Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Notes by Pathanamthitta District

unnathi Hss notes pathanamthitta
Pathanamthitta district always holds the first place for maintaining a good result for SSLC in kerala state whereas it goes behind in the case of Higher Secondary results. Hence the District Panchayath and Higher secondary teachers joined together to bring changes to the prevailing condition of Higher secondary results by implementing certain pedagogic strategies.Table of Contents(toc)

Higher Secondary Study Materials by Pathanamthitta DP

The specially prepared notes in almost all subjects like Accountancy, English, Commerce, Computer Science/Application, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, History, Geography under this project would certainly make tremendous changes in the results of Higher Secondary students.

Download Plus One(+1) Notes

Plus One(+1) Study Notes by Pathanamthitta District Panchayath 2023
XI English Quick Notes 2023
XI Physics Quick Notes 2023
XI Chemistry Quick Notes 2023
XI Botany Quick Notes 2023
XI Zoology Quick Notes 2023
XI Mathematics Quick Notes 2023
XI History Quick Notes 2023(Malayalam)
XI Politics Quick Notes 2023(Malayalam)
XI Economics Quick Notes 2023(Malayalam)
XI Geography Quick Notes 2023(Malayalam)
XI Business Studies Quick Notes 2023(Malayalam)
XI Computer Application(Commerce) Quick Notes 2023(Malayalam)
XI Computer Science Quick Notes 2023(Malayalam)
XI Sociology Quick Notes 2023(Malayalam)
XI Accountancy Quick Notes 2023(Malayalam)
XI Statistics Quick Notes 2023(Malayalam)
Plus One(+1) Study Notes(Kaithang) by Pathanamthitta District Panchayath 2022
XI English Quick Notes 2022
XI Malayalam Quick Notes 2022
XI Hindi Quick Notes 2022
XI Physics Quick Notes 2022
XI Chemistry Quick Notes 2022
XI Botany Quick Notes 2022(Malayalam)
XI Zoology Quick Notes 2022(Malayalam)
XI Mathematics Quick Notes 2022
XI History Quick Notes 2022(Malayalam)
XI Politics Quick Notes 2022(Malayalam)
XI Economics Quick Notes 2022(Malayalam)
XI Geography Quick Notes 2022(Malayalam)
XI Business Studies Quick Notes 2022(Malayalam)
XI Computer Application(Commerce) Quick Notes 2022(Malayalam)
XI Computer Science Quick Notes 2022(English & Malayalam)
XI Sociology Quick Notes 2022(Malayalam)

Download Plus Two(+2) Notes

HSS Unnathi Quick Revision Study Notes 2023
XII English Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Physics Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Chemistry Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Mathematics Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Politics Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Accountancy(CA) Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Economics Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Geography Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Business Studies Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Computer Application(Commerce) Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Computer Science Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Sociology Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
XII Statistics Unnathi Quick Notes 2023
HSS Quick Revision Study Notes(Kaithang) 2022 by Pathanamthitta District Panchayath
XII English Quick Notes 2022
XII Physics Quick Notes 2022
XII Chemistry Quick Notes 2022
XII Botany Quick Notes 2022
XII Zoology Quick Notes 2022
XII Mathematics Quick Notes 2022
XII History Quick Notes 2022
XII Politics Quick Notes 2022
XII Accountancy(CA) Quick Notes 2022
XII Economics Quick Notes 2022
XII Geography Quick Notes 2022
XII Business Studies Quick Notes 2022
XII Computer Application(Commerce) Quick Notes 2022
XII Computer Science Quick Notes 2022
XII Sociology Quick Notes 2022
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  2. Sir can you please provide economics important notes in English..it will be very helpful..

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  4. Please provide Computer Science notes in English. What about Hindi?

  5. Could you post botany quick notes in English, please?

  6. Sir Could you post botany and zoology notes in English

  7. Sir can you add plus two botany notes in English it is very helpful for us .

    1. Botany and Zoology englishil ullath kittyo

  8. +1 physics kaithangu notes available aano...?

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  10. Please provide note of Hindi too

  11. Biology malayalathil aannu
    English kittille....?

  12. Sir please make biology kaithang study notes in engilsh also please

  13. Can you please translate the Zoology and Botany notes of +2 into English. Because Malayalam can't understand. please... translate the pdf into English

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