Higher Secondary Plus Two Computer Application (Commerce) Notes

Study Notes of Plus Two Computer Applications (Commerce) , prepared by Sri.Anish Kumar, Sri.Thomas Vargheese,Govt Boys HSS Puthuppallly, Kottayam, Sri.Abdul Sameer, GHSS, Vatakara, Sri.Anil Kumar, GHSS, Kuzhumathikkad, Sri.Sreej,Govt HSS,Kadakkal,Kollam, Joy John, St.Josephs HSS, Trivandrum and Jobin George,SG HSS,Kalayanthani. 

Expecting these notes ,which have grown up to the status of support and guide, could be utilized by the learning and teaching community. Study materials will be updated on receipt. Plus Two Computer Application-(Commerce) Notes can be downloaded from the following links.
Plus Two (XII) Computer Application (Commerce) SCERT Focus area based Class Notes
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application-Commerce Short note based on focus area 2021
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application Sample Question Paper(3 Set) prepared by Anishlal, GVHSS Madappally
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application-Commerce focus based study notes by Joy John
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application-Commerce(Malayalam & English) by Asees V
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application(Commerce) Focus area based study notes by Samagra Shiksha Kerala
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application(Commerce) Chapterwise weightage based on model question paper 2021
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application Focus area study notes by Malappuram District Panchayath(Malayalam)
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application Focus area study notes by Malappuram District Panchayath(English)
Plus Two(XII) Computer Application-Commerce(Malayalam) by Thomas Varghese
Plus Two (XII) Computer Application (Commerce) Class Notes and Previous Questions by Anil Kumar
Chapter 1 : An Overview of C++
Chapter 2 : Arrays
Chapter 3 : Functions
Chapter 4 : Web Technology
Chapter 5 : Web Designing using HTML
Chapter 6 : Client Side Script using Javascript
Chapter 7 : Web Hosting
Chapter 8 : Database Management System
Chapter 9 : Structured Query Language-SQL
Chapter 10 : Enterprise Resource Planning-ERP
Chapter 11 : Trends and Issues in ICT
Plus Two Computer Application-Previous Questions
Plus Two (XII) Computer Application (Commerce) Class Notes by Joy John& Sreej
Chapter 1: Review of C++ Programming
Chapter 2: Arrays
Chapter 3: Functions
Chapter 4: Web Technology: Study Note 1 | Study Note 2
Chapter 5: Web Designing Using HTML
Chapter 6: Client Side Script using JavaScript: Study Note 1 | Study Note 2
Chapter 7: Web Hosting: Study Note 1 | Study Note 2
Chapter 8: Database Management System: Study Note 1 | Study Note 2
Chapter 9 : Structured Query Language-SQL
Chapter 10 : Enterprise Resource Planning-ERP: Study Note 1 | Study Note 2 | Study Note 3
Chapter 11 : Trends and Issues in ICT: Study Note 1 | Study Note 2
Plus Two (XII) Computer Application (Commerce) Class Notes by Anish Kumar
XII-Computer Application - Commerce Study Notes (Chapter 1)
XII-Computer Application - Commerce Study Notes (Chapter 1-Mock Test Tool)
XII-Computer Application - Sample Programs (Chapter 1)
XII-Computer Application - Question Bank (Chapter 1)
XII-Computer Application - Arrays -Notes (Chapter 2)
XII-Computer Application - Arrays -Mock Test (Chapter 2)
XII-Computer Application - Arrays -Sample Programs(Chapter 2)
XII-Computer Application - Functions-Notes(Chapter 3)
XII-Computer Application - Functions-Previous Questions(Chapter 3)
XII-Computer Application - Functions-Mock Test(Chapter 3)
XII-Computer Application - Review Questions (Chapter 2 & 3)
XII-Computer Application - Web Technology-Notes(Chapter 4)
XII-Computer Application- Web Designing Using HTML-Notes(Chapter 5)
XII-Computer Application-Client Side Scripting Using Java Script-Notes(Chapter 6)
XII-Computer Application-Java Script sample programs
XII-Computer Application-Client Side Scripting Using Java Script-Notes Prepared by Bindu George,St.Ignatius HSS,Ernakulam(Chapter 6)
XII-Computer Application-Web Hosting-Notes(Chapter 7)
XII-Computer Application-Web Hosting-Notes(Malayalam-Chapter 7 by Priya GHSS Purathur)
XII-Computer Application-Web Hosting-Power Point Presentation (Chapter 7)
XII-Computer Application-Database Management System(Chapter 8)
XII-Computer Application-SQL-Structured Query Language(Chapter 9)
XII-Computer Application-ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning(Chapter 10)
XII-Computer Application-Trends and Issues in ICT(Chapter 11)
XII-Computer Application-Chapter 7,10,11 Notes by Sreej, Govt HSS,Kadakkal
Plus Two (XII) Computer Application (Commerce) Short Notes by Thomas Vargeese,GHSS Kadamanitta
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Short Notes (Chapter 1-Eng & Malayalam)
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Short Notes (Chapter 2-Eng & Malayalam)
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Short Notes (Chapter 3-Eng & Malayalam)
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Short Notes (Chapter 4-Eng & Malayalam)
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Short Notes (Chapter 5-Eng & Malayalam)
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Short Notes (Chapter 6-Eng & Malayalam)
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Short Notes (Chapter 7-Eng & Malayalam)
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Short Notes (Chapter 8-Eng & Malayalam)
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Short Notes (Chapter 9-Eng & Malayalam)
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Short Notes (Chapter 10 and 11-Eng & Malayalam)
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Quick Revision Notes (All in One)
Plus Two(XII) Computer Appliccation(Commerce)- Quick Notes(Kaithang) by Pathanamthitta District Panchayath
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Previous Question Papers(Chapterwise)
XII-Computer Application(Comm) -Previous Question Papers(Solved-Chapterwise)
Plus Two (XII) Computer Application (Commerce) Short Notes by Abdul Sameer
XII-Computer Application(Commerce) -Short Notes (All Chapter)
XI/XII Computer Application-Lab Work
Computer Application Lab Work-Guidelines
Plus One (XI) Computer Application (Commerce) Class Notes
XI Computer Application Class Notes & Mock Test Tool
Plus One (XI) /Plus Two(XII) Computer Application (Commerce) Presentation Files
XI/XII Computer Application Presentation Slides
Edumate 2017 Question Bank for Plus Two SCERT
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Plus One (XI) /Plus Two(XII) Computer Application (Humanities) Study Notes

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  1. കമ്പ്യൂട്ടർ അപ്ലിക്കേഷൻ ന്റെ കൂടുതൽ നോട്ട് തരണം

  2. Sir labil cheyyikkenda programme , code , software ithu koode upload cheyyamo

  3. pls upload +2 computer science notes also
    thanks for the CA uploads

  4. Correction in the following program please note
    12) Write a program to produce the following output
    using nested loop
    A B
    A B C
    A B C D
    A B C D E

    corrected program is
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    int i,j;
    char ch;

  5. program to find sum of digits of an integer
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    int n,rem,s=0,i;
    cout<<"Enter a positive integer";

    by modifying the statement s=s+rem; by s=s*10+rem; we can reverse the number;

    1. Sir ithu ellam important ano

    2. Njan examinu e not vechanu prepare cheyune athu

  6. Thank you Sir,for your correction.I have corrected the program 12 and has uploaded a new one.I had taken hours for preparing study materials.Few errors may occur.I am still a Learner.Hoping that these materials will help many.

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  8. sir, please upload the lab practical programs(thanks for sample programs).

  9. sir, please upload other chapters notes also.

  10. Anish sir.. plustwo chaptersinte note koodathe plusone chaptersite notukalum udan pratheekshikkunnu... :)

  11. Programs using "function"s kuduthal tharaamo....??

  12. Thank you anish sir for your notes...


  14. Please upload notes of other chapters ( Computer Applications-Humanities)

  15. #include
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    for(char i='A';i<='E';i++)
    for(char j='A';j<=i;j++)
    This will also give same o/p

  16. sir please uplode nots in malayalam

  17. ഉടനെ തയ്യാറാക്കുന്നതാണ്

  18. Thomas sir , i want malayalam short note about enterprise resource planning ,can you help me?sir

  19. hello. can you please tell me about the weightage for each chapters in computer - +2 commerce.It's quite urgent. please do consider.

    1. yes,essay type questions are from which chapters?

  20. Abdul sameer sir , thank u 4 ur short notes. can u prepare such notes for humanities first year students

  21. please give plus two computer application notes in malayalam

  22. please make available more computer application(plus two) notes in malayalam

  23. good notes i like it it help me to get more marks


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  25. + 2 കമ്പ്യൂട്ടർ ആപ്ളിക്കേഷന്റെ ( humanities) എല്ലാ Chapter റേയും മലയാളം reference വേണം. eg: Web hosting ന്റെ മലയാളം reference പോലെ

  26. sir please post weightage of computer application for this exam

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  29. Sir pls upload +2 humanities computer application notes......

    I hopes it will be soon

  30. Humanities computer application ille..........

  31. sir Plz upload +2 computer application notes in PSEB

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  34. Computer application Malayalam .note

  35. Computer application Malayalam .note

  36. hayyuentemmo....poli sanam,,,mind blowing....


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