Plus One Computer Application(Commerce & Humanities) Study Notes

Study Notes,Presentation Slides and Mock Test Tool of Higher Secondary Plus One Computer Applications (Commerce) prepared by Sri.Anil Kumar, Govt HSS ,Kuzhumathikkad, Kollam, Sri.Thomas Vargheese, GHSS Kadamanitta, Sri.Sreej,Govt HSS,Kadakkal, Sri.Kunhabdulla P.T,GGHSS Thalassery and Anish Kumar. Expecting these notes ,which have grown up to the status of support and guide, could be utilized by the learning and teaching community. Study materials will be updated on receipt. Plus One Computer Application (Commerce) Notes can be downloaded from the following links.
Plus One (XI) Computer Applications(Commerce) Study Notes and Previous Questions and Answers by Anil Kumar
01 Fundamentals of Computers
02 Components of Computer System
03-Principle of Programming
04 Getting Started with C++
05 Datatypes & Operators
06 Introduction to Programming
07 Control Statements
08 Computer Networks
09 Internet
10 IT Application
Plus One Computer Applications Previous Questions
Plus One (XI) Computer Applications(Commerce) Study Notes by Anish Kumar G S
Plus One Computer Application Study Notes (All Chapters)
Plus One (XI) Computer Applications(Commerce) Study Notes by Sreej
2.Components of Computer System
8.Computer Networks
10.IT Applications
Plus One Comp.Appln(Commerce) Quick Revision Notes(Malayalam) by Thomas Varghese
Plus One Computer Application(Commerce) Quick Revision Notes(Malayalam)
Plus One Comp.Appln(Commerce) Worksheets by Neena Afsal,New Indian Model School Al ain
Chapter 1: Worksheet 1 | Worksheet 2 | Worksheet 3 | Worksheet 4 | Worksheet 5 | Worksheet 6
Chapter 2: Worksheet 1 | Worksheet 2
Chapter 3: Worksheet 1
Chapter 4: Worksheet 1
Plus One Comp.Appln(Humanities)Notes by Kunhabdulla P.T
Chapter 5: Presentation Software
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Plus One Computer Application(Commerce) Chapter wise Previous Questions Part 1
Plus One Computer Application(Commerce) Chapter Wise Previous Questions Part 2
Plus One Computer Application(Commerce) Revised Chapters(SCERT Text Book)
Plus One Computer Application(Commerce) Exam Tips
Computer Application(commerce) exam tips for First year Higher Secondary students by Sri.Joy John, HSST Computer Application, Trivandrum is published here.

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