Doubts in your subjects? Ask Now ! is planning to start up a new step towards improving the study methods for the Higher Secondary students and thereby ensure an effective learning strategy. is widening the academic platform to reach the students easily. It provides a learner friendly system where the first and second year Higher Secondary students can clear their doubts regarding the subjects of their study.

What should you do for this?

If you are interested in clearing doubts in the units of your subject, enter the details in the form given below and submit it. The details that you need enter are your name, district name, year, stream, name of subject in which you have doubts, chapter no/name etc and then enter your doubt in the space provided for that purpose.

The students are also advised to put forward their doubts in a simply as well as clearly so that it can clarified properly. The questions and doubts which are ambiguous, or in vague manner or that requires explanation of the whole chapter will not be considered as giving right response for such things is not feasible. 
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You can text your doubt either in English or in Malayalam or in Manglish too. Besides, you can upload your doubts as image, audio, document or in pdf format to our mail Our teachers would go through your doubts that you submit every week and the solution for the same will be given in the Youtube channel.
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If you haven't subscribed youtube channel, click the link to subscribe it. Also enable the bell button to get notification while a video is published. Follow the channel to view doubts submitted by the students and the clarifications given for the same. 
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The form for submitting doubts of the students is given below. There is no restriction in the number of doubts that can be submitted by each student. Do remember that this facility is to clear doubts from your text book only.

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