Plus Two Computer Application(Commerce & Humanities) Quick Revision Notes

It is high time students completed intensive study in all subjects for their Higher Secondary Examination. It is sure that the quick revision notes would be much useful for the students to have a final reading of subjects as the exam is around the corner. The study notes in Computer Application(Commerce & Humanities) given here aim at quick revision for the Higher Secondary Commerce & Humanities batch students.
Plus Two Computer Application(Commerce & Humanities) Quick Revision Notes
The students are advised to have a deep and detailed study in their subjects for securing the maximum score. The study notes are given here with the purpose of ‘last minute glance’ so as to make the students recollect what they studied and remind the key points to reproduce in the exam.

Plus Two Computer Application(Commerce & Humanities) Course Book

Computer Application subject of ‘Commerce stream’ students is divided into 11 units. The first three units introduce C++ program language. They are Review of C++ Programming, Arrays and Functions.

Unit 4&5 are about web technology. HTML language is introduced here. Chapters here are Web Technology and Web Designing using HTML.

The sixth unit is Java Script Programming and the seventh unit is about Web Hosting. Database Management System and SQL Programming are explained in the 8th and 9th units. The last 2 units of Computer Application Course book is ERP & Trends in ICT.

Computer Application subject of 'Humanities stream' students is divided into 10 units. The first three units introduce publishing & word processing tools. Unit 4 to 6 are web technology,HTML and CSS. The seventh unit is about web hosting. The 8th and 9th units are DBMS and SQL. The last chapter is Trends and Issues in ICT.

Quick Revision Notes for Computer Application(Commerce & Humanities)

The detailed study notes in simple language in English & Malayalam for quick revision for the Higher Secondary Commerce & Humanities batch students was prepared by Sri. Thomas Varghese, GBHSS, Puthuppally, Kottayam, Sri. Biju John Ambalakkara, St.Johns HSS, Nalanchira, Thiruvananthapuram and Dr.Sajan Mathew, St.Mary's HSS, Kaliyar, Idukki. All the units are briefed in limited pages focusing exam and getting high marks. Click the link below to download.
+2 Computer Application(Commerce) Quick Notes
+2 Computer Application(Commerce) Quick Notes(Malayalam) by Thomas Vargheese
+2 Computer Application(Commerce) Quick Notes(English) by Biju John Ambalakkara
+2 Computer Application(Humanities) Quick Notes
+2 Computer Application(Humanities) Quick Notes(English) by Dr.Sajan Mathew
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The Computer Application(Commerce) exam tips for plus two students by Sri.Joy John, HSST Computer Science, St.Joseph's HSS, Thiruvananthapuram is published here. It is sure that it would support them much in their preparation for examination to deliver their best.

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