Plus One(+1) Zoology Revision Exam Series by Zoology Teachers Association, Malappuram

plus one zoology revision test 2022
As the exam is around the corner for the first year Higher Secondary students, the students should have a thorough study of all subjects. To score the maximum, it is necessary that they should practice various worksheets and question papers. 

Plus One(+1) Zoology Revision Exam Series 2022 

In the case of the science batch students, complete reading of the text would enable them further. With this view, the teachers of Malappuram zoology Association have come out with the test series and model question papers to work out. 

Concentrated study and continuous test papers on each unit would be of tremendous help to the students to write the exam very well. It would enhance their unit wise preparation. Besides, checking the answer key provided with it would enable them to identify their problem area and rectify it.

Revision Test-Schedule, Question Paper & Answer Key

The model question papers in zoology are sufficient to get an idea of questions that can be expected for the exam. Click the link below to download the test series and model question papers prepared by Malappuram Zoology Teachers Association.

Date Topics Question Paper & Answer Key
05-05-2022 Thursday Living World Download Question Paper
Structural Organization in Animals Download Answer Key
08-05-2022 Sunday Animal Kingdom Download Question Paper
Download Answer Key
11-05-2022 Wednesday Biomolecules Download Question Paper
Digestion and absorption Download Answer Key
14-05-2022 Saturday Breathing and Exchange of Gases Download Question Paper
Body Fluids and circulation Download Answer Key
17-05-2022 Tuesday Excretory products and their eliminations Download Question Paper
Locomotion and Movement Download Answer Key
20-05-2022 Friday Chemical coordination and Integration Download Question Paper
Neural control and coordination Download Answer Key
25-05-2022 Wednesday Pre Model Examination Download Question Paper
Download Answer Key
Exam Time: 8PM to 9PM

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