How to Claim Spectacles Allowance: Procedures & Processing in SPARK

The State Government employees, teachers and Part-time contingent employees have been allowed Rs.1500 as reimbursement for the purchase of spectacles once in 5 years as per G.O(P) No.27/2021/Fin dtd 10-02-2021. 

How to Claim Spectacles Allowance ? 

The bill of purchasing spectacles should be submitted for reimbursement with self certification, writing, 'paid by me' at the back side and signed below by the employee concerned. Along with the application for reimbursement, a declaration that its for own purchase be written. 
When the said amount is Passed for allotment, the bill can be prepared from the SPARK. It should be added as running entry in the service book. There is no need of essentiality certificate. The original bill along with Spark bill and proceedings be submitted in the treasury. The bill can be processed through the option - accounts–claim entry - medical reimbursement/medical advance settlement and submitted in the treasury.
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  1. Very much useful information and tutorial sir.
    Sir, as a highersecondary school teacher(Senior) to whom we have to apply for the same.( to AG or DDOor RDD)


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