Higher Secondary Plus Two History Map Study

plus two history map study

It is essential to cover all areas of the subject concerned while preparing for exam to gain the optimum score. Hence, it is very much necessary to be thorough with the study of Map in History subject. 

A good practice in Map study would aid the students to remember and reproduce easily. For this, Map study in History is being provided here for the second year Higher Secondary students. Previous years board exam questions and answers are also included here. 

Each question is presented in such a way that the students would be answering in board exam in the outline map model based on each concept and theme in Indian History. It comprises 5 sets of questions and answers on several themes of Indian History. Besides, Malayalam translation of frequently asked questions in board exam is also given along with this. 

This academic enhancement work is an endeavor by Sri. Sujith K, HSST History, Govt HSS, Chayoth, Kasargode.

Plus Two History Map Study 2021

Theme 1: Bricks, Beads and Bones

Map 1: Some important mature Harappan Sites

Theme 2: Kings, Farmers and Towns

Map 1: Early States and their Capitals
Map 2 : Distribution of Asokan Inscriptions
Map 3: Some important kingdoms and towns

Theme 4: Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings

Map 1:Major Buddhist Sites

Theme 7: An imperial capital Vijayanagara

Map 1 : South India(14th to 15th Century)

Theme 11: Rebels and the Raj

Map 1: Terrorist under British Control in 1857
Map 2: Main Centres of the revolt of 1857

Theme 12: Mahathma Gandhi and the Nationalist Movement

Map 1: Important centres of the Nationalist Movement

Plus Two History Map Study-Previous Questions(Solved)

The solved previous year HSE Map questions from 2016-19 is the main feature of this. 

Plus Two Map Study Set 1

1. The site where Daya Ram Sahni discovered Indus seals (SAY 2019) 
2. The Harappan site in Haryana from where the terracotta models of plough found(March 2018) 
3. The Harappan site from where the remains of Great Bath found. (March 2018) 
4. The Harappan site from where the evidence of a ploughed field found. (March 2018) 
5. The Harappan site from where the remains of water reservoirs found. (March 2018) 

Plus Two History Map Study Set 2 

1. The city in which Buddha born(March 2016) 
2. The Second capital of Magadha(SAY 2019) 
3. The site received help from Sultan Jehan Begum to preserve and protect.(March 2016) 
4. The major Rock Edict site of Asoka in Gujarat (SAY 2019) 
5. The major Rock Edict site of Asoka that is located Southern most (SAY 2019) 
6. The place from which Walter Elliot collected sculptures (March 2016) 

Plus Two History Map Study Set 3  

1. The birth place of Buddha (March 2016,SAY 2018) 
2. The place where Buddha attained nibbana (SAY 2018) 
3. The place where Buddha delivered his first sermon (SAY 2018) 
4. The place where Buddha got enlightenment (March 2016,SAY 2018) 

Plus Two History Map Study Set 4

1. The place where the 1857 revolt started(SAY 2016,March 2017,SAY 2017) 
2. Bahadur Shah was the ruler of (Model 2019) 
3. The place where Begum Hazrat Mahal fought the revolt (SAY 2016,SAY 2017,March 2019) 
4. The place where Nana Saheb led the revolt (SAY2016,March 2017,SAY 2017,March 2019) 
5. The place where Kunwar Singh led theRevolt (March 2019) 
6. The place where Rani Lakshmi Bai fought the revolt (SAY 2016,March 2017,SAY 2017,March 2019)  

Plus Two History Map Study Set 5  

1. The Place which was described as the ‘Nursery of Bengal’(Model 2020) The Place where Nawab Wajid Ali Shah ruled (Model 2018,2019) 
2. The place where Birjis Qadr was hailed as the leader (Model 2019) 
3. The place from where Shah Mal organized peasants to rebel against the British (March 2017,Model 2018)
Plus Two(XII) History Map Study
Higher Secondary Plus Two History Map Study(Map work on the outline map of India)-English & Malayalam Version
Plus Two History Previous Questions & Solutions
Higher Secondary Plus Two History Previous Year Map Questions(Solved-English Version)
Higher Secondary Plus Two History Previous Year Map Questions(Solved-Malayalam Version)

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