are not complete.

  7. there is only the chapters of statistics...where is the Indian economic development ...chapters

  8. Thanks and really appreciated your efforts....Aneesh CKGMHSS Chingapuram

  9. Plz include +1 malayalam version notes

  10. There was a mistake in +1 improvement examination 2018 in economics.The question no.16 arrange them toward making a project.There was a mistake in the given point.(identifing a problem on an studyed area..but the actual is identifing a problem or an area of study..'or'is printed as 'an'.So i hope we will given full score for that question..thank you

  11. plus one economics study note of first part is not available

  12. Plz add plus one economics study notes(indian economic development)

  13. Ithil malayalam medium available textukal koodudal refer cheyan helpfulavukayulu

  14. Economics for plus one students in the part of Indian economy

  15. Economics for plus one students in the part of Indian economy

  16. Please upload plus two Malayalam note

  17. Sir when u put answers please try to make answers as easy as possible because due to thick words we have difficulty in studying so please kindly note this too........
    Thnk u

  18. Please add XI Economics Theory note in English

  19. Only statistics notes are available here please make economics, first year notes also

  20. Only statistics notes are available here please make economics, first year notes also

  21. Please add first year economics notes also

  22. Thanks for all the study notes for plus two


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